Recognizing these symptoms of stress, follow these natural ways to relieve stress

Causes and Symptoms of Stress: Nowadays most of the people live under stress. Takes the stress of small things. Stress is becoming a very common problem in the kind of lifestyle people live today. Some have stress due to work pressure, then some have problems related to family, financial situation, loss of job, stress of getting job, problems in everyday life, occurrence of any unpleasant events, loss of a loved one. Etc. can also cause stress. Stress can make you slowly sick not only physically but also mentally. If stress is not controlled in time, it can lead to depression. Stress is caused by the secretion of cortisol hormone in the body. Stress increases due to many other reasons as well. Learn about those causes, symptoms and some ways to overcome stress.

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due to stress
stylesatlife According to a news published in the news, there can be different reasons for stress in everyone, some may be stressed about family related issues, some may be stressed about health, office work or separation from friends or going away. Maybe. Stress is also caused due to many other reasons, which are as follows-
Due to job loss, demotion instead of promotion
Disputes, quarrels, divorce in married life
Stress due to sudden death or serious illness of a loved one
-Chronic illness, bodily injury
– being emotionally anxious
– Peer pressure, Bullying
-Retirement from job, loneliness

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symptoms of stress
– loss of energy, fatigue
Headache, insomnia
– irritability
-muscle and body aches
– trouble concentrating
Depression due to stress
– Frequent colds, infections
– having high blood pressure, heart disease
-Fast heartbeat, chest pain
-behavior modification
– Stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation problem
– burning in the chest
– weight gain or loss
-mood swing, anxiety

Natural ways to relieve stress
If you are stressed, you must exercise for 30 minutes every day. You go for a walk for this, play any sport. Going out of the house and going for a walk in the fresh air reduces stress. You can feel good from inside.

Stress can also be reduced by doing yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are great techniques to relax the mind. This gives peace to the mind. Make sure to include 15 to 20 minutes of yoga and meditation in your routine every day. It helps in removing the stress from the problems, problems that occur every day. Also, by doing yoga, you also avoid many other physical problems.

Make sure to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Stress levels can also increase due to less sleep and lack of rest. Persistent feeling of tiredness increases the psychological symptoms of stress.

If you feel stressed, you can massage with essential and aromatic oils. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles, reducing pain. Relieves stress and brings peace to the mind. Apart from removing the problem of sleeplessness, it also improves the mood.

Stress is also reduced by doing deep breathing exercises. Take a deep breath slowly and then release it out. During this, do not bring any extraneous thoughts in your mind, neither think about office work, nor about household chores and problems. Think of good and positive things. Do breathing exercises for at least 10 minutes daily. This increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and makes you feel good and calm.

Healthy diet also plays an important role in relieving stress. Along with the body, the mind also functions well by consuming healthy and nutritious things. Include lots of green vegetables, fruits, nuts, high protein foods in the diet. Minimize the consumption of junk food.

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