Review: Viewers keep watching Mahabor She season 2 thinking what else will happen next

Director Imtiaz Ali sometimes also becomes a producer to take his brothers forward in the film world. For one of his brothers, Sajid Ali, he produced a film named ‘Laila Majnu’. The film got a lot of publicity due to the addition of Imtiaz’s name, but the film did not work. Similarly, he produced the Netflix web series ‘She’ for his other brother Arif Ali. The story of this series seems completely influenced by a foreign film or web series. Although there are many scenes in ‘She’ to prove this point, but one of the biggest evidence is the plot of the story, in which a police constable has to play a prostitute to spy in a gang of drug mafia and While being under cover, one has to befriend the leader of the gang first and then inform against him. No such case has ever been seen or heard in the Police Force of India. In 2020, the first season of this web series came which was 8 episodes long and was directed by Avinash Das (Anarkali and Aara). Imtiaz this time handed over the direction to his brother Arif Ali, who in 2014 made a huge flop film about Armaan Jain, Ranbir Kapoor’s aunt’s son, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. Season 2 of She is less interesting and more boring than the first season. The viewer gets bored and thinks that he should stop watching the series, but the amount of obscenity in every episode is so much that the viewer only watches one more episode.

Bhumika Pardeshi (Aditi Pohankar), lives with her mother and younger sister Roopa in a one-room house and works as a constable in the police. She is divorced from her alcoholic husband. The Anti Narcotics Group has to nab the country’s biggest drug mafia hero and for this the role is chosen to enter someone from the police as an informer in his gang. By making her a prostitute, she has to try to reach the head of that gang every night on the streets of Mumbai. She is also successful in this mission but she soon gets influenced by this gangster. The forces of life, including poverty, a drug-addicted sister, a dead father, a sick mother, a character stigma imposed by a lousy husband, force the role to take up all sources. Bhumika and Gangster prove to be complementary to each other. The gangster reveals the secret of his business and gives him the task of spreading the drug business. Bhumika, with the help of prostitutes, sets up a network of drug distribution. Bhumika keeps on giving the secrets of the gangster hero to the police. In the end, Bhumika shoots the hero and the police eliminate the entire gang. Bhumika takes over Mumbai’s underworld and drug business.

Due to some fundamental mistakes, the audience gets bored very quickly in this series. No matter how poor the police constable is and no matter how big the operation, it is impossible in India to implicate any gangster by impersonating any girl as a prostitute. First of all, the girl will not accept and second such suggestion may also come under the category of crime. A little exaggeration goes on in the story but so much? Well, let’s set this aside. Villain i.e. the head of the gang ‘Nayak’ is a mysterious character. The police do not have any pictures of it. He killed his uncle in his childhood. From a young age, he became the head of a gang of elders. As he grew up, he became a computer expert, mastered the use of the dark net, and went on to perform adventures such as smuggling drugs through an airline. The whole time he is either sitting at the computer doing something which certainly does not seem to be running his drug mafia. Or else he is engaged in Raas Leela with the role. Bhumika is a police constable but she is not taught how to use a gun. No attempt is made to trace the hero’s whereabouts by tracking his phone or putting a tracker in his purse. Bhumika keeps giving information to the police through WhatsApp on the pretext of sending a message to her mother from the phone, but it does not benefit the police. How were such fundamental mistakes overlooked?

Apart from this, there are many mistakes in the script. The hero is aware of the police, the whole world, but becomes so blind in love with Bhumika that he does not understand the mystery of his espionage and when he understands, he incorporates the role into his game. This is the first time I have seen this great gangsters trust so easily on a girl, or on a prostitute. Bhumika also engages prostitutes in her drug business with so much fun and ease that don’t ask. There will be at least tens of dozen kothas in Mumbai, she makes prostitutes all over the place her agents. After the death of the hero, she starts her drug business through these prostitutes. No leader or police officer supports him in this whole business. Look at the weakness of the story that the hero, who is building the country’s biggest drug empire, has killed all his rivals, but there is no hand of any policeman, any politician or any influential person. Despite this, viewers watch all the episodes of this series, because it has a new way of showing obscenity. Every time it seems that it will become porn but it leaves only by creating excitement. This formula to include obscenity is successful.

Aditi Pohankar’s acting is very colorless. Aditi has acted in exactly the same way as she was in the Marathi film Lay Bhari, as she was in all the three seasons of the Ashram web series. Being an athlete during school days, Aditi’s body is quite fit and the director has taken full advantage of this. He has shown whatever he could within the Indian limits of exposing in the web series but could not get Aditi’s dialogue delivery to improve. She speaks dialogues of all the expressions in one voice. Despite this, only Aditi has dominated the entire series. In season 1, there was a competition with an experienced artist like Vijay Varma, while in season 2, Kishore Kumar is in front of him in the role of villain. The way this character has been graphed seems to have been blown away by some foreign novel, especially the novels written on the Spanish drug mafia. Kishore Kumar’s screen presence is impressive, his voice is good and the acting is good, the only thing that is bad is the totally ineffective ending of his character. Vishwas Kini’s problem in the role of Fernandes, the senior of the role, is to complete any series by taking a single expression of his. The role is big, there were many shades but he played the whole character in one color. Therefore, despite being a strong character, it was not effective.

The cinematography of She Season 2 is done by Amit Roy of Ram Gopal Varma Camp. Amit Roy and Imtiaz Ali worked together in Love Aaj Kal 2. There are two things in the cinematography of this web series. The first is that the intimate scenes are neatly shot, Aditi is prostituted but she is not allowed to go cheap and second – the dark corners have been used properly. Editor Manish Jaitly has to be praised as he tried to keep the pace of the story a bit fast while keeping the long shots. She is a very slow-moving web series, but the audience is not able to see the next season even though they are bored. Still, those who watch full season 2 of She should especially reward writer Imtiaz Ali (along with Divya Johri, Pranoy Mehta) and director Arif Ali because no one would watch this web series if it didn’t contain the right amount of obscenity. . Don’t watch if you want. You will not get to see anything special.

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