Read in Bhojpuri – ‘RRR’ aa ‘Kantara’ like in Bhojpuri cinema?

In Bihar, Eastern UP and Jharkhand’s two-three tier city Auri town, Bhojpuri cinema has been dominated by youth, now it is almost aurai baa. Hindi cinema too has fallen, now it is dominated by the cinema of South India. U Pushpa Hokhe, RRR, KGF Hokhe, Kartikeya Bhaa Recent Release Kantara Hokhe, People almost forget about local cinema. Now bhojpuri cinema tv serial lekhaan khaali tv aawat ba aa on youtube.

From Bollywood’s tat aisin ekaddh film chal rahal ba, ahi se audience kar rahal baadane kar rahal karna kantara jaison filming’s sleeper hit. However, I would have been new because of all the sanjog. Everyone would say that in the cinema of South India, Sanchhu Mein Dum Ba. After listening to the most from the audience, critics and cinema lovers, oo ihe ba ki south’s cinema remained connected with its roots. Our cinema became a matter of pride for Auri Okra, seen with great beauty of Indian culture. Oo kabo jokes of the Sanatan tradition Bhaa okra’s outdated nahi portrayed. Whereas, since the beginning of Bollywood Sanatan culture, there has been a mockery of ail ba, aisan spectator’s allegation. Although the allegations appear to be baseless, Bollywood has been in constant loss since Corona. Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan jison big star people’s careers are at stake at the box office. People boozin je kasme kha lele ba ki kuchhu ho jaye oo Bollywood movies, u nik hokhe bha baur.

Why Naikhe Banat Kantara Jaisan Film in Bhojpuri?
Aisan naikhe that aisan topic naikhe jeeper bahubali in bhojpuria culture, rrr want latest kantara jison film naikhe can be bane? KGF jaison kahanian ke bhi kami naikhe baakir kami baat ihain’s star, director, producer and writer’s will power in Bhojpuri. First of all, Hum Doshi Ahi Se Maneni, says that the regional language film industry ran under the leadership of Okra Star. South is being praised today, today South is able to make such a good film, but even behind the superstar people’s intentions. There are technicians of the rest of the people, they are also professional in Hindi film world, they are also in Bhojpuri. But there is a lack of people in the first place to lead. If the star supports the good story and good work by leaving the worry of filling your pockets from the beginning, then the producer’s good work has been done. The writer of Jadi Uhan got the right remuneration, the respect of okra work, the people of Bhojpuri, the story so rich in literature and history that Bharal Bari Sun could become a historical cinema from one to the other.

The story of Kantara was kept in the center of the ancient tradition of Logan living in Tulu region and North Auri Dakshina Kannada. Jungle Auri is related to the ancient times of humans, in the plot of Ahi in Kantara. There is an annual ritual called ‘Bhoot Kola’, in which the local god Auri soul is worshipped. It is believed that je-e worshiped bitter gourd, okra is the abode of God Himself inside, and okra will answer anything from okra, answer hola. Eh tare ke rituals took place here too, but there was a change in okr time, place and way. Every year in Sawan, Gaumala Puja Hola is offered to the deities of the village-Jawar, Baram, Jeen Baba’s worship Hola Aa O people. Baram Baba Bha Kehu Devi answered many questions of the people of the village on top of Kehu. Raua Sabha is also aware of the Aisan worship-tradition.

That’s why, ain ain lot of new people in apna yahan lok, cinema banawal jaav on jekra. Aisan warrior Naikhan Bhail in his Bhojpuri region, whose film can be made on RRR Jison. On Veer Kunwar Singh, we prepared and kept the long and wide script of Ego webseries. Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have a very old historical heritage, Jepper Hindi cinema, from time to time, films and series, Banawat Ail Ba, Baakir Bhojpuri industry, South Auri is busy in making cinema inspired by Hindi masala filming in the 90s. Putting some new angle in the name of experiment, he used to go to the old Ghisal Pittal formula, go to the bhojpuri aapan nagde and lose big audience group. When are the days of Bahri Bhojpuri, Ram ji Janas!

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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