Read in Bhojpuri – the villages of beggars to reach Batohi – Qutubpur

Batohi thinking that the country’s azad bhaila is seventy-five baris ho gayal ba, the immortal festival in May desh is going to Manawal ba. Fib ji ke jabana baa, ohhija ke rodvan sab chakchak must be done. More income went on. Even now, they keep talking that Kehu calls from Batohi to say that Baba Ohijah should be trapped in life by taking four rounds. Three-four kilometers from Ara-Chhapra Pulwa to Qutubpur, where to go, the roads of Kawano become Naikhe. Batohi Bhakua Gylan, Kahlan that Kas Mardwa, Ka Hos, Tahra Kas Hum Bakkol Bujhat Bani. Des-Pardes Sagro Ghumilas, May Road Four Lane, Six Lane Ho Gail Ba of Bihar. Jawana Party’s Sarkar Ba, Okre MP Badan Chapra K. Fifteen years, Jess was the Chief Minister of Bihar, Rahlan, MP of Ohe Chapra, Rahlan associated with Bhojpuria Mati of Ohijah. Bhikhari Thakur ohe bhojpuri’s Shakespearean tale of Bhikhari Thakur’s identity from Bhojpuri. Jekra is worshiped all over the world, – Gaval ja Rahal Bass, all the leaders of Bihar, ministers, chief ministers, MPs, all the people of Jekra should listen to each other, chant their names, as their village jaye la kavano sandke naikhe. The fences are joking with us, the rest of the people are talking about the fences.

Batohi’s mind became fuzzy, I thought to myself that I can talk to you. Quickly take it away. Phir ka s, okre ke dumdamile chal delan batohi baba. Instead of Muretha, helmet lagailan, neither right view, nor left, Sojhe sandak dha ke, Fatfatiya udavat, Chal delan beggar’s song singing…
Dagariya Johat Na Hos, Dagariya Johat Na Hos, Dagariya Johat Na Hos
Bet baruye eight pahariya ho, dgariya johat should not be there.

Beggar’s written play “Bidesia” garda machwale ba all over the world. Okre song gavat batohi chaumpalan babura. Babura Ghat, Jahwa Kabhu Ganga river was flowing. These losses beggars as inkar troupe kept getting down from the boat. This too Babaura Ghat, very big businessman Loggin’s ghats, where the boats were carrying the goods. Calcutta, Banaras, Allahabad-Kanpur, Jaisan kept on descending from Barka Bazar by modern similar boat. From Ehija, vegetables, grains, beans etc. were being sent. Many of the businessmen were tesons of the big market. People of North Bihar, people from Chhapra-Gopalganj-Siwan, Ballia, Gorakhpur place, people come by boat, hold trains of Asara Jaa.

Immerse yourself in the thoughts of watching Babura Bazar. Then Badki truck came behind Haran Bajavalas, Dhyan broke down. Baba K. Then Phatfatiya Chotki move forward across the Ganges. After some distance, after asking Logan, I came to know that the land of the land from Ehije will become like a leak. Then ask Logan about the bad road of Eh Road, but ask Lelan. Be told that E road is four lane, just for the sake of saying empty. Even if the condition of Dulane remains intact, it should be fatal without the loss of life. All the vehicles were moving from AK lane. The trucks laden with sand and the tractor-trailer, the road from Khad Bhaila to the sandkan, Bhail Baruye. Water dripped from the sand gadian to Alcatara, the road ballast-obstacles were crumbling. Go to the field of the main road by catching banal leeks. Jumping up and down, he got up to speed.

Batohi Champalan in the boat of Bhikhari Thakur in Banwal Rangshala! The piles of filth remained littered, the people of the village were haunted. Teams of three played with each other. May the contract keep going on in the jawar, May it remain a haven for years of labor. The government of every place remained. Seeing the condition of Ohijah, the behavior of Bhikhari Thakur, his family members. After questioning and questioning, he looked around the crater. The people of Baba’s family were seen. The family extinguished that the god who built a house in the name of a grandfather had come. Marad-Mehranu in the house, expect to see the sight of the child in the eyes of the child.

Bhikhari Thakur jaker boat baa all over the world, jekra boat baa bharat in the stomach of thousands and lakhs of people. Seeing their house-door, their eyes filled their eyes. Loraine Parine was filled with heart. Grandson, grandson-grandson, grandson-grandson, he talked to Logan. The fourth generation of Bhikhari Thakur remained adamant. The family took two to three hours to talk to Logan. Walk the family of the laborers. In Diyara, work was done with sand and Bhaila. From the sand of the poor, the family ran from house to house! Due to Bhaila made of sand, eat and drink at home. Stay home…. Duar belonged to the soil, due to Jawan Bhansala, by making a hut out of Jhalas, Khad Keel Gail Ba. Duaar pa ego neem tree ba, ohhije khatiya pa bith’s well-being. In front of Batohi, the house of Shakespeare’s Bhikhari Thakur, the poor condition of the family was seen. Grandson Jhamlal, many things about Bhikhari Baba’s life have been talked about. Bad Prakash Thakur of Jhamlal is also a young man, the last generation of the family lives up to the tradition of the beggar. Bad Thakur Batvalan, due to lack of paisa, e tradition has become, no one sees, neither can the poets samharihan. All the artists, Majura Havan, Tutal Ba, yearn for the sake of food grains. The rest of the people of the house beggars neon happy enclosures. The condition of the house, the mood, the condition of the house, the rest are the grandchildren of the grandfather!

From Map to Qutubpur the boat met
I am talking about the family, that everyone in the village of Qutubpur was saved. Don’t want anything for your own sake, but the erosion of Ganga grows very fast. Ganga descended 50 feet from the village, came to cut the soil. The existence of the village was in danger. The government was trying to stop the erosion of the Ganges river in Boria. In the rest of the bag, when the erosion of the Ganges stopped in the sand bank. The government scam continues. Derail Login Ji Rahal Ba of the village. Due to the fear of login, the beggar’s village Qutubpur, Kahoon got absorbed in the Ganges. From map to Qutubpur boat met.

Batohi Kahat Bada, some master of Qutubpur – owner Naikhe, the leader wanted to visit the login, the rest of the village and the people of the village’s lord would be the owner.
The family sings
Bhaji las in the name of Ramchanar…

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