Review: Avrodh Season 2 was born in the process of justifying the decisions of the government

After the success of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Family Man’, probably all the producer directors have started looking for a formula, better if undercover, of an Indian spy type. Sony Liv’s presentation blockade – ‘The Siege Within’ had created a lot of expectations in the first season. Released about two years ago, in that season, the story was about India’s surgical strike, Kashmir, and the elimination of a terrorist named Burhan Bani. There was a patriotic fever that emanated from ‘Uri – The Surgical Strike’ and the mood of the country in those days was such that the story of the glorification of India’s army was very much liked. This time in the web series, this kind of story, dramatization and filming of events has not been shown as closely and neatly as before. Due to the success of the first season, Sony Liv decided to make its second season which is set against the backdrop of demonetisation. This time the same mistake happened which is often seen in Season 2. Deviating from the original purpose of the story and trying unsuccessfully to connect the original plot with lots of short stories. Season 2 is very long and cold, sounds like the official siren.

The first season of Vikarna was based on the book ‘India’s Most Feared’ by defense journalists Shiv Zaroor and Rahul Singh. The hope was that another story from this book would be adapted into a theatrical version. Unfortunately, this time around, there is no story in the book, no good central character, no good actors, no sarcophagus in the script. Vidhaan Season 2 is a very cheap attempt to glorify Demonetization and praise the Prime Minister. Because of this, not only did what was supposed to happen for the entire series, but the seriousness of the thinking and process behind this decision has also been shown in a very shallow way which did not feel right. What would have been the compulsion of the producer-director that to make this series, he went away from the stories of the army and started praising such a government decision that he forgot the real grammar of the web series. If propaganda had to be done, then at least it would have been done properly.

Abir Chatterjee, who often plays the character of Sharadindu Bandopadhyay’s character Detective Byomkesh Bakshi in Bengali films, has been roped in as Army Captain Pradip Bhattacharya, who works as a cover in the Income Tax Department in Mumbai and often works in the field instead of his office. I am solving a case. Apart from catching the consignment of counterfeit notes, he is sometimes sitting on his chair looking at the bank account details of different terrorists. It is the job of the audience to understand that all this facility is given to him by the Income Tax Department or the Intelligence Unit of the Army. He also has a family with whom his relationship does not deteriorate. Last season’s character NIA Shailesh Malviya (Neeraj Kabi) who is chewing words and throwing revenge on the enemy instead of nationalism, is also in this season. It was no fun to see Mohan Agashe in the role of the Prime Minister. Better than this, Vikram Gokhale was engaged in the first season. A PowerPoint presentation is shown in front of them to enumerate the benefits of demonetization and they ask them to implement it in April so that preparations for its implementation like printing new notes, calibrating ATMs etc. can be done properly. Then suddenly the fake notes printed in Pakistan start reaching the terrorists of India, then overnight it is decided that demonetisation should be done.

Like in earlier films Jagdish Raj or Iftikhar was seen only in the role of police officer, in web series and television, Rajesh Khattar is often seen becoming a senior officer of Pakistan Army or ISI. Such a poor character is made of a general of Pakistan, as if everyone there reaches high positions in the army only on the recommendation and are basically fools. Be it the army of any country, such characters are not seen anywhere. The face of Sanjay Suri is so innocent that he can never look like a villain. Even if they want, they cannot get out of the shadow of a decent middle class working man by changing the getup in any way. Aahana Kumra seems to be leaving a fashion magazine or a fancy restaurant in Mumbai-Delhi after having lunch and then suddenly keeps on making deals with dreaded terrorists for taking consignments of RDX and fake currency. Even if someone believes in their beauty, how can they be a terrorist. The misunderstanding of the writer and director has emerged as the biggest obstacle of this season.

In this 9 episode long azhel saga, the audience thinks that Abir Chatterjee is leading a double life, so maybe his character like Manoj Bajpayee of Family Man will have some specialty. They feel that this time at least they will understand that how the government of the country and especially the Prime Minister takes any decision, how it is implemented and especially any such decision which is going to affect the people of the whole country. Who is involved in the process? But the audience gets disappointed. How does an army officer make contact for himself in enemy territory or in enemy country, how with a little blackmail and a little help, he makes someone his spy or his informer, maybe it will be understood but this too only hope remains. Is. There is not a single scene that you remember after watching the series. There is not a single scene on which only memes can be made. Action scenes look fake, terrorists are sitting on credit to eat bullets, army commandos never miss their target, villain always makes some mistake. There are so many grisly mistakes and tribulations that the viewer yearns for a one-of-a-kind scene. Despite this, there is only disappointment.

Everyone’s acting is either below average or it is dramatic. In both the circumstances, leave no sympathy for those who watch for any character, no connection is made. Neither the hero is in love nor the villain gets angry. Just laugh at the director and the writer who thinks the audience of the web series as a fool. Watch Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops on Disney Hotstar, Raj and DK’s The Family Man on Amazon Prime and you will realize that there is such a thing as production value. In the barrier there is a barrier on that too. The manufacturer installed an aeroplane set and changed it a little and made it a plane for different airlines. Shots of night firing were taken during the day because the lighting of indoor shots is different and the lighting of outdoor shots is different, just adding a filter to make day night does not work. Cinematographer Shanu Singh Rajput’s work is very weak and editor Shakti Hasija’s scissors also have no edge. Production designer Pratik Radij has done the work cheaply and that is probably why Brijesh Jayarajan and Sudip Nigam of the writer’s troupe have created such scenes in which there is no situation to spend much money. As an assistant director, Raj Acharya has worked with well-known and successful directors, but he himself has done a lot of work in season 2 of Vikarna.

The root problem of the blockade was that he may not have decided whether he has to praise the government and compromise with the story of his web series or make an almost honest effort like the first season. Although there is a lot more to see on OTT, but keep yourself safe from watching the second season of Obstacle. Brand placement is rarely seen in such a bad way.

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