Read, 4 famous poems of Kedarnath Singh

Kedarnath Singh Poems: If you are a lover of Hindi literature, then you must have heard or read the poems of Kedarnath Singh. He is also remembered as a key signature of contemporary poetry. According to the information, Kedarnath Singh was born in the year 1934 in Chakia village of Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. He composed many poems, prose and many books.

You will be surprised to know that in the year 1989, Kedarnath Singh was honored with many prestigious honors and awards including Sahitya Akademi Award, besides Kumar Ashan Award (Kerala), Jeevan Bharati Samman (Orissa), Maithilisharan Gupta Award, Dinkar Award and Vyas Samman in 2010. Shalaka honor of lakhs of Hindi Academy of Delhi was rejected.

Will read 4 selected poems of Kedarnath Singh today- ‘break the rock it will be beautiful,people surrounded by water,Go‘ And ‘a small town afternoon,

break the rock it will be beautiful

Poem – Break the rock it will be beautiful

break the rock
she will be beautiful
break it
she’ll get more and more beautiful

pick it up now
put it on the shoulder
take to city or town
put it at a crossroads
let it burn in the hot sun

when the kids will be
find your face in it
now pick it up again
Now take him to the bank of a river or sea
leave it in the water
write that name on it
that echoes inside you
it will be a boat

now break it again
put the rock on the same spot again
pick him up again
put in some foundation
under a broken bridge
give him a hold
put it at the head of a weary man

come back now
you have finished your work
if your shoulders hurt
No problem
trust the shoulders
believe your shoulders hurt

believe me
find more
A new rock!

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people surrounded by water

Poem - People surrounded by water

Poem – People surrounded by water

don’t pray
They look at the water with confidence
and one day
without notice
mule on the back of a bull or buffalo
loading the furnishings
let’s go somewhere else

how wonderful it is
no matter how terrible the flood
They definitely get some space in the water
a little sunshine
a little sky
then they bury the pillars
stretch the sacks
tangle ropes and sackcloth
people surrounded by water
Bring with you the smell of straw
They bring mango kernels
empty tin
roasted chickpeas
they bring fire and flames

then their cattle are washed away
their worship bells are blown away
Life size idol of Mahavir ji gets washed away
rough walls of houses
elephants and horses on the walls
flowers and leaves
all drift away
but people surrounded by water
don’t complain
They are in the hole of their sink at all costs
save it somewhere
a little fire

then the sun sets
come from somewhere
floating on water
loud voices of people speaking
smoke rising from somewhere
hovering over trees
and people surrounded by water
become restless

they burn
a sprig of lantern
hang on some high bamboo
so that the news of their being
keep reaching across the water

then in that dim light
in watery eyes
with eyes
they stay up all night
in front of the water
on the water side
against water

just inside them
like arar
every time something breaks
every time something falls in the water
Chhapak… Chhapak…

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poem - go

poem – go

I’m leaving- she said
go- i answered
knowing that to go
Most dreaded verb in Hindi.

a small town afternoon

Poem - A small town afternoon

Poem – A small town afternoon

Thousands of houses, thousands of faces deserted
speaks, speaks like a rock

The afternoon sun is filtering through the bars
A black soup is kept in the sun

flushed faces, empty hands
Look they are going up, shabby forehead

Words are all dust, Grammar is all pretense
How silent are those people walking

The cup is broken, the tea has fallen
Cow is standing in the shade of a bicycle

asks one face silence from the other
There is proof left – where is it like that – who?

just a hovering crow – in vain
Giving meaning to the whole environment(courtesy poetry)

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