Swad Ka Safarnama: Amchoor improves digestion by relieving acidity, this spice has been used for thousands of years – Swad Ka Safarnama amchoor powder benefits history and facts in Hindi


Amchur helps fight constipation and flatulence.
Consuming dried mango is also beneficial for the eyes.
There is a lot of demand for dry mango powder in foreign countries as well.

Swad Ka Safarnama: Dry mango also has special importance in Indian kitchen. It is a spice that improves the digestive system and helps in reducing acidity. Many food items cannot be flavored without it. The sourness of this sour spice is also of a different kind, which differentiates it from other sour substances. This spice is being used in India for thousands of years.

As soon as you put it in your mouth, your tongue will start chattering

Dry Mango Powder can cause a tingling sensation when it is put in the mouth. This will make the teeth sour immediately and the tongue will automatically start chattering. It registers its strong presence in the kitchens of the whole of India, the reason for this is that not only does dry mango enhance the taste and smell of the food, it is also safe for the body. That’s why it is a major spice used in Indian cuisine. If you want to add flavor to lentils or green vegetables, it will fill immediately. It has a role in making country’s famous spicy dishes samosa and pakoras delicious. Apart from fruit or vegetable salads, chutneys and pickles are incomplete without it.

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Dry mango is used to bring sourness in the food. Image-Canva

It is an excellent spice for marinating mutton, chicken fish and other sea creatures. The real taste in non-veg emerges from this. Spicy water for golgappas gets its color from this, so chaat masala is incomplete without it. People who do not use tamarind in South Indian famous dishes like sambar etc., like amchoor.

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It has been ‘invented’ in India

What is dried mango? It is actually a powder made by drying sour mangoes. Since mangoes originated in India 5000 years ago, the credit for ‘invention’ of mango powder will go to India only. Jeevan Singh Pruthi, who has made international recognition in the field of spice technology and the founder director of India’s Agmark Lab, has informed in his book ‘Spcices and Condiments’ that in the olden times, when unripe mangoes used to fall due to storms, farmers used to peel them. They were cut and dried by applying turmeric on them and when they needed sour spices for food, they used to grind it. No special type of mango is required to make this spice.

Amchur is now being used commercially and it is also exported to various countries and there is a lot of demand for it. There is a season for mangoes, but dried mango is sold for twelve months. This spice creates a distinct color and flavor when combined with other spices including cumin powder, chili powder, coriander powder, fennel and mustard seeds.

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It has the properties of detoxifying the diet.

By the way, dried mango is a spice which gives flavor to the food. Despite this, many nutrients are also found in it. According to the latest information, this spice contains many nutrients including vitamins A, E and C, and antioxidants in addition to calories, carbohydrates, sodium, calcium, fiber. It is used in preparing many Ayurvedic medicines. According to food expert and home chef Simmi Babbar, dry mango is an essential spice for Indian kitchen. There are some foods, in which taste is filled only with dry mango powder.


Dry mango is also beneficial in constipation and stomach related problems. Image-Canva

It improves digestion and helps fight acidity. It helps fight constipation and flatulence. If a food is boiled by adding dried mango powder to it before cooking, it destroys its germs, as well as detoxifies the food (prevents poisoning).

Overeating can cause choking

Its use is beneficial for the eyes, because Vitamin A, Vitamin C are found in it. It is also helpful for proper functioning of hormones in the body. The special sourness found in it does not allow fat to grow in the arteries of the heart. Since it keeps the digestive system healthy, due to this the weight does not increase. The reason is that such elements do not get accumulated in the body which increase the weight. It also has antioxidant properties, hence helps in protecting the body from common diseases. Its use is also beneficial for the skin, secondly it also prevents acne. Generally, there is no side effect of amchoor, but if eaten in excess, it can choke the throat. People who are allergic to eating mangoes, they should also avoid consuming amchoor.

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