PUBG Murder: Are children and adults losing patience after Corona? Experts gave this answer

New Delhi. Recently, a minor son shot and killed the mother for refusing to play the PUBG game. Whoever heard about this massacre in Lucknow was stunned. After all, how can a son kill his mother for playing a game? On the contrary, an incident happened in Delhi’s Khajuri Khas area where a mother tied her 5-year-old daughter’s hands and feet and slammed her on the terrace in the scorching sun for not doing her homework. Whoever saw that picture of the girl lying on the roof was shocked. After coming to the fore of such incidents, the biggest question is why are children and adults becoming so insensitive? What are the factors responsible for this change coming in the society?

News18 Hindi is well-known especially for children and elders Psychiatrist Dr. Nisha Khanna And Delhi Parents Association President Aparajita Gautam Conversed with. Those who believe that for some time an increase is being seen in such incidents. If we look at the incidents of crimes, in most of the cases very personal relationships, people like mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister are getting involved in incidents like murder. After all, what is the reason that such problems are being seen in very personal and dear relationships.

Regarding this, psychiatrist Dr. Nisha Khanna says that if we look at the mood of the child who killed the mother for playing PUBG, then it seems that this is the highest level of annoyance and anger and there is no one thing responsible for this, Rather, many factors are responsible from upbringing. These include family environment, parent’s behavior towards the child, understanding the child, child’s company, the effect of games like PUBG on the child’s mind, TV, phone addiction, crime scenes shown in movies or web series etc. . In most of the cases, children reach this situation due to lack of work according to their mind, due to long-standing irritation and anger, due to the attitude of the parents and take such dangerous steps.

Not only children, the patience of elders is also running out.
At the same time, DPA President Aparajita says that war and shooting games like PUBG are responsible for these incidents in a big way, as well as the patience that is running out of life nowadays is also a big reason for these incidents. If we see not only children but also adults, patience and tolerance have remained very less. It can be understood in this way, earlier people used to wait for hours for buses, taxis to travel, but now if the metro train is late for even 5 minutes then people lose patience. This is just an example, but the same thing is getting filled in us and then this patience and intolerance starts showing in other parts of life.

Aparajita says that a 16-year-old boy has committed murder in the PUBG case. Here the child has committed a crime, but here the parents also have a little fault. It is not sudden. His parents must have noticed his changing nature. But they did not notice and did not take any action on time. So this incident happened. Ignoring things is not right. This is the age when not only physical but also mental changes take place in children, so the parents need to understand it. At the same time, due to the end of patience and not being able to bear it, today not only children but elders are also taking dreadful steps. Many a times we give phone calls to our crying kids to silence them or if they are busy then it becomes the habit of the children and then without providing them options, take steps to wean them off this medium So it becomes harmful.

Is this effect on children due to corona
Dr. Nisha says that since Corona, the time of children on mobile phones has increased a lot. His screen time has increased compared to other things. During online studies by not going out of homes and staying indoors, then children were also attracted towards games or other things on the internet. In this long period of two years, children got addicted to phones. Not only during Kovid but even now, parents became sure of their children by giving phones. Whereas there was a great need for the supervision of children and there is. Parents should do a thorough investigation, know what the child is watching on the Internet. Explain things to children by giving logic, instead of denying them directly. Children will understand.

At the same time, Aparajita says that a long time of Corona has had a great impact on the minds of children and elders. Even the whole society is now grappling with the troubles that arose during that period. Here the parents need to deal with the children in a very smart way. There is a need to keep an eye on the children closely and explain with love.

Such cases came during the Corona period
Dr. Nisha tells that during Corona, many such children came to her who wanted to kill any of their mother or father. Nisha says, ‘During the Corona period, a boy came to me, who said that his father did not give him money to invest in business because he did not like his idea of ​​business. While spending on his hobbies and luxuries, he said that he wants to kill Papa. Nisha further tells that the mother of a child died during Corona, that child came for counseling, she said, ‘My mother would have been alive, father would have died. ‘ Nisha says that these things of the children were astonishing but this was the result of living together during Corona and lack of harmony between the parents on the children.

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