‘Sarkaru Vari Paata’ Film Review: An aimless film

‘Sarkaru Vari Paata’ Film Review: In the last about 7-8 years, due to the untiring efforts of the government and social media, new and old economic scams are being exposed in the country. In the mind of the common man also, this thing has started getting bigger that big industrialists are given loans worth crores by banks and financial institutions which are never recovered and at the end of the year they are classified as bad debts. The way is forgiven. On the other hand, the common man who puts his life at risk every day to pay the EMI of a loan of thousands or lakhs for his small needs and sometimes in case of non-payment of these monthly installments, the bank collecting officers or notices. He is seen stealing his eyes out of fear.

Actually, the person collecting money should worry about getting his money, but the poor and middle class start worrying about returning the money and the upper class people worry while not taking and not returning. This problem and this inequality have been shown in the film ‘Sarkaru Vaari Pata’ recently released on Amazon Prime Video. A film made on a noble purpose becomes very pointless. One of the weaknesses of Telugu cinema is that they choose the subjects well but make their presentation so dramatic that audiences who have watched the variety of content in OTT get bored with it even if there is a superstar like Mahesh Babu in the film. Don’t be

The film is absurd. Mahesh’s (Mahesh Babu) parents commit suicide due to financial crisis and the bank officer’s efforts to recover the loan. Understanding the importance of money, Mahesh Babu gets a one rupee coin tattooed on his neck in his childhood and then becomes a big financier in America. Seeing a girl, Kalavati (Keerthi Suresh) becomes luscious, lends her $10,000, then reaches Vizag with her father and Rajya Sabha member Rajendranath (Samuthirakani) to collect it.

At the airport, he meets the same bank officer (Nadiya Moidu) because of whom his father had committed suicide. The story gets screwed when Rajendranath instead of giving money makes the mistake of getting Mahesh beaten up by the goons. Rajendranath had taken 10000 crores from the bank which he does not repay and hence Mahesh stops the entire city from paying the bank’s EMI. After a little action, a little romance and a little conflict, everything goes well. The bank gets his money and Mahesh gets his girlfriend.

Non-repayment of bank loans by industrialists is not a minor issue. Even today there are many industrialists in India who get loan sanctioned by the bank officials and get them declared as bad date by showing their inability to repay. Many industrialists have fled India and many are still leading a fun life. On the contrary, whenever a salaried person takes a loan, the biggest stress on his head is that how and when he should repay the loan. If he is not able to pay the EMI for any month or he is late, then there is a fear that no one will come to the house to make recovery and his years of honor may not be sapphire. This problem has taken a formidable form today. It is also possible that someday this middle class will rebel as shown in this film but it seems like a dream. Before making a light-hearted film on such a sensitive subject, only he knew what was going on in the director’s mind. Mahesh Babu is a super star and many of his films are dubbed or remade in Hindi. Despite this, he did such a rhymeless film because it is a difficult task to understand.

Writer-director Parashuram narrated the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis story to Mahesh Babu in 2018, which was approved in 2020. If there is Mahesh Babu in the film then it is important to have great action. If there is Mahesh Babu in the film, then it is also necessary to have excellent dance and song. The film has both but what is wrong with the film is exaggeration. Mahesh Babu goes to America and becomes a lender, also opens a whole company and not only Indians living in America but foreigners also take loans from him. Those who do not repay the loan, Mahesh washes them while hitting the dialogues. When Mahesh, who gives loan, sees Keerti, his senses fly away and he gives loan without any documents. When Keerti leaves with a loan, she gets into a Lexus car, Mahesh has no doubts but he follows her on his bike (without a helmet). When Mahesh learns that Keerti actually took money from him to gamble, Mahesh still cannot do much except slap Keerti. Kirti’s father is a Rajya Sabha MP in India, but the US police, at his behest, send a sniper in a helicopter to scare Mahesh Babu. Mahesh leaves for Vizag the very next day without anyone inquiring about Keerti and her father. Keerti’s father, who is an MP, is stopped by Mahesh on the middle way and asks for his money. Kirti’s father’s brother-in-law is his right hand and is absolutely zany.

Many flights of imagination have been filled in the name of making a film in the film. There is no logic in many scenes. Mahesh’s character is good but he is the same as he is in every film, just this time the clap beato dialogues are less. Till the time Mahesh appears on the screen, there is still a little bit of interest in the film. In a song “Ma Ma Mahesha) both Mahesh and Keerti have got a chance to dance, which has also been well-liked by the audience. No one even doubts Mahesh’s action ability. Most of his films have Salman Khan in the Hindi remake, so you can understand the mood of the film. Kirti is beautiful in appearance, she can act a little and more than that her utility has not been kept in this film. Ash’s life was going on in America on the money of billionaire father, but Hero’s love made such an impact that he takes a blank check given by father and gives it to Hero so that the bank money can be returned. In the role of MP Rajendranath, Samuthirakani has kept the same expressions in each scene. He is a villain but the heroine’s father, so he does not get hated much nor does he get any special anger while Samuthirakani is a capable director and has directed many successful Tamil films. Some old faces like Ajay, Brahma ji, Vennala Kishore, Ravi Prakash, Subbaraju, Tanikella Bharani are present in the film. Nagendra Babu (Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan’s brother and film producer) also becomes Mahesh’s father in the film.

S Thaman’s music can be categorized as funny though Thaman expressed his displeasure when Mahesh Babu dropped a huge action sequence from the film as Thaman worked hard in the background score of the scene Was. On the contrary, Mahesh did not like Thaman’s background music at all and complained about this to the director. Well, despite the tension, songs composed by Thaman such as “Kalavati” and “Penny” became huge hits. Cinematographer Madhi, who has showcased her talent in films like Shaitan and Ghazi Attack, was expected to do better, just like Drishyam series editor Martand K Venkatesh. The work of both is not such that it should be included in their better works. The action choreography of twin brothers Ram and Laxman is the strongest aspect of this film. Mahesh Babu’s fight sequence at the very beginning of the film gives fun to the audience. The fight of the climax is quite typical but the fans of Mahesh Babu will be very happy.

Mahesh Babu was recently seen talking big in favor of his decision not to work in Hindi films, due to which his Hindi audience has been angry. With the help of the media, an attempt has been made to show this film doing business of 200 crores, although both the critics and the audience have kept a soft warm attitude towards the film. The film, despite being a masala, looks strange as the subject matter of the film is serious and its treatment is filmy. Hindi dubbed is not released yet.

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