PM Narendra Modi Birthday: PM Modi starts the day with yoga, likes to eat khichdi, know his fitness routine


PM Modi is celebrating his 72nd birthday today.
Narendra Modi starts his day with yoga.
Modi loves to eat Gujarati food.

PM Narendra Modi Fitness Secrets: Today is the birthday of the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. PM Modi is celebrating his 72nd birthday. Narendra Modi is not only a great and veteran politician, he is also known in the country and the world for his fitness. He has become a global icon not only in politics, but also in terms of fitness. He has also started the ‘Fit India Movement’ campaign to make the youth of the country aware of health and fitness. It will be interesting to know how PM Modi is able to keep himself so fit and healthy in such a busy routine. Let’s know about Narendra Modi’s fitness and diet here.

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PM Modi does regular yoga
We all know that ‘International Yoga Day’ was started by PM Modi. Because of him, yoga is being adopted all over the world today. People have started understanding how important yoga is to stay healthy and have started including it in their daily routine. Narendra Modi also starts his day every day through yoga. He walks every morning, does meditation. Along with this, many types of yogasanas, Surya Namaskar, Pranayama are also done. This is the big secret of their staying healthy throughout the years. Often Modi keeps sharing videos of his yoga on social media as well. Through yoga, you can remain healthy not only physically but also mentally.

Used to practice yoga even during covid lockdown
Two years ago, when the lockdown was imposed in the country due to Corona, even then Modi used to do yoga at home to keep himself fit. During that time he told people about his fitness routine in ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Many types of yoga videos were also shared and urged everyone to do yoga to stay healthy. He tweeted and said, ‘I am neither a fitness expert nor a medical expert. The practice of yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it extremely beneficial. I know many of you have many other ways to stay fit that you all must share with others.

PM Modi’s Diet Secret
Modi follows a strict diet. He takes a very balanced diet and is a vegetarian. According to some media reports, since he was born in Gujarat, he loves to eat Gujarati food. Not only this, his favorite food is Khichdi. Also, they definitely include a bowl of curd in their diet every day. During an interview, he had said that he also includes mushrooms and parathas from Himachal Pradesh in his diet. Many types of nutrients are present in mushrooms, which protect against many diseases. Not only this, they also include drumstick in their diet.

Modi also keeps fast
According to a news published in DNA, Narendra Modi also believes in fasting. He had discussed about this during an interview in the year 2012. Modi had said that he has been fasting during the festival of Navratri for the last 35 years. When he was on a trip to America during Navratri in the year 2014, he did not break his fast, but only consumed lemonade.

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