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Home Minister Amit Shah must have felt the emotional attachment of Bhojpuri-speaking people towards his language. ‘Rua sabhe ke bhavna ke hum samsat baniin’ Harvard reading English to former home minister P. Chidambaram’s mouth When Bhojpuri speaking people listened, then surely Bhojpuria Logan’s hope awakened that now the days of Bhojpuri are Bahure Wala Baa. After the rest of the government machinery, under the guise of the report of the Mahapatra Committee, the matter of inclusion in the Eighth Schedule of Bhojpuri language did not progress further because of the excuse that the development of Hindi was hampered by the promotion of Bhojpuri. Auri Bahana Iho Ba Ki-Bhojpuri Ke Aapne Kavan Grammar Naikhein. E dun thing imaginary come baseless ba. The question arose due to the obscurity of the bureaucracy of the country.

The first thing is that the English language has absorbed the words of the Latin-Greek language. In itself, the words of Sanskrit-Arabic-Persian and Awadhi language are used in daily life in Hindi. Similarly, the words of Bhojpuri language are also used indiscriminately in Hindi. At least in the poems of Tulsidas’s Ramayana and Surdas, this can be clearly seen. About a dozen grammars of Bhojpuri grammar have been published today. Ago Bhojpuri grammar by Grierson in Javana. Linguist Udaybhan Tiwari’s ‘Bhojpuri language and literature’ published from Bhojpuri Academy Patna – Bhojpuri grammar, composed by Dr. Jayakant, ‘Standard Bhojpuri language, grammar and composition’, ‘Bhojpuri typical language grammar’, written by Dr. Rajendra Prasad Singh – Modern language of Bhojpuri Shastra, Dr. Jaikant Singh Krit-Standard Bhojpuri language grammar and composition, and “Bhojpuri Grammar Dictionary and Translation” included Ba.

Historical Background of Bhojpuri: Ego Important Facts About Bhojpuri Iho ba ki-Bhojpuri was once a court language. Always the language of the working society It was told about the history of Bhojpuri that- Parmar king of Madhya Pradesh settled a village named ‘Bhojpur’ in the name of his ancestor Maharaj ‘Bhoj’ in Ara district of Bihar. Later on, the village became a pargana. The two parts of this pargana have become – ‘Navka Bhojpur’ and ‘Bhojpur’. Residents of Jeh Bhasha became their medium of conversation – Uhe Bhasha Bhojpuri Kahail. Dr. Grierson, author of ‘Lingivistic Survey of India’ – Geographical expansion of Bhojpuri – Ghaghra to Gandak’s Doab Batwale Baran. Historically, the use of Bhojpuri dates back to the seventh century. At the time of Maharaj Harsh, Ishan Gupta and Benimadhav composed in Bhojpuri. Acre original script Kaithi Rahal. From the year 1293, Bhojpuri’s authenticity could be accepted. In the thirteenth century, the use of Bhojpuri started loudly. Till the sixteenth century, the use of Bhojpuri in the courts of Bihar was also applicable. Discussion in detail of Eh Baat Recently, Malti Sharma ji became the author of the book ‘Lok Manjari’ published from Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts. The earliest indications of composition in the Bhojpuri language were also found in the works of Kabir-Raidas and Jayasi. Let us see the hallmarks of Kabirdas’s Ego Nirguna creation-
Dulhini Gavhu Mangalachar, More come home, Raja Ram Bharatar.
See also the poetry of Jayasi’s Ego Barhamasa here.

Bhai Bisakh, Tapan is very lagi, Choa Chir Chandan is good. Suruj Jarat Hivanchal Taka, Virah Bajagi Sauhrath Haka..
The people of Bhojpuri speaking area took their own songs wherever they went, Bhojpuri and Tulsidas’s Ramayana. Eh, due to two means, the measures to preserve their culture are migrant indentured laborers. Access to Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Singapore, North America, Latin America and Holland. Indian civilization-culture-young till today alive-aware in abroad, the biggest credit could go to the heart of India’s laborer-businessman. It is worth mentioning here that – India’s civilization-culture abroad was not because of the power-sword and not because of mutual cooperation-behavior-behavior of Nickel Logan in search of business-employment.

Constitutional Efforts to include in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of Bhojpuri: The first attempt to get the constitutional recognition of Bhojpuri was done in 1969 through Bhogendra Jha, a member of the Fourth Lok Sabha, through a private bill. Since then, the private bill has been introduced 19 times so far. Bhojpuri-speaking MPs also sent a letter to the Prime Minister that the Javana language should be recognized abroad. Oh the constitutional recognition of the language as desired. For example, in Nepal and Mauritius, there is a constitutional recognition of Bhojpuri. Even the Rajasthani of Bhojpuri in Nepal has been recognized constitutionally.

In India too, there is a constitutional recognition of Nepali language. Now it is expected that the Rajasthani and Bhoti languages ​​along with Bhojpuri will also get constitutional recognition once again. In the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution – In the beginning, there was a constitutional system of fourteen languages. Later, in the eight languages ​​and Judal-Jawana, the least spoken Bodo language is also included. The total population of the eight Go language speaking people-about five and a half to five and a half crores has become a little less. In comparison to Ekra, the population of Bhojpuri speaking people in the country and abroad is more than 200 million. If Akbar is quoted by a lion of Allahabadi, then- Jamuhiriyat is the rule in which Vande is not counted as weighed.

Then it must be accepted even with the truth that – Bhojpuri language is still a victim of ‘linguistic injustice’. According to Dr. Dinesh Yadav, a Hindi teacher of Delhi University, if the Constitutional recognition of Bhojpuri is not received in this regime, then there can be no hope from Feru Kavan and the government. In this context, Kedarnath Singh, a well-known Hindi poet, also said, “The liberation of speech is the liberation of man. And for the liberation of speech it is necessary that its existence should be recognized. If Bhojpuri is recognized, then the immense potential that is sleeping within Bhojpuri will get an opportunity to come freely. There should be a sincere talk for Bhojpuri. Till now politics has been happening on this. Bhojpuri speaking Acharya Hazari Prasad Dwivedi ji also regretted the same thing that – “Why did I not write in Bhojpuri. Had it been written, it would have been better.” “My Dagestan” is read all over the world.

(Mohan Singh is a senior journalist, views written in the article are his personal.)

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