Sex tape victim in ‘Intimacy’ becomes warrior, not victim

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson – these are some of the names who are known more not only because of their talent but because of their sex tapes. Pamela Anderson’s first sex tape was leaked in 1997 and since then, that is, 25 years later, her tape is still downloaded from the Internet. Since the arrival of cameras in mobile phones, there was a flood of MMS or sex tapes. In the Hindi film industry too, their kissing videos were leaked from the mobile of Kareena Kapoor – Shahid Kapoor. The video of Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel was just a sample of the lowly mentality. Be it a decent actress like Mona Singh or actresses who play rude and obscene roles like Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey, everyone’s sex tapes or MMS have been wandering mobile by mobile. What is the mentality behind making sex tapes or filming your intimate scenes or how to understand the mental deformity of the viewer, this is the subject of a detailed study but how these sex tapes make someone laugh, play havoc with private and public life. Let’s say, if you want to understand this, then you should watch “Intimacy” released on Netflix. In this web series, how can the answer to a conspiracy hatched to bring down a fast moving woman in politics, to end her career or to completely destroy her shattered marriage, this web series The specialty. The pace of the series is a bit slow and despite being on an obscene theme, minimal obscenity is present.

Malen (Itziar Ituno) is the deputy mayor of Bilbao, a city in Spain, and may soon be made mayor. She has stopped being with her husband and both are living their life almost separately. This is affecting his teenage daughter, who considers her life a joke in the affair of her boyfriend. One day a sex tape of Malen gets leaked and there is an earthquake in his life. Her husband gets very angry with her. His daughter starts thinking him guilty. And the biggest blow his party gives him is when it refuses him to contest for the mayor’s election. Meanwhile, another girl commits suicide over her leaked sex tape. On his way to resign, Malen meets the sister of the dead girl who asks Malen to help her catch her sister’s murderer and get justice for her sister. Malen falls into a deep thought. After considering all the aspects, Malen makes a decision to save his shattered life and the politics that is dying out. This web series is the story of playing with someone’s life by violating their privacy and leaking their personal life information to the public.

Itziar Ituno is well known by the Indian audience. In Netflix’s most successful web series named Money Heist, Ituno left his mark from the very first season. Inspector Raquel Murillo, who gives all his mind and all his power to catch the Professor, but the Professor finally joins him, beating him at every step. Itziar Ituno is known as Lisbon for all seasons ahead of Money Heist. Intimacy series is from Ituno. He has made it the best of the best. Being an ambitious and independent man, and very happy with his achievements, Ituno’s character does not appear to be a victim but a warrior. His daughter Lire (Yun Nogueras) is the second important character in the series. When the parents are not formed, it affects the children the most and often they become rebellious. These children lead a life where they have to justify every crime they have done. They have no remorse for their mistakes. Yoon’s acting is commendable. The characters of Inspector Alicia Vasquez (Ana Wagner) and Begona Uribe (Patricia) provide direction and momentum to the story.

Intimacy also has some flaws. One is its speed. Due to giving priority to every event in the story, this 5 episode web series has become 8 episodes dragging. Second, Malene is unhappy with her husband, Alfredo, and so she occasionally has relationships with someone else. Due to this, the seriousness of Malen’s character has suffered a great deal. Where the first season of the series has ended, Malen vows to come in a new form, at that time his mental state is strong but at the time of extra-marital affair, the situation of confusion with the character was not settled. The character of Malen’s husband Alfredo can only be called bizarre. In the first two episodes, the director has used flashbacks and flash forwards indiscriminately, which leads to the story of Begona before Malen’s sympathy. If there is no patience to watch the first two episodes, then no one will watch the next series. Veronica Fernandez, Laura Sarmiento, Jose Martin, and Dave Wallace co-wrote the series, and this may have led to a script writing conflict. Well the directors are also four – Horge Torregrosa, Ben Guttries, Koldo Almondoz, Marta Font Pascual. Experienced viewers will know that the episodes are made by different directors as everyone has a slightly different directorial language.

Intimacy is very strong on one thing. That is, don’t lose your will power despite Malen’s sex tape release. She decides to fight, she stops even the inspector from investigating because she doesn’t want to be a victim. She wants to show in the sex tape leak case that wrong has happened to her but this is also an accident, it would be better to forget it and move on. In the sex tape case in society, the girl is always shown as the victim and is made poor. Malen does just the opposite. Special care should be taken in this matter. By the way, vulgarity is very less in web series. Time can be taken out to watch this web series.

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