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What happens in the movie. Some characters, some incidents and a story. Which the director says in his own style. Story and dialogues play a big role in making a film effective or a hit. There are twists in the story, if the dialogues are interesting and quirky, then the film will run. But there is also a screw in this, the interesting and quirky of the dialogues is useful only when its delivery is strong, it is possible only when the artist is happy. It takes many minds to make a film successful, the writer-director and the artist have a major role in it. Together they make the film and make it a hit.

On the other hand, look at ‘Stand Up Comedy’, there is only one man, he has his script, he has his acting and he has his payoff. That is, the entire responsibility of making the show a hit rests on just one shoulder. By the way, the script of stand-up comedy is also being written nowadays. But we are talking about the early period, then less was written and not all were even written. The script of the comedian we are talking about is not visible. Those comedians are – Raju Srivastava, One and Only Raju Srivastava.

The girl is married, parting is taking place. How can anyone think of a joke in such a gloomy atmosphere. But Raju is not just called one and only one comedian. It is not easy to find the punch of comedy in the words of a rueful mother and son-in-law who is leaving her daughter, Raju manages it easily. During this, his words make the audience laugh by taking them in their arms, his facial expressions and his amazing acting takes the audience to a different world. This characteristic of him sets him apart from the crowd of comedians and makes him stand on a high level. In this one video titled ‘Beti Ki Shaadi’ only, when he plays the father’s character, his acting has to be convincing. While playing the third character of the son, it does not seem that all the three characters are playing the same artist. Versatile acting is probably called this.

A woman from a flooded village is telling the news reporter of the channel, ‘It is such that our belongings that were lost have been found. We are not getting our dead. ‘Okay, tell me his appearance, how was he looking?’ ‘You must be a hero in appearance, length is exactly six feet two inches, long, wide chest, curly hair…’ A friend standing near says ‘Why does a brother lie, tera marad to gutka and takla buddha hai na’. ‘Shut up, don’t let it be, right now the TV people will neither find it nor find it good.’ You must have been enjoying the dialogue, your heart is going to be happy even after seeing Raju’s performance in this skit. Almost every video of Raju does such amazing work.

Raju’s comedy remains incomplete without ‘Sholay’. It has been the specialty of block buster ‘Sholay’ that whoever has acted in this film has left an indelible mark on the audience. Not only does his acting contribute in this, Sholay’s characterization also has a big hand. Every small and big people associated with ‘Sholay’ have become popular. But there are Raju who, despite not being a part of Sholay, have become a part of Sholay. Sholay has contributed a lot to the success of Raju Srivastava. Not only is this the magic of Sholay, Raju’s amazingness is no less in this. Others also did comedy and mimicry on Sholay and Gabbar, but only Raju remains in memory.

Gabbar, Sambha, Kalia, Jai, Veeru and Thakur are served by Raju in a different form to the audience. Moreover, he did not leave Helen ‘Bhuji’ either. Gabbar and Sambha and Kalia’s dialogues are as tempting in the film as they are in Raju’s script. In-depth observation of the characters of Dharmendra, Amitabh, Sanjeev and Hema is also visible in Raju’s comedy. His observation has a big hand in Raju’s popularity. Imitation requires close observation.

Amitabh from Sholay was his favorite character – from the time of the student. He first chose Amitabh Bachchan for the mimicry. With the help of this, he found work for himself in the orchestra of Mumbai. Later, he brought variety to his work and targeted other celebrities.

His real success came from the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He performed brilliantly in this show and reached the peak of popularity. This show running on TV was liked by all, then children, old and young. Raju was everyone’s favorite and beloved in the show.

Raju’s comedy on Lalu Prasad was also well liked. The interesting thing is that he also got the praise of Lalu ji himself. He worked in many films and TV shows. Notable among them are Baazigar, Tezaab, Maine Pyar Kiya, Aamni Athani Kharkha Rupaiya, Big Brother, Bombay to Goa, Main Hoon Prem Deewani and Toilet Ek Prem Katha. Raju has also participated in Bigg Boss 3 and tickled the family as well as the audience with his performance. He also did shows in the troupe of Kalyanji Anandji, Bappi Lahiri and Johnny Lever.

His jokes are also different and funny. In a joke, the SHO first asks his wife to bring proof of being a wife. Then talks about matching the finger prints of Varmala and in the end starts demanding bribe from the wife.

Be it jokes or story, they do a great job on the climax. The punch is also tremendous in the climax. T-Series also released an audio cassette of his jokes. Even while laughing, he talks about a big market. Raju says in an interview, ‘I will do anything to make me laugh.’ Raju says the truth, it takes a lot to laugh, everything. ‘Yes Raju, laughing is really hard work’

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