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Songs of Anand Film ‘Zindagi… Kaisi Hai Paheli Haaye, Kabhi To Hansaaye, Kabhi Yeh Rulaye’ are penned by renowned lyricist Yogesh. The e-film is also based on the story of the celebration of Jingi. Because after the incurable cancer aila in the life of a lively man, everything falls apart, not because of the patient of your life, but because of a cheerful person. Everyone laughs, helps us, and one day he will leave the world and go. Ago Atal Satya Baa, who has left the world, remembers the times of a man who lived for the rest of the world.

In the molds, jial ego aisan buzhowwal ha zekra’s witty possible naikhe baakir ekra’s jial sabkara hand in hand. When did the time stop, I didn’t even want to stop the celebrations of life. Ego Geet Ba, “Live this moment as it is the last / Live your every day as if it is the last. Write the song of Golmaal-3, Kumar of Jekra. Eh song ke bhi darshan ba ki jawan time hath se nikal gaye, ut ut lavati na, ehi se jawan mila ba okra ke jee jaye.

Kishore Kumar’s Gaval Ego very popular song, “Yeh life, this life ka hai, yehi hai, yehi hai rang roop / Thoda gham hai, thoda happiness, yehi hai, yehi hai chhaon-dhoop hai. E song from movie Piya Ke Ghar Se Ba. The great lyricist Anand Bakshi’s likhal e song in easy words tell the meaning of life, Dehle Ba. Jeevan boojhi je mix veg hai, sarmelhua varkari, i am so sad ba, so happy ba, so festive ba, so sad ba. Serve curry in mixed veg rua tharia. Soda hola of many benefits by taking e-tattva knowledge from Ahi.

The sad face of Rajesh Khanna and the scene of the journey of the train was remembered when it was mentioned in the lyrics of the song, “In the journey of life, those who pass away, they do not come again, they do not come again. The film song of the movie ‘Aap Ki Kasam’ was also written in symbolic form. Here the flowers of love blossomed and with the passage of time they also wither away, be friends and according to the situation, they turn into enemies. It is said that when the journey will stop, keep moving, when life does not stop, changes are happening in them. Rajesh Khanna’s ego film Ail Rahe in 1970’s ‘Safar’, okar song ba, “Zindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa journey / koi samajna nahi, koi jana nahi. E song ke maane bahut soj bhi ba auri very esoteric bhi. Kishore Kumar Gawle Rahelene for e song Rajesh Khanna. Most of the evergreen songs of Raua Jeevan Darshan Kishore Da Ke Gavle Bhentai.

Ego very nice song on Jeevan Anand also written by Jawan Sahir Ludhianvi. “If you run away from the world, what will you find God / You will repent even in that world if you cannot adopt this world. Chitralekha emphasized on the song Ehi Baat from the movie that eh sansar mein jadi janam millal baat ekra se bhage ke ka baa. If in the greed of the next world, the joy of the world is lost in the greed of God. Although many Go means hola of Ananda, Raua derives the meaning of Okar according to his own opinion. Eihi movie ego song aur ba. “Man re tu kahen na dheer dhere / Those ruthless infatuations do not know, whom they are tempted. “Iho Geet Zingi Ke Meaning Baateve Wala Ba.

Raua became the master of Rajesh Khanna while riding on the car, singing ago song gavat dekhle hokhb, raua bhi e song definitely humming. “Life is a journey pleasant, who knows what is happening here tomorrow. E song is the most accurate description of life. Kalh Jingi Mein Ka Hoi, Kehu Naikhe Jaanat, Tabo Jingi’s Journey Suhana Ta Ba Jadi Kalh’s uncertainties leave the worries of today’s atmosphere in the open. Likhal e Geet Te Bujhi Amar Ba by Hasrat Jaipuri.

Devanand lose his life for the sake of character, he should be a person who enjoys life to the fullest even in his personal life. His filmaval ego splendid song, ‘Main zindagi ka saath khelta gaya gaya gaya, every worry goes in smoke’. The mere darshan of a song, I ba ki life jaise rua ke leke ja rahal ba, walked with okar, blew away the smoke of worry-worry, tension. However, some people have said in the cigarette beedi aa chillum booj lela baakir analogy of Ekra that they wished to blow unnecessary things in the air. E Geet is also written by Sahir Ludhianvi.

Ego song ba of sautan movie, iho filmawal baa on rajesh khanna only. Rua Ego found a surprising resemblance. Most of Jeevan Darshan’s songs Jawan Superhit Bhaili Sun, Sab Rajesh Khanna was filmed only on Gail Rahali Sun. These songs are, ‘Zindagi is a song of love, every heart will have to sing it, life is also an ocean of sorrow, will have to go beyond laughing’. In simple words, a big thing has been said, life has fallen from here. The song is written by Sawan Kumar. Ego Ehi Tarai Ke Geet Baa Jawan is written by Javed Akhtar. This is the way of life, only after defeat is victory. E song also tells about the world of life, Haar auri jeet raat auri din lekham ba, one after the other ke ahin ke baa.

Ego Kumar Sanu’s Gaval song, ‘Zindagi ki quest mein hum, death ke kitne paas aane gaye’. Bhale Aashiq Log Ekra’s Sad Song Booj Ke Sunat Hokhe, Baakir E Geet Jeevan Ke Truth Tell. Most of the people, searching for the joy of life, went near death, but did not know that life was going on, but lived in the presence of okra. Nilesh Mishra’s song, “Kuch toh tell zindagi, apna pata zindagi” was featured in the song Bajrangi Bhaijaan. E song bhi ego question asked about zindagi se zindagi ki, ki te aapna pata batao, tora saathe baith ke gapap kare ke ba. Hamar Ego Sher Ba –
Now let’s meet life gross
U together when it’s too far
Famous folk singer Bharat Sharma Vyas in his album Hamar Ego Ghazal Gawle Baden – “Jingi Pahad Jisan Lage Kabo-Kabo, Sukhla Mein Barh Jisan Lage Kabo-Kabo.

Geet-Ghazal on Zindagi aa Lokgeet mein Nirgun’s Lamhar List Ba. Many songs of Kabir have been written by Jeevan-Darshan Ba.
Sadho this village of the dead!
Pir Mua Prophet Mua
Mua Zinda Jogi,
The king is dead, the king is dead,
The dead are sick and sick.
Sadho this village of the dead!

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