Peanuts Side Effects: If you eat more than a handful of peanuts, then the weight will increase, it can be a serious allergy, know how much to consume


Eating more peanuts can lead to weight gain.
Eating more peanuts can cause stomach problems like constipation, diarrhea, bloating etc.

Peanut Side Effects: People consume peanuts a lot in winter. Sometimes sitting on the terrace in the sun, sometimes people enjoy eating peanuts during break time in the office. Don’t know how many peanuts people eat while sitting like this. Consuming peanuts is very beneficial, but consuming it excessively can also seriously harm your health. Peanuts i.e. groundnuts contain proteins as well as many other nutrients, but eating more of them has a negative effect on health. Due to its consumption, the amount of high calorie, fat content goes into the body, due to which weight can increase. Let us know the disadvantages of eating more peanuts.

disadvantages of eating peanuts

peanuts gain weight According to, if you consume peanuts too much then your weight may increase. Since, the amount of calories in it is high, which can increase instead of controlling weight. There are 170 calories in one ounce of roasted peanuts (about a handful of peanuts). If you eat more peanuts continuously then weight can increase.

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may be allergic
You may be allergic to eating peanuts. The body’s immune system misunderstands the proteins present in peanuts as harmful, triggering allergy symptoms. People who are allergic after eating peanuts may have runny nose, skin reactions such as itching, redness, swelling, hives, digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, tingling sensation in the throat, throat problems, breathing problems Trouble or wheezing etc. can be seen.

Could be a problem of anaphylaxis
If you are severely allergic, you may have a problem of anaphylaxis. In this, you may also need to go to the hospital immediately. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include severe drop in blood pressure, constriction of the airway or throat, rapid pulse, dizziness, fainting, etc.

Sodium intake may increase
If you consume more than a small bowl of peanuts every day, then the amount of sodium in the body can increase. Since salt and flavor are also added to many types of peanuts available in the market, which can affect blood pressure. If you eat more salted peanuts then the sodium level can be high. According to USDA, sodium intake should be 2300 mg (1 tsp) per day. If you want, eat raw peanuts, because sodium is very less in it. It is better that you read the information given on the packet while buying flavored peanuts.

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Absorption of other minerals is inhibited
Phosphorus is very high in peanuts, which is stored in the form of phytic acid or phytate. When you take excessive amounts, phytate can inhibit the absorption of other minerals, such as iron, zinc, calcium, and manganese. Due to this, there may be a deficiency of these nutrients in the body, due to which you may have many other health related problems.

stomach upset
If you eat too many peanuts then you may have stomach related problems like constipation, diarrhea, bloating etc. In such a situation, if you already have these problems, then consume peanuts only in limited quantity. If there is any stomach related disorder, then it will be better not to consume peanuts.

How many peanuts to eat in a day?
Peanut contains protein, fat, fiber, minerals like magnesium, folate, copper etc., so you can include it in regular diet. However, consuming peanuts carefully and in limited quantity is good for health. Nowadays, in winter you can eat chikki with roasted peanuts, jaggery and sugar. It can also be added to poha, sabudana khichdi etc. Consuming only a handful of peanuts throughout the day is enough. If you eat bread slices with peanut butter, do not consume more than two tablespoons throughout the day. You can eat peanuts as a snack during the day or in the evening.

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