Rakhi Sawant’s social media accounts were hacked by ex-husband Ritesh! Complaint lodged with boyfriend in police station

The ‘Entertainment Queen’ ie Rakhi Sawant has been very happy for some time, as she found love again after separating from ex-husband Ritesh. Boyfriend Adil Khan again brought back the smile on her face. But something happened on June 11, after which Rakhi Sawant lost and reached Oshiwara police station in Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant reached the police station with boyfriend Adil in the rain and filed a complaint against ex-husband Ritesh.

Actually, social media accounts of Rakhi Sawant have been hacked. Along with Facebook, Instagram account, his Gmail has also been hacked. Rakhi Sawant recently revealed this while crying. Expressing concern, he said that many wrong things are being posted from his page. Rakhi also changed the password but the account is not accessible.

Complaint filed against ex-husband Ritesh
Unable to find a solution till late in the evening, Rakhi Sawant along with her boyfriend Adil reached Oshiwara police station, where she lodged a complaint accusing ex-husband Ritesh of hacking social media accounts. During a conversation with ETimes TV, both Rakhi and Adil accused Ritesh of abusing and being violent.

Riteish wants to ruin Rakhi’s life
Rakhi accused Ritesh and said that now he (Riteish) wants to ruin my life because I am with Adil now. Rakhi further said, ‘I have come to the police station because my ex-husband Ritesh is troubling me a lot. He hacked my Instagram, Facebook and my Gmail account. He has added his number and name to all my accounts. When we were together, Ritesh was handling my social media accounts and I did not change the password after we parted. I thought we had parted ways amicably and he will not take any revenge on me, but he is in full mood to take revenge. He has clearly told me that he will ruin me. Today we all earn money from Instagram account and he hacked it.

All login attempts failed
Rakhi’s boyfriend Adil reveals that they are trying to login to Rakhi’s social media accounts, but all their efforts are in vain. He told that we tried to change it with authenticated password also but could not because he has added this id in his gmail account and that is why we are not able to log in. All passwords and OTPs are going to him. Adil told that Rakhi is not able to use Google Pay and PhonePe as well.

Posting directly from my accounts
Rakhi reveals that Ritesh has also stopped taking her calls and is writing abusive language on my social media page. Rakhi said that I told him not to disturb me, he wants me to go back to him, because I am with Adil now. He is posting inverted about Colors TV, so that the channel was banned and Salman Khan ruins my relationship with Bhai.

Threatens to register a case in Bihar
The ‘Entertainment Queen’ further revealed that Riteish is threatening her that he will ruin her life and will file 10 cases against her in a Bihar court. Rakhi cried and told that ever since I am with Adil, he is troubling me. Rakhi said that Ritesh cheated on me and married me even though he was already married. I went to Bigg Boss and his whole story came out. I still forgave him and didn’t file any case against him.

Ritesh used to spy on Rakhi by calling the maid
The actress said that I have come to the police station, because he can go to any extent to take revenge. Rakhi revealed that the maid who was at my house had hired her and he would always call her and inquire about me.

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