Review ‘Delhi Crime season 2’: ‘Delhi Crime season 2’ is completely different from the first season

Review ‘Delhi Crime season 2’: December 16, 2012, is counted in those dark days in the history of India, in which the horrific and perverted form of crime was revealed to the country, which shattered the mental, social and political conditions of the country. A 22-year-old girl was raped, assaulted and thrown on the side of the road by 6 men. In the investigation of this heinous case, Delhi Police’s DCP Chhaya Sharma and his associates together found every link and every criminal of this crime in a very short time.

In this massacre, known as the Nirbhaya case, the court sentenced the criminals to death, giving it the status of “rarest of the rare”. One criminal committed suicide in jail and four criminals were hanged and one criminal was sent to the Children’s Correctional Home for being a minor. Canadian filmmaker director Richie Mehta had made a web series on this entire crime – Delhi Crime. Mehta’s effort to show the truth so closely has won many national and international awards.

The second part of this web series has recently been released on Netflix after almost three and a half years. There is no similarity in the first part and the second part except the main characters. The story is different, the plot is different and it has nothing to do with the Nirbhaya case. If you are thinking of watching it like the first season, then it is not like that at all.

Delhi Crime Season 2 is like a normal crime thriller. A new case comes in front of the police where after two decades there is a possibility of “Chaddi Banyan gang” being active in Delhi because this time they robbed the houses of retired and old residents living in the posh areas of Delhi and after that they robbed them. There is an incident of killing old people with a hammer. DCP Vartika Chaturvedi along with her trusted team Inspector Bhupinder (Rajesh Tailang), IPS Niti Singh (Rasika Duggal), Sub Inspector Jairaj (Anurag Arora) and others set out to solve the case.

In this 5 episode long season, how Vartika finds the criminals and reaches them is like any investigation story. The Chaddi Banyan gang was actually spreading its panic all over India in the 90s. The gang consisted mostly of wanderers/banjaras of Pardi caste who used to enter houses after midnight in groups of 7-8 where there was minimum security and only old people lived in the house. They always used to wear vests and vests, their mouths were covered and they used to apply mud or oil all over their body so that they could get out if they got caught.

The series was well-liked because of the original depiction shown in the first season. It is not that rape happened for the first time in India or it was the first case of atrocities and beatings on the girl after rape, but in those days the scenario of India was such that an atmosphere was being created against the current situation of the country. And due to politics, anger was being created in the public against the government of that time. In such a situation, the Nirbhaya rape erupted as a volcano. Condemning this incident from every corner of the country, candle marches, dharnas, tweets and big events were organized.

The importance of this case is an important semicolon in the politics of India. That is why the first season of Delhi Crime was touched by the public. Before the second season came, it was being indicated through many articles and interviews that it is completely different from the first season and it should be seen as a fiction show. Unfortunately, no one believed in this and when the season was released, it turned out to be true. Delhi Crime Season 2 is disappointing as a sequel but accurate as an independent web series.

Former Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. Neeraj Kumar wrote a book on some important cases in his life “Khaki Files”. It mentions the crimes committed by the Chaddi Banyan gang in the year 1991-92 and what Mr. Neeraj did to nab them, in the book’s chapter “Moon Gazer”. In fact, this gang used to carry out most of the incidents when the moon was almost negligible in the sky. In search of them, the police also had to increase their patrol on these nights. Based on the information from this chapter, the Pardis were introduced in the 2017 Tamil film Theeran Adhikaram Ondru. Richie Mehta, the author of Delhi Crime Season 1, bought the rights of his book from Neeraj and then created this season, this time he has given the responsibility of directing to American director Tanuj Chopra.

Tanuj has previously directed some English films. Another powerful aspect is the script of Delhi Crime Season 2 which is jointly written by Vidit Basoya, Insia Mirza, Sanyukta Chawla Sheikh, Shubhra Swaroop, Mayank Tiwari, and Vidit Tripathi. Shefali Shah has once again appeared effective in this season, although this time the focus is less on her. Last time the personal life of DCP Vartika was brought to the fore, this time the life of Rajesh Tailang’s daughter and Rasika Duggal’s husband has also been added to this series. Rajesh Tailang, Anurag Arora (Sub Inspector Jairaj) and Siddharth Bhardwaj (SHO Subhash Gupta) are such powerful actors that even those villains seem as dreadful as they are in positive roles. Amazing quality of these actors.

Director of Photography David Boleyn’s camera has managed to create such a tense atmosphere that provides pause to the theme of the entire web series. David had earlier also done the cinematography of a film “Sony” made on the women personnel of Delhi Police. Perhaps he got this web series only after seeing him. Amazing work where the darkness of the streets of Delhi is also a character in itself. After doing a lot of commercial films, Rudra of Disney + Hotstar and now Antara Lahiri as editor of Delhi Crime is worth watching. While the first season had the audience crave for a complete understanding of the crime, which led to some great characters, this season has a detailed portrayal of how the lives of the same beloved characters keep changing from moment to moment. How the police investigate a crime in which no evidence is seen, it is also worth watching in this series. It is also a beautiful depiction of when this system swinging between a good police and a corrupt police turns against a poor one.

After a wonderful presentation of Season 1, bathed in the light of truth, Delhi Crime Season 2 unfolds in a completely new way. This season has stopped at a place where there is no hope of the third season but the heart is not ready to accept it. Probably the creators of the series will again take a long time to create a new season and while Netflix is ​​not making new seasons for most of the web series, it is not wrong to expect the next season of Delhi Crime.

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