Repeated infection of corona increases the risk of death, big disclosure in new study

Corona Infection Increases the Risk of Death: The corona epidemic started about 3 years ago. Since then till now scientists are engaged in research regarding this epidemic. In the study done so far on the corona, it was revealed that almost every part of the body is affected by its initial infection and some short-term and some long-term risks can be seen. Scientists also told that people who get antibodies after the first infection and take the vaccine or booster dose, can also be vulnerable to it again.

Eurek Alert According to the news of Kovid 19, now a new study has come out from Washington University School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System in St. Louis. This study shows the consequences of re-infection of Kovid. Researchers found that repeated infections lead to an additional increased risk of diseases in many parts of the body.

Increased risk of lung and heart disease
Due to repeated exposure to corona virus, there is a lot of damage to the lungs, heart, brain, blood problems in the body, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal system. Along with this, infection also increases the risk of death manifold. Re-infection increases problems like diabetes, kidney disease and mental health. The findings of this new study of Kovid have been published in Nature Medicine on 10 November.

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The expert said that our research shows that due to second and third infection, there is a rapid increase in the risk of many other diseases and health risks in the body. There is a risk of contracting diseases for the first 30 days after infection and for the next few months, which are also known as symptoms of long covid. The study also revealed that the more frequent the infection, the more the risk will increase.

New variants of Kovid coming out in America
The expert said that it is very important to avoid contact with the virus, even if you have been hit twice. This is because new variants of Kovid are emerging rapidly in the US during the winter season and the mutation of the virus is also increasing. In such a situation, every effort should be made to avoid infection.

Data from 5.8 million people analyzed
For this study, researchers analyzed the medical records of nearly 5.8 million people in a database maintained by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. For their study, the researchers prepared data on 5.3 million people who did not test positive for COVID-19 infection from March 1, 2020 to April 6, 2022. Researchers used this same time frame to generate data on more than 443,000 people who had tested positive for COVID-19 infection, and selected nearly 41,000 people who had two or more infections during the same time frame. happened.

These variants were responsible for the risk
The study revealed that Kovid 19 variants such as Delta, Omicron and BA.5 were responsible for the infection. Negative results occurred in people who had received the shot before re-infection, as well as in non-vaccinated people. Overall, the researchers found that people with re-infection of COVID-19 were twice as likely to die from the infection and three times more likely to be hospitalized than those without reinfection. Was.

Additionally, people were three and a half times more likely to develop lung problems due to repeat infections. On the other hand, the chances of getting heart disease after repeated infection were three times higher, while the chances of complaining of neurological diseases increased 1.6 times due to a single exposure to the virus.

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