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Every time I asked questions in my mind that when should I tell oh humra that in which direction le le ke chala re batohiya… The song was only in 1982 itself. The film Nadia Ke Paar was released only in 1982, but it took a decade for the film to be shot in the streets of Northeast India. Oh all the brothers-in-law of the area, come Chandan, all the sisters-in-law are becoming gunja. Mado mein fera leit e song is definitely sung that ’till the time is not complete, it is not till babua nahi babuni ki’..

But for the sake of us, I have aa sato phera, we are still dreaming, but we dreamed in the world that we were singing
Stay, this beautiful road
take a look, give a look

Come say that –
first time we left home
be with an unknown
Then we would answer that –
Unknowingly, if the identity increases
Torah will be a part of the fragrance

That’s because of the shame-
Don’t get carried away by the smell
don’t be tempted

eh but get his answer-
Gujariya has a relationship with being harassed

He would cut the thing off –
Yes stay, this beautiful road
take a look, give a look
Who took me in the direction, Re Batohiya

Next we openly ask –
O Gunja, Tori friends on that day
what were you doing

Tore used to say to walk with him
come we are with you
We know that now Delhi is nearer –
incomplete until
Don’t be complete
Misri Ghorat Kanni Katli in Pher Oo Kan –

Aab Hi Toh Hamari Hai Bali Re Umaria
Stay, this beautiful road
take a look, give a look
Who took me in the direction, Re Batohiya

Sapna khul aa sapna tutal ta kahani ki song of Ravinder uncle (Ravindra Jain) aa sangeet dele baads ..aa Hemlata aa Jaspal’s voice ta kareja kuhuka deta. Hamar Chhachnal then Mital Jab Bhaiya Ke Sasuraar Mein Song Baajal Ki Chalo Re Doli Uthaan Kahaar, Piya Milan Ki Ritu Aaye .. Gunja Ke Doli Kehu and Chandan Lek Gayle. We got in touch. In Bhauji’s sister, we saw the image of Sadhna Singh, the heroine of the film Nadiya Ke Paar. Sadhna Punjabi Kudi Rahali Jay later got married in real life to Rajkumar Shahabadi, son of the first producer of Bhojpuri cinema Vishwanath Shahabadi. Aajje Nadia Ke Paar Ke Hero Rahele Chandan His real name is – Sachin Pilgaonkar. O marathi houan. On his birthday on August 17th, he has fallen on his mind. All the fantasy of childhood.

The film Nadiya Ke Paar had its effects. I didn’t see the movie! Even if he was interested in Hindi cinema and Bhojpuri cinema, he must have seen the film. Although with the film Ego Bhranti Judal Ba. The general public thought that the Bhojpuri film is beyond the Banal Ba Auri river in Bhojpuri. It is right that the film’s language, location and story, Bhojpuri and Awadhi Patti mix, are based on. Baakir Nadia Ke Paar is a Hindi feature film. Yes Ekra’s Zaroor regional Hindi film Kahi Sakelein, Jawana Lekhaan Phanishwar Nath Renu’s novel Maila Aanchal Ke Kahal Jaala. The dialogues of Baakir Charitran in the novel Hindi are in the local dialect.

We have to keep talking about the hero of the film Chandan i.e. Sachin. Sachin Marathi’s big actor Hawain Auri Jab u in the 1982 film ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ as his child artist in the film 64 Go Marathi Auri Hindi film Aa Gail Rahe. From the year 1975, he had many go-to hit films as a hero too – jaise geet gata chal, balika vadhu, ankhiyon ke jharokhe se etc. But Jawaan fame aa recognition unka nadiya ke paar se mila oo doosra se na milal.

E sanjoge ba ki nadiya ke paar naam ego film was also made in the year 1948. Kishore Sahu is the writer-producer-director of the film. Dilip Kumar Auri Kamini Kaushal hero heroine in the film, people were singing 8 Go in the film, aa all were in Bhojpuri. Keep writing pearl ba ji. E-film was also the highest-grossing film of 1948 at number six. Wherein 1982’s Aar Nadia Ke Paar also made a place in the list of the highest grossing film of the year.

In 1994 Hum Aapke Hain Koun Banavalas, Jawan was very successful after the success of Jawan Acre, which was a Rajshree production across the river. E-film story writer Keshav Prasad Mishra’s story remained on the condition of Kohbar. Aajuo Basal Baa in the minds of people till the song-music of the film Auri Okar character Chandan (Sachin) aa Gunja (Sadhana Singh).

At the age of 4, Umir, who started his career in filming, was born in a Konkani Brahmin family. Sachin’s father had a printing press business in Bombay. His father should also be a film producer. That’s when Sachin’s career started in his childhood. Sachin’s debut as a child artist in Marathi film ‘Ha Majha Marg Ekla Aahe’ got him National Film Award for Bhail Jawana. Later also he was honored with the 19th National Film Award for his ego role. In the childhood of Sachin, the pair with Junior Mehmood became a huge hit. Dunu jana ake sathe approx 15 go movie kil log. Sachin’s comic timing was amazing since childhood. For this reason, when Sachin worked in Marathi cinema with Bad Bhailene Aa Hindi, his comic timing would be greatly appreciated. The hit Auri classic comedy film in Marathi with Laxmikant Berde Laxmikant Berde. Sachin is the ego of comedy filming in Marathi, new stream bahavalen jawan aaj le chalat ba.

He should also act in Marathi film Banawale Bhi Auri. He is also a successful film director of Marathi cinema. U Jab Aapne Debut Film Banavat Rahein, Ago Naya Heroine was cast as Supriya, who later became her paternal wife. Her name is Supriya Pilgaonkar. Now his wife Kareli works in TV serials. Ago daughter Bari Shriya Pilgaonkar from Dunu Jana. In the first season of Shriya Mirzapur, she became popular as a heroine. Shreya’s career includes today’s Mirzapur as well as The Broken News, Guilty Mind, The Gone Game, many popular and successful web series. In the year 2016 released Bhail actor Shahrukh Khan’s film Fan also appeared in Chukal Badi.

sachin kilayen baden bhojpuri movie
Sachin, who spoke Marathi hokhla ke bado hetna good bhojpuri accent, also appeared in Bhojpuri film. Across his rivers, though he remained in Hindi, the dialogue delivery had a touch of Bhojpuri. However, after a year, he appeared in a pure Bhojpuri film. Mohan ji Prasad’s ‘Hamaar Bhauji’ was an e-film. His heroine Rahli Tanuja in A. Uhe Tanuja whose daughter is Kajol. Tanuja was the hit heroine of the 80s. Let the film be good business, say that a year ago, Sachin’s ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ Auri, the typical character of Sachin, was a big favorite of all.

After the good film Milla in the beginning of Sachin, he got a small role in Lagal. U film ‘Sholay’, ‘Trishul’ Auri ‘Satte Per Satta’, such as the hit film, play small roles in small roles. Baakir lead aa special role na mila ke ke luke u film direction chal ailene auri many successful film banwale baden in hindi marathi. See also in Sachin’s TV. You should also work in TV serials, and also do the production of many Go’s. His 1990 Doordarshan comedy show Tu Tu Main Main Ke Ke Bhula Saakela.

Since Sachin, in his teenage years, has descended within us in the form of sandalwood across the river, in his affair, we should be able to turn around in Barisan Le Apna Gunja and wish him a special birthday.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri cinema and literature.)

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