Supertech Twin Tower: After the collapse of the supertech tower, the health challenges of the people living nearby will increase, doctors are giving solutions

Delhi. As the date for the demolition of the Supertech Twin Towers of Noida is getting closer, the heartbeat of the people living nearby is also increasing. Both these towers will be demolished on August 28 at 2.30 pm. Modern engineering, advanced technology as well as science are going to be used to bring down the tower. In such a situation, the people living nearby are worried about the situation after the blast. Because, after the blast at 2.30 pm on August 28, a cloud of dust will fly up to a height of about 300 meters in the sky. The same cloud will spread all around. Doctors believe that people will find it difficult to be around it at the time of the blast and even for a few days after it. Especially newborn children, pregnant women, elderly as well as respiratory and heart patients may have to face many problems.

The people living in the flat of Emerald Court and ATS Village located in Sector 93-A are likely to suffer the most due to the collapse of this building. These people will have to vacate their flats from 7 am on August 28. Only 10 people will be present near the twin towers on the day of the blast, including the project manager of the building collapse company Edphis Engineering and 7 experts from the South African company Jet Demolition. Along with this, Indian Blaster will also be present.

People suffering from the disease will be admitted to Felix Hospital, Sector-137, Noida by August 27.

How to deal with health related problems after the fall of the tower
At the same time, people suffering from the disease will be admitted to Felix Hospital, Sector-137, Noida by August 27. They will be taken to the hospital by ambulance. During this time no fees or medical expenses will be charged from them. Dr. DK Gupta, Chairman, Felix Hospital Noida, says in a conversation with News18 Hindi, ‘Look after the collapse of the Twin Towers, people may have many health-related problems. Therefore people living nearby should shift out for some time. This is the biggest way to avoid air pollution. Second, it should come back only when the level of air pollution improves. Even if they come back, then for some time morning walk or exercise should be avoided. To improve the air quality even when you are indoors, an air purifier filter should be installed. Masks must be used when going out.

What precautions you need to take after twin tower collapse
Dr Gupta further says, ‘People should also take special care of their skin and eyes for a few days. If there is any problem related to eye irritation or skin, then it should be immediately shown to the doctors of the concerned department. Especially if people are short of breath or have chest pain, then they should go to the hospital immediately. Along with this, if the level of blood pressure and sugar has increased, then you should talk to your doctor immediately. If you have a neuro-related disease like increased stress or irritability, then you should go to the hospital immediately. Especially sick people such as patients of cardiac, neurological type, as well as pregnant women and children, must be told to the doctors if there is any change. We are admitting 10-15 such patients to the hospital before the twin tower collapses.

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After the tough stand of the Supreme Court, finally a plan has been prepared to demolish it. (symbolic photo: shutterstock)

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Overall, after the tough stand of the Supreme Court, a plan has been prepared to finally demolish it. The opinion of foreign companies as well as experts of many departments has also been taken for the demolition of the tower. In view of the possibility of danger from the explosion in the Twin Towers by the administration, preparations have been completed to keep the people of nearby societies safe. Evacuation of the neighboring Emerald and ATS towers will be completed by Friday before detonating the twin towers.

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