Patients eating ‘Carrot Halwa, Kodo Upma, Sonth Ke Ladoo’ in Delhi hospital, unbelievable!


A diet canteen has been started at the All India Institute of Ayurveda Hospital in Delhi.
Hospital staff including patients and all are being given special food made of millets.
Food like Pongal Khichda, Ragi Buttermilk, Bottle Gourd Barfi, Gajar Ka Halwa etc. is being served here.

New Delhi. If someone tells you that carrot pudding, sesame laddoos, upma made of millets, cheela, etc. are being fed to the patients in Delhi’s government hospital on a daily basis, then you might not even believe because the name of Delhi’s government hospitals comes first. Crowds of patients moaning in pain, relatives running for treatment and chaos come in front of the eyes, but there is a hospital in the capital which is not only providing better treatment in the hospital but also the patients and the entire staff working in the hospital. Is also feeding food rich in nutrition and taste. This government hospital of Delhi is All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA). In this hospital, patients are given regular diet i.e. Kodo Upma, Besan Chilla, Ragi Buttermilk, Vegetable Soup, Gajar Ka Halwa, Sothiadi i.e. dry ginger laddoos, Lauki ki Barfi, Til ke laddu, barley porridge, Pongal khichda and bajra khichda are being fed.

This largest institute of Ayurvedic medicine has recently started ‘Pathyahar’ in the canteen of the hospital, promoting the initiative of promoting WHO’s International Year of Millets in the new year 2023. During this, different dishes, juices, soups, and sweets made from fruits and vegetables are being prepared, not from common wheat and rice, but from 9 types of coarse grains like millet, ragi, kodo, sama, jowar, barley etc. Huh.

In conversation with News18 Hindi All India Institute of Ayurveda in the health department Professor Medha Kulkarni She says, ‘Nowadays we see that more and more wheat and rice are being used in people’s diet. Sometimes oats etc. are also included but Coarse grains or millets, which were eaten some time ago, have disappeared from the diet today, while they are most beneficial for health. Millet-based or millet-based dishes are rich in protein and fiber and are very effective in keeping diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes at bay. Which is necessary to be used in the daily diet.

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Experiment was done during Kovid, now canteen started
Medha tells that millets are not only grown in India, but are grown all over the world, but it is necessary to use and promote the millets produced in our India. Keeping this in mind, diet has been included in AIIA since Kovid. We gave a fixed diet to the patients of respiratory disease. Ayurveda says that it is necessary to have better food and drink along with medicine. In such a situation, after Kovid, now it has been decided to provide millet best nutritious and tasty food for all the patients and all the staff and other people of the hospital.

Farmers will also benefit from this initiative of Ayurveda
Director of All India Institute of Ayurveda Dr. Tanuja Nesari diet started by Union Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh Has also talked about promoting. The minister who was present during the launch of the diet said that With the Panchkarma method of Ayurveda, employment opportunities will increase in the villagers. This is a commendable initiative. His ministry will soon train people in rural areas for the Panchakarma method used in Ayurveda So that rural employment opportunities are available through Ayurveda and under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Heal in India’ initiative, the benefits of Ayurveda can reach the masses.

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