Parents, follow these tips to save teenagers from suicide, keep a close eye on social media


Be alert if you notice extreme changes in the behavior of teenagers.
Parents should not be careless regarding mental disorder.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022: Suicide has become a big problem all over the world. Earlier it was believed that the risk of suicide is more in older people, but now youth and teenagers are also taking deadly steps like suicide. Recently, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has released the date sheet for the year 2020 in India. suicide statistics were issued. In this it was found that more than 11000 teenagers under the age of 18 have embraced death in the country. Of these 5392 were boys and 6004 were girls. On the occasion of ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’, we are telling you what parents can keep in mind to save teenagers from suicide.

Reasons for suicide in teenagers
Mayo Clinic reports
According to this, most teenagers take dangerous steps like suicide due to mental health conditions. This includes many reasons including excessive stress, rejection, failure, breakup, school difficulties, family problems, career worries, mental disorders. Apart from this, many reasons also push teenagers towards suicide. Teenagers who have attempted suicide once are at risk of doing it again. Parents should take special care in such cases.

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Beware of these signs
– writing or talking about suicide
– Taking complete distance from social life
– Being troubled by extreme mood swings
– Consumption of alcohol or drugs
– Feeling hopeless and helpless
Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
– Activities like self-injury
– Excessive stress, anxiety or depression
– Too much change in personality
– Suddenly changing the friend circle completely

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Ways to save teenagers from suicide

Talk about mental health: Parents should talk to teenagers about mental health. If they are mentally upset, sad or suffering from a problem like depression, then parents should help them and show them the right path. A doctor should be seen to prevent mental disorder. Tips for such problems can be taken by meeting the experts.

Don’t leave them alone: If any signs of suicide are seen in teenagers, then parents should pay serious attention to them and try to overcome their problems. Apart from this, save him from being in isolation and keep it around you. Do not keep such things around teenagers that they can harm themselves.

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Keep an eye on social media: Social media is becoming a major cause of stress for teenagers. Many people express their untold feelings on social media, which parents should keep an eye on. If someone is harassing or bullying teenagers on social media, then parents should talk about it. Teenagers’ activities can be monitored by keeping a close eye on social media. The problem of social media should be understood and solution should be found.

Inspire for a healthy lifestyle: Teenagers should be motivated for a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping, waking up, eating and exercising at the right time removes the problems of mental health. This will help them to keep away thoughts like suicide. Parents should take care of the happiness of teenagers.

Keep an eye on medicines If teenagers are undergoing any treatment and take medicines, then parents should keep an eye. Many times under stress, teenagers attempt suicide by taking an overdose. In such a situation, vigilance can save from this dangerous step. Apart from this, parents can make all efforts to make their children feel positive. Spend time with them during treatment and take precautions if you show any signs of suicide.

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