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Etna Production Ta Aur Kabo Na Hola of the song. The language of the sixth month is prose or poetry. Folk songs in verse too… in the folk language… in the language of Bihar, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi, Angika and Bajjika. Ba no? It was confirmed that Chhath Maiya Bihari Hai…Hi Hai of Bihar… Ahi se oo Batiyaveli in the vernacular. Ga-ga’s talk. Why, even in the words of the people, Ego Laya hola, Lehra hola, Raag hola aa language, simple-spontaneous hola, Sojh hola. Lapitah no hola, cliché na hola, Sanskritish na hola.

When sanskritish na hola ta eh puja ke pandiji lo ke kawano need not hola. Argh kavano chhote leiko dela. Baaki kulhi mantar ta mehraru khude geet ga-ga ke read daily sun. As I have told in the first place, that the sixth Maya Sanskrit version of Sanskrit Mantarva to Basi Bhojpuri’s Bhakti Gitwa would be preferred, saying that she is the common man’s goddess. She is the goddess of the people. The worship of e-lok hs. He extinguished the language of the people. From here he saw the differences between rich and poor. Know the differences of caste. Everyone sat together at the Ekke Ghat. Cheap worship Pandiji ke fees ta deve ke naikhe. Kavano did not see the need for expensive fruits and flowers. Grains and seasonal fruits worked.

Take the rest of the deities and offer them laddus and pedas for the sixth month?….milk, fruits, ghee, umkh, lemon, lemon, glass hardi, amaranth, amla, succulent, water chestnut… is it all nu chadela ji?

Take the rest of the deities, worship at home, may 6th come to the temple? River, Pokhara, lake, beach, Iceland, paddling pool, swimming pool and sometimes even in bathtub.

Ketna Adjustable a Acceptable Bari Chhath Maiya. Acceptable so much that it has become global. Gil Bari reached America from Jigsaw. From Pokharwa of Barwa tar to Silicon Valley’s Quarry Lake, Gail Bari. The rest are not English. Bari in its original form. Raura Thekua, Narrier, Kera, Soup, Kalsoup, Dalia, Dauri-Dura, Diya-Diyari, Senur-Pierri Aise Lauki at the Ghat in America, like Bihar Samail Ba in America…. The earth is not the whole, the man is the one, the universe is the one, the divine is the one. … But people ta gave mein ba, song ke maram boojhe mein thodahi ba? Where on the sixth May, there was no difference between the rising and falling sun. Doonu worships. The meaning of this thing is the Chhath Puja performed in the life of boojal aa okra. The gods killed people kinda of misery. Yes, you have to bear the pain and be equanimous in happiness and sorrow, that people must have given the strength. Suffering is the one who is free from sorrow, the God of the people.

I have learned from the deities that a lot of films have been made on the deities. There are films that Santoshi Maiya reached from house to house. Santoshi Maiya reached Ghare-Ghare from the film, Baakir Chhathi Maiya reached Ghare-Ghare Aa Lok and reached the film in the film.

movie on chhath
The film ‘Bitiya Chhathi Mai Ke’ is the beautiful film of the year 2019. Yash Kumar in the lead role in Eh. In the rest of the role, Anjana Singh, Brajesh Tripathi, Shyamali Srivastava, Anoop Arora, Preeti Singh, Udiri Babu, Radhe Mishra, Amit Shukla, Varsha Tiwari etc. The film’s producer Deepak Shah Baden Auri Kahani himself was written by Yash Kumar and SK Chauhan. Bhojpuri film ‘Bitiya Chhathi Mai Ke’ made a film on the social topic. Aego mentally unbalanced man speaks to his sister-in-law, worshiping je chahi mai kartari that ‘ego woman, ego devi’s puja kartari auri demandstari son. The irony of this is that a woman, after worshiping an ego woman, asks for a new woman.

There is a belief in Eastern India and entire Bihar that if you wish for a son from May 6th, then you will get the son-gem. For the sake of Bhojpuri film, it is necessary to create a new topic in the society regarding this matter, that every time women are sterile or not Holi, sometimes men may also be lacking. You can be infertile. Eh Zari Bindu Ke Eh Film Mein Uthavaal Gail Ba. In the film, Yash Kumar plays the role of a deranged man. Auri had a lot of faith in Yash’s character Chhathi Maiya, one day when he wished for a daughter from his sixth mother, he found an abandoned newborn girl in the OK temple, Auri, the father of a crazy girl, was a successful maker. remains.

In the same year 2019 itself, on the sixth Mayya, the mention of Aego film Ail Jawana in Hindi also, it is necessary to make a cash film on this topic in Bhojpuri, but in such detail, go to the bottom of the ancient history of Chhath Mata and see it after researching. Will not make a film. A lot of praise for this effort of director Murari Sinha. Ravikishan aa Preeti Jhingyaani eh movie in lead role ba log.

Regarding this, director Murari Sinha said that “Since the faith of non-Bihari people has increased in Chhath and people from other states of India or other countries are also joining it, then it is necessary to explain the secret of Chhath to them through the film. Is. ,

The film was made in the name of Ashirwad Chhathi Maiya. Uday Bhagat Badan, established PRO of Bhojpuri film, producer of Aker Part-2 also Banal Jawana. Uday ji batavlan that “In this film, focus on history to introduce him to the glory of Chhathi Maiya”.

Chhath across the seven seas
We celebrated the Chhath of Ghat-Ghat and said that we made the water of Ghat-Ghat yellow. In the year 2003 the first plum East Africa Guinea. Lived in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Being an engineer, but due to hunger for art, literature and culture, in 2005, Bhojpuri Association of Uganda (BAU) was founded. People kept celebrating Diwali with pomp and show there. Keep doing Chhath fast in your own house or a few people keep doing it together. Gradually, in many places, get involved in the collective. There, in the house of today’s Indian, African girl people work in abundance. Slowly people joined the Chhath Ghat. Lagal swings on Chhath Geetan.

Now many cow friends of Uganda have gone to Tanzania, Nigeria and also to Kenya. Manoj Choudhary of Darbhanga then lived in Uganda, then went to Tanzania, nowadays Baran, a consultant in Beverage Company of West Africa, tell that nowadays people of Nigeria come to Mwezi beach in Tanzania to celebrate Chhath celebrations on Iceland.

In 2006, we came to the United Kingdom but also established Bhojpuri Samaj, London. Then we stayed there plant manager in Ago Company of Mineral Water in the remote village of Little Hadam. Chhath is not happening in the village, but in the UK’s Doonu Bad city, London and Birmingham, Chhath is happening nowadays and in the collective form Hokhe Lagal Baa. Udeshwar Singh Bataveni, chairperson of Bihari Connect London, said that his entire team in London cooperated with Chhathvartian.

Dr. Krishna Kanhaiya, General Secretary of Geetanjali Multilingual Literary Circle, Birmingham, Dr. Krishna Kanhaiya, a poet by profession, with his wife Dr. Anjana and two sons (Akshat and Unnat) lived in Birmingham UK for 25 years. He said that here the Indian people come with great zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate that in India. Dr. Anjana Bataveni that “Nahay-Khay, Kharna and Chhath Puja, the work of making material should be done inside our own garage, and in the evening and morning, go to the paddling pool behind Apna Ghar by sprinkling Gangajal with clean water. In the UK, take a look at the permission of ponds, lakes, whether in the river. Everything you worship is available at Hamni’s here in Sohorod Hensworth Birmingham City. Initially, the arrangement of soup, porridge should be kept from India, but now all these have become available. The mold for making Thekua should be taken from India. Milk, fruits, ghee, even lemon juice, raw hardi, amaranth, amla are also available here. Friends, relatives and neighbors gathered in Manaveni to join hands with each other. Some people of non-Indian origin also got involved. There was a crowd of about 30-40 people on all four days. Anand came. ,

America’s business woman and social activist Sandhya Singh was a resident of Anandpuri of Patna’s Boring Canal Road. Although basically they were living in Ara’s house. Made in Houston city of America for the last 40 years. Last year, for the ‘Howdy, Modi’ conference in Houston, on behalf of the organizing committee of ‘Texas India Forum’, invite the Indians to come and contribute to the successful making of the program. Even in Chhath Puja, Sandhya Singh should cooperate with Aaihi Vratian. Tell them that here Chhath Samudra comes on the banks of the bay, even if you go somewhere near the river and go to the swimming pool. Houston Kaclear Lake (Galvistonbe) Popular spot for Chhath sake. Earlier people kept coming from India with soup and curry, but now Indian salmon would come from Mexico in a shop called Apna Bazar. Now for the sake of the soup, the milk, the sweet, the water chestnut and the soup.

Bhojpuri singer Swasti Pandey of America, along with her husband Tarun Kailash will do her Chhath, herself, taking command of the music of the song, and singing Khanti Chhath songs at the ghat along with all the fasting people, make the whole atmosphere Chhathmay, telling that “Silicon Valley of America (Californya) At the picturesque ghats of Quarry Lake in Hamani, celebrate Chhath Puja with the same reverence and holiness as it is held thousands of miles away in homeland India. They say that whenever Kehu is known to India, then soup should be ordered. Due to being light in weight, every person coming from India, in the name of Chhath, reverently took many cow soup and distributed it among the Avla and Vratian. Now Indian stores here also keeping this demand in mind, on special order during Chhath, order soup from India Det Badan. As far as Dura is concerned, that need would have been fulfilled by the baskets made of cane here.

Dr. Sarita Buddhu Bataveni, Chairperson of Bhojpuri Speaking Union, Mauritius said that the Chhath indentured country was celebrated with great pomp in Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Suriname as well.

It’s about foreign affairs. In India too, in Delhi and Mumbai, we built buntals in the city. At the time of Chhath, Ago Bihar appeared at Doonu place, and the government itself took the initiative for the sake of various arrangements for the sake of Karela Ghat. In eh, the grace of Chhath Mai was less, the effect of Bihar was more visible. The effect of vote bank is more visible. It is also about faith and faith. Non-Biharis also follow this fast for the sake of getting children, for the sake of husband’s well-being, for the sake of progress.

In the end, we must mention about the American singer Christine, who lived in America, astonished by singing Chhath song in a completely Bhojpuri style. In fact, due to the popularity of Chhath in foreign countries, foreigners should also take interest in Accra now.

chhath songs
Every year the floods due to Chhath Geetan come on YouTube which was the biggest streaming platform earlier. Now many go our platforms have been added like Gail Baate, Jiise Gaana, Hungama Play, Spotify, JioSaavn, iTunes etc. The film version of Dekh Tat Chhath album style songs Khoob Mili, Boza Ke Boza Mili on Raua Eh main online platform. Old goods on some new lines, new lyrics on some old tunes. Somewhere the new ornament and the scene was fabricated and somewhere the old one got manipulated. Every year Ihe Khel Hola. Baakir eh sab mein adhikta ba sune mein bhunda sangeet and full of absurd words. Still, it is talked about the change in the form of some songs that what is the difference between the song of today from the song of the past; Decreased development.

Beginning with traditional song Kyle Jaav. Auri’s main song synonymous with Chhath Geet is, ‘Kanch hi bamboo ke bahangiya, bahangi lachkat jaye’. The second song is Jawan Gaon Mein Mehraru – Laiki Gaveli, Uh, ‘Kerva je farela ghavad se, o par suga menderai, uje khabri janaibo adity ke, suga dihe juthiye’. ‘Uga Na Suruj Dev, Bhail Arghiya Ke Ber’. ‘Seville Charan Tohar, O sixth Mayya, Mahima Tohar immense, O sixth Mayya’. E sab sab sab most dheer gawal jaye wala song baate, gawat aa rahal ba in apna ahi form from jawan sadian. It is possible that even a few words can be manipulated, but the traditional song is almost oh lekham ba. First of all Gaval ke Bhaa e Geetan ke Likhal ke, know no. First of all, kehu kehu tha first gavale hoi, kadhawale hoi. After a while, gradually new words are added to the o and new antara added. It is also possible that there has been a collective effort of many people, but in the future also, in this group, the songs and songs have changed their form.

After Ekra when the practice of album Geetan Ke Daur Chalu Bhail Tafer Uhaan Se Ome Business Ke Khel Ghoos Gail, Hit Songs Banave Ke Funda Aa Gail, Aa Arth Ke Anarth Kare’s practice started. Many people made on the lines of the hit film song of Chhath Geetan, many people made parody of viral porn song Banwal aa hetna pavitra aa folk aastha se judal geetan ke bhad pete dihal. Baakir sabhe bade na banawal, some people good song likhal aa ok neiman se gawawal too. Jawan bad banal ba u chhath puja’s reference to Bhai-Bhojai, Devar-sali aa Chhath Ghat from Kyle Chhuchhunrai Bha Mai to the center of the utterance of Manauti by taking the song Likhal aa Gawal, Filmaval Gail Ba. Regrettably, the views on the e-geetan are even more viral. Jawaan song good paradigm and keep alive the soul of Chhath puja Geet written, ohke log sunle bhi kam ba aa filewale bhi kam ba. In some places, many times our Bhojpuriya listeners were blown away by the cries of obscene songs and poor quality songs.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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