Suzhal Review: Chewing Gum should have been named instead of Sul – The Vertex for this series

There is a wonderful range in the literature of Sanskrit language. Not only religious texts but also the tradition of teaching through stories has been adopted in a very beautiful way in Sanskrit language. In a text called Kathasaritsagara, “Betal Pachisi” is based on the mutual dialogues between King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini and a vampire “Vetal”. Based on this Betal Pachisi, a film was made by writer-director and husband-wife Pushkar and Gayatri – Tamil film Vikram-Vedha starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. A Hindi remake of this film is also being made, in which the directors are Pushkar and Gayatri, but the actors are Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan. The same Pushkar Gayatri has now ventured into web series production through his production company Wall Watcher Films, from the Tamil web series “Sul – The Vertex” (Suzhal: The Vortex). These two have also written it, but the responsibility of directing has been entrusted to Bramma ji (first 4 episodes) and Anuchan Murugiyan (last 4 episodes). Both the directors have given a wonderful display of their original directorial talent in this web series. There are so many sub-plots around the basic idea of ​​this web series that the length of the series becomes unbearable. Despite the excellent production design and aesthetics, the individual tracks in the series tend to get boring as they do not have any direct connection with the climax.

The story revolves around a cement factory owner Mukesh Vaddi (Yusuf Hussain) who, along with labor union leader Shanmugam (R Parthiban) and local police station in-charge Inspector Regina (Shreya Reddy), set the factory on fire in order to continue making losses. His factory could be closed, the police could arrest Shanmugam on the charge of setting fire and the insurance company should pay a hefty compensation for the burning of this factory. With this compensation, he was able to give one year’s salary to the factory workers as promised and peace should be maintained in that town. For this Shanmugam goes on strike with all the workers so that there are no workers in the factory, Inspector Regina buys paint thinner which Shanmugam takes to burn down the factory.

After this accident and before Shanmugam’s arrest, he learns that his younger daughter Nila (Gopika Ramesh) is missing. The town’s inspector Sakkarai (Qadir) arrests Shanmugam for the factory strike and arson. Along with this, Qadir has to start the search for Shanmugam’s daughter. The searches range from his kidnapping in CCTV footage, through Shanmugam’s eldest daughter Nandini (Aishwarya Rajesh) to Inspector Regina’s son Adhisayam (Frederick John), to Shanmugam’s brother Guna (Kumaravela). There are other characters in the vortex of this journey who are important like Trilok, son of Mukesh Vaddi, Kothandarman, the surveyor of the insurance company.

Sul – The Vertex Special
The most important thing about this series is its storytelling i.e. story telling. Goddess Angalaman is worshiped in some villages of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In this, idols of Goddess are taken out, Rangoli is made, poets and singers sing and narrate stories of local tales and folk heroes. Dance plays are staged, and at the end the goat is sacrificed. In many villages hawks or sheep are sacrificed and its meat is eaten throughout the village. The festival of worship of this goddess is known as Myna Kollai. The purpose of worshiping this goddess is to destroy the desire for destruction that arises within the human being. In Sull – The Vertex, the entire story runs parallel to this festival and that is why the director has got a rare opportunity to bring together the best of contrasts and similarities.

It is clearly visible that the artists have been selected according to their role. A young aggressive police officer who considers himself an advocate and knowledgeable of the law, Qadir has been cast in this role. He talks to his boss Inspector Regina, his fiancé Lakshmi, his partner Ansari, union leader Shanmugam, everyone has a different way of talking to him and even he talks in a totally different way to Nandini who has been his classmate and The kidnapper is the elder sister of Nila. Aishwarya Rajesh is the surprise factor of this story. His role becomes clear by going to the climax.

Aishwarya played the role of Arun Gawli’s wife Asha Gawli in the film “Daddy”, made on Arun Gawli. His experience and his eyes combined are enough to keep any audience hooked to the screen. Shreya Reddy’s screen presence in the role of Inspector Regina is tremendous. As an inspector and as a mother, the hardness and softness of her face can be felt simultaneously. Active in cinema for at least 6 decades, Parthiban is a well-known face of Tamil films. Characters with negative shades do more, but in this film a newness has been seen in their character. His presence in the climax would have added more weight to the climax but it did not happen.

Sull – The Vertex’s Flaw
Sul – The Vertex has one drawback, it is a bit too long. For a long time, there is talk of a fire in the mill, while the conspiracy to kidnap Nila also comes to the fore, a track of Mukesh Vaddi’s son Trilok Vaddi being gay, Sakkarai’s love story also in the middle. Keeps coming. There is another track of love between Neela and Regina’s son Adhisayam, the story of Qadir’s investigation also revolves around different places. The only meaning of what has been presented by combining all these is that the director does not want to let you take your eyes off the screen. The stories got pulled in this affair and the track of Nandini-Nila appeared directly at the end. To reach there, the paths were not winding, but each time a new path had to be taken, but if that path did not reach anywhere, then the spectator used to return to the original path again. The story was like chewing gum.

Make a plan to watch Sul-The Vertex by ignoring the small things and take the time to watch it. You may not be able to binge watch, but still watch it and watch it carefully. Best web series in Tamil language.

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