Read the birthday special in Bhojpuri: Teesri Kasam fame lyricist Shailendra’s Bhojpuri connection

Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyri Chadhaibo Jab Ke Dehlene Ke Dehlen in Kundan Kumar’s film Banavalein Te Shailendra Ke Apna Film on the Kahani Auri guidance of Nazir Hussain. Chitragupta Acre be a musician. Be a big name in Hindi cinema, Shailendra. Don’t be tempted by the introduction of the poets. Chitragupta of Gopalganj (Bihar), Shailendra of Ara (Bihar) composed songs for the song.

Raua is surprised that Shailendra and Rawalpindi may have been born in Punjab (British-ruled India), so who has become the person of Ara. Hey maharaj, startle ke ta raua tabo chahiye, when u write the popular song ‘Chalat Musafir Moh Leo Re, Kaij Wali Muniya’ from the movie Teesri Kasam made in Apna Nirman, also write ‘Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamar Ho, Saawali Surtiya Aa Lip Lal’ . E sab bhi ta bhojpuri language song. So, such a precise Bhojpuri tone could come when Rua o Mati ke Hokhi Bhao Mati ke hokhi hai. In fact, the people of Shailendra’s babuji and great-grandfather were residents of Akhtiyarpur (Badka village) of Ara. Bhojpuri was spoken in his house, the effect of youth came on him, later he also had an impact on his creativity. Song ‘Piya Tose Naina Lage Re, Naina Lage Re’ Ta Rua Sunlahi Hokhab from the movie Guide. E Geet very beautifully observed of their Bhojpuri connection. Ego Geet Ba, a film on Dilip Kumar Auri Vyjayanthimala’s Jawan Dilip Kumar Auri Vyjayanthimala, Shailendra Hi wrote Baden –

‘O nettle, hi re
Peepal Chaiyan sat down for a moment, Gagaria, Hi Re
Daya re, daiya re, climbed the sinful nettle
Oh hi hi re dead, take someone off the nettle’

A. Bhojpuriya put lehle ba from the tonality of the song to the use of words. Aisan many go unkar geet baate jawan e baat emphasized that ho na ho, eh lyricist in Bhojpuriya sanskar ba. However, when Shailendra remained young, he remained in Mathura. His babuji stayed in search of Rawalpindi job from Ara and came to Mathura from Uhvaan. The beginning of Shailendra’s youth began in Mathura. Be his friend Indra Bahadur Khare, May he himself be a poet, go to Dunu, people come to study in AK school, and later also poetic people are on. Later, Shailendra came to Bombay to get a job in the railways, and his friends went ahead in poetry literature. For any reason, it is true that in Shailendra’s song, he met Bhojpuri with a little twist of Braj language. Although the speakers of Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Braj e sub are always related to each other. E sub-region satle-satl ba.

Shailendra wrote the opening songs of Bhojpuri cinema
The Bhojpuriya introduction of Shailendra remained the same that composer Chitragupta wrote Sagri songs in his Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo. Eh movie songs aisan goonjal ki e film cinema hall mein kaini mahin le uttarbe na kyel on radio auri records on radio. People go to the cinema hall by bullock cart, but definitely watch the film. Lyrics of Shailendra Ke Likhal Eh Movie Songs like ‘Sonwa Ke Pinjra Mein Bandh Bhail Hi Ram’, ‘More Karejwa Mein Peer Hi Ram’, ‘Kaahne Bansuria Bajawals’, ‘Luk Chup Badra Mein Chamke Jaise Chanwa’, ‘Ab Ta Lagal Mora Soorhawa’ Saal, logwa nazar laggeela’ all popular songs from rua jeevan darshan to athkheli auri ladkapan bhi dekhke mein badi sun auri eh mein. The world of Shailendra’s creation was very prosperous.

Shailendra write songs in Bhojpuri’s many notable films. Jaise Mitwa, Naihar Chhutal Jaye, Ganga, Saiyan se Nehiya Lagaibe, Vidhana Naach Nachave etc. are the main ones.

However, his first song as a lyricist was released in Raj Kapoor’s film Barsaat (1949), “Barsaat Mein Tumse Mile Hum Sajan”. Raj Kapoor should also be aware of Shailendra’s writing ability. Ego new music composer duo should also start from this film, their name is Shankar Jaikishan. Ek Se Ek Geet of Jodi Auri Shailendra Mil Dihal Log of Hindi Film Industry.

Shailendra’s last song is Unkar Beta Pura Kaye
Shailendra’s health was not keeping well, on 13th December 1966 from Ahi, his RK Cottage was found on Raj Kapoor’s Bolwala on his way to hospital. Uhvan Raj Kapoor should complete his song “Jeena yahan marna yahan ek siwa jaana kahan” from his ambitious film ‘Mera Naam Joker’. Although Shailendra did not complete his work, Auri died the next day on 14 December 1966. Ohi days were also Raj Kapoor’s birthday. However, reports are available that his son Shailendra completed his father’s unfinished song “Jeena Yahan Marna Yahaan”. Janmal Shailendra died on 30 August 1923 at the age of 43 years only. Sanjog saw that in the same year as his sole producer, the film ‘Teesri Kasam’ was released, several weeks after the release of ‘Bhaila’ became a superhit. However, do not see the Shailendra e incident happening in front of your eyes.

In the diary of Shankardas Kesrilal Shailendra, there was a mention about his native village. His daughter Amala Shailendra Majumdar lived in Dubai. Apna Purkhan’s village Akhtiyarpur (Badka village) located at a distance of three kilometers from U Ara city is the isle in 2019. His son also in the village of Ail Baran Eh. Now people have also grown old, the people of the rest of the village have their love and affection, who have been meeting their babuji and baba. Bhojpuria went to the corners of the world, but remained Bhojpuriya at heart.

Awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist three times, pioneer of the only collection of poetry ‘Nyota Aur Chahalla’ (published in May 1955), the most popular Marxist poet of his time and one of the most expensive lyricists in Bollywood, Shailendra K. Glory to the memory!

When the earth and the moon remained, the world was humming, with the optimistic attitude of our beloved lyricist Shailendra.
“You are alive, you believe in the victory of life.
If there is heaven anywhere, then bring it down to the ground.
“These four more days of sorrow, four more days of mourning, these days will also pass, thousand days have passed”

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri cinema and literature.)

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