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According to this, the Dooj of Anjoriya of Ashadh would start from 10.49 am on 30th June and would end at 09.09.00 in the afternoon of 1st July. The Eberi Jagannath Rath Yatra falls on the Friday of July 1. Bathing in the month of Jeth, on the day of Purnima, bathing with 108 pitchers of God made Karawal Jala. Oh day Lord Jagannath “bemar” pari Jale. Aam aadmi near him, aa his decoction in the form of medicine, fruit juices and herbs in the form of medicine. Take rest for 15 days from the day of Lord Jagannath Purnima. The doors of the temple of Lord Jagannath ji remained closed for 15 days from Ahi. When Lord Neeman died, his devotee came riding on a chariot to meet Logan. Ahi’s Rath Yatra was called.

Now on to the interesting story. There is a very deep meaning of this story. It is a matter of very old times, Madhavadas was a very high-ranking devotee of Lord Jagannath in Puri. What does he mean by the world? O day and night, remain immersed in the devotion of Jagannath ji. Service to them, name-jap and devotion. Desu the first water of the full moon bath. At the time of a plum bath full moon, he got diarrhoea. Lagal aa jaar ho gaya hai. Do not listen to other diseases for a lot of medicine. Don’t wait for the rest of your life. Now his head should not be raised. It happened due to the cauldron on the cot. Then Lord Jagannath himself, the ocean of grace, came to his room and after seeing his condition, started serving him. Madhavdas became healthy due to the service of God. After all the loudness in the body, give a sign that the devotee Vatsal Lord Jagannath ji should serve us. Madhavdas, fell on the bosom of the Lord and said, “Lord, our disease can be cured in less than a second. Then why should the troubles of e-service arise? Then God will say that Madhavdas, you are blessed with gifts. Tohra e the angel of disease sufferers. Now tohar body pain is 15 days old. So we take the disease on our own. You are a healthy fence from today. Honestly, Madhavdas is healthy, first eat near – drink lagle. Aa took the disease of Lord Madhavdas and went into seclusion.

The essence of this story is that I should be doing the hard work of the human beings, and I kept chasing them till the fruits were found by the human beings. When the devotees suffered, the Gods suffered. Baa for the sake of understanding the story of God for us. Na n t je infinite koti master of the universe ba u bemaar ki pari sakela. On one gesture the whole universe dances, oh ego, how can it be bound in the body, come okra disease- disease se ka dharai- chuhai baa. With all his desire, the infinite sickness could end forever for a moment. For the sake of telling Vatsalata, a devotee of God, the ancient story was told. It is clear that the mythology of Hamani is in a way a realization story. For the sake of deep understanding, sages and sages rely on simple and intuitive stories, so that even common people can understand. Lord Jagannath, Lord Krishna incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Some of the specialties of the Jagannath temple of Puri are the miracles of Jauna. The expansion of the temple is about four lakh square feet in area. Acre height is 214 feet. During the day, the shadows of the building, which thing and the man looked on the ground, but the shadows of the Jagannath temple were never seen. Jaun Jhanda lagal ba on the summit of Jagannath temple, okr also ego mystery ba. The E flag was waving in the opposite direction to the wind direction. In this temple, the idol of wood remains, the palm of Jauna is not the paw. Sudarshan Chakra made of Ashtadhatu on the top of the temple, from which place will it be seen that Oo Raura is in front. The sight of Eh Chakra is very auspicious. On the top of the Jagannath temple, neither the ships of Uri come nor Kauno Chirai- Churung Udela Bha Baithela. Every day more than 25 thousand devotees eat the offerings of this temple. About 500 cooks come and 300 co-workers for the preparation of prasad. Prasad is cooked on a wooden stove in the pot of the soil. E-handiya netted with a big technique of rakhi one on top of the other. Delicious prasad neither kabo ghatela nor badhela. Jagannath temple is near the sea. But as soon as the dhukbi in the Raura temple, the sound of the roar of the sea was not heard. As soon as Raura came out from the main door of the temple, the sea would roar.

Then when the talk of the Rath Yatra started, the wonders of the Jagannath temple of Puri came and the head was bowed in reverence to God.

(Vinay Bihari Singh is a freelance journalist, the views written in the article are his personal.)

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