Shekhar Kapoor Birthday: Born in Lahore, studied in India and won the world, the threat of talent reached the Oscars

Mumbai. Bollywood veteran director Shekhar Kapur is celebrating his 77th birthday today. Born on December 6, 1945 in the Lahore city of slave India, Shekhar Kapur’s free thoughts have written an indelible letter of success on the film sky.

Shekhar’s films today will always be known for his contribution to cinema history. Shekhar Kapur, nephew of famous film actor and superstar Devanand, had to struggle hard to make his mark in the relationship and was haunted by the shadow of frustration and disappointment not once but thrice.

Film making is not a profession but an adventure: Shekhar Kapur

But for Shekhar, film making has not been a career but an adventure. Shekhar says in his own words that ‘For me film making is not a profession but an adventure. As soon as you get down from the mountain, you should tighten your shoelaces to climb back. Born in Lahore city, Shekhar Kapur’s father Kulbhushan Kapoor was a doctor and his mother Shilakanta Kapoor was the sister of famous actor Devanand. After the partition of India-Pakistan, Shekhar Kapur came to India with his three siblings and mother. Shekhar Kapur, who was interested in space, moon and sky since childhood, made his abode in the sky of cinema.

Family came to Delhi from Pakistan

Shekhar, who was not interested in studies since childhood, somehow completed his 12th standard from Modern School, Delhi. After this, Shekhar completed his graduation from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. Shekhar Kapur used to be quite famous during college days. Taking advantage of the stardom of his maternal uncle Devanand, Shekhar used to be happy throughout the day among the beautiful girls of the college.

After completing college, Shekhar went to London to study as a chartered accountant. In London, Shekhar’s heart fell on a beautiful girl. Shekhar learned photography and bought a camera to impress that girl. In an interview given in Zee TV’s program ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’, Shekhar says that he bought the camera to woo the girl. Started photography as soon as I bought a camera in London. Later the girl left but the camera remained with her. It was from here that Shekhar’s love for the camera awoke and he returned to Delhi from London.

Returned from London to Delhi then reached Mumbai

After coming to Delhi, Shekhar decided to go to Mumbai. Shekhar’s maternal uncle was a big superstar of Bollywood, so he did not have to struggle much and got a break through a small character in the film ‘Ishq Ishq Ishq’. The film ‘Ishq Ishq Ishq’, which came in the year 1974, flopped badly. After this, he was launched as a hero in 1975 through Shekhar Kapur’s film ‘Jaan Hazir Hai’.

This film also could not show any special feat. After this, to try his luck for the third time in acting, he worked as a hero in the film ‘Toote Toys’ in the year 1978. This film made with Shabana Azmi also broke Shekhar’s dreams. Kaifi Azmi wrote the songs of the film and even after veterans like Bappi Lahiri, the film was a flop. After this, Shekhar decided to try his hand at direction instead of acting.

The film Masoom changed the whole story

Shekhar Kapur made a film named Masoom in the year 1983 as a director. The film did wonders at the box office and Shekhar’s direction won the hearts of the producers. Then came the year of 1987 and Shekhar made the film Mr. India. This film wrote such a story of success that Shekhar became famous all over the country. After this Shekhar never looked back. Shekhar Kapur’s film Bandit Queen, which came in the year 1994, is still considered the Jewel and Gem of Indian cinema.

Shekhar Kapur made his direction crazy even after going to England. Cate Blanchett, the lead actress of the 1998 film Elizabeth, was nominated for an Oscar. Along with this, the threat of Shekhar Kapur’s direction also resonated all over the world. Now Shekhar is known not only in Bollywood but all over the world for his direction skills. Shekhar Kapur has turned 77 today. Veterans of the whole world including Bollywood have congratulated him on his birthday.

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