Sleeping with room heaters can be fatal, eyesight can also go


Room heaters generate heat only by burning the oxygen of the room.
Oxygen incident and increasing carbon monoxide in the room is dangerous.
Room heaters also cause a lot of damage by reducing the humidity level in the room.

Risky Room Heaters The weather is getting increasingly cold since last week in the entire North and Northeast India including Delhi-NCR. According to the Meteorological Department, by the end of this week, severe cold will start. As the winter progresses, people will start coming out of the house wearing more and more warm clothes on one side. At the same time, to keep the house warm, we will start using room heaters, blowers and coal stoves.

If you are also planning something similar, then we want to warn you in advance that excessive use of all these things can prove fatal for health. Sleeping with a room heater, blower or fireplace can cause loss of eyesight. Even it can lead to death. Let us know that how can these means of protection from cold be so dangerous and how can it be avoided?

How can room heater snatch life?
Recently, it came to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Sabhal, where a sleeping couple died in their sleep by running a room heater. Actually, when we run a room heater to heat the room, it burns the oxygen in the room itself. This makes the room hot, but there is a lack of oxygen. Using a gas heater increases the risk of death in sleep itself. Actually, when the carbon monoxide gas coming out of the gas heater or stove is high, it can stop the supply of blood in the body. Due to this, blood will not reach the brain of the people sleeping in the room. In this case brain hemorrhage can happen. This can also cause sudden death.

Many types of health hazards increase by sleeping with a room heater or fireplace.

How fatal for respiratory patients?
Carbon monoxide gas emanating from room heaters and stoves can prove fatal for respiratory and asthma patients by reaching the body through the windpipe. Allergies of people suffering from bronchitis and sinus can be aggravated by room heaters. Such people start getting phlegm while sitting near the heater. Simultaneously sneezing and coughing starts coming. Apart from this, people who are undergoing treatment for heart-related diseases and people who smoke while sleeping with room heaters on, increase many kinds of dangers.

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How can the eyesight go away?
Room heater reduces the level of oxygen in the room as well as removes moisture. Due to this, the moisture of the eyes can also end. This causes dryness in the eyes. This can cause itching or burning in the eyes. This can also cause conjunctivitis. As the infection progresses, eyesight can also go away. At the same time, the skin of patients with skin diseases can become dry due to the use of room heaters. Toxic particles coming out of heaters can increase skin allergies. Apart from this, if the body temperature decreases rapidly after coming out of the hot room again and again. This has a bad effect on immunity.

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Room heater has a bad effect on immunity.

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Symptoms on filling carbon monoxide
If you start complaining of headache after running the room heater, then understand that the oxygen level in the room has decreased and carbon monoxide has increased. Apart from this, dizziness, abdominal pain, feeling uncomfortable, vomiting and weakness are also signs of carbon monoxide filling in the room.

What precautions should be taken while running the heater?
Run the room heater when you are not in the room. After this, open the room for some time and go to bed after turning off the heater. Use oil heater instead of gas and electric heater and fireplace. If you have to run the heater, then keep a vessel filled with water near the heater in the room so that the humidity level in the room is maintained. While running the heater, open the door or window so that the oxygen level in the room remains correct. Do not run the heater overnight. Run the heater very rarely in the rooms of children and the elderly.

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