Weight Loss Myths: People are playing with their health due to weight loss, know 10 big misconceptions

Highlights A large number of people are using the weight loss products available in the market, which are harmful to health. It is necessary to take a healthy diet for weight loss, but it is a misconception that an unhealthy diet can lead to weight loss. Biggest Myths about Weight Loss: Millions of people around … Read more

5 dangerous breed dogs – know what precautions should be taken while raising them

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How to avoid the ‘rain’ of diseases? Learn A To Z Formula To Stay Healthy From Experts

Monsoon Disease Prevention Tips: Staying healthy and fit becomes quite challenging for most of the people during the rainy season. In this season, humidity and humidity increase the risk of skin infection, while on the other hand waterlogging, dirt creates mosquitoes, which become the cause of malaria, dengue and chikungunya. Apart from this, the cases … Read more

Add These 5 Squat Exercises To Your Workout, Will Help You Lose Thai Fat

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Use of high blood pressure drugs can reduce the risk of artery rupturing – study

When the artery of the blood becomes swollen due to some reason and the blood vessel starts weakening, then the vein swells like a balloon and it bursts due to lack of timely treatment. Which is called Aneurysm Rupture. This makes the patient’s condition critical. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to prevent it. … Read more

Patients with certain types of cancer have higher risk of developing diabetes – study

A new study has found that cancer patients have a higher risk of developing diabetes. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Denmark, a country with a population of about 6 million. In the year 2019 alone, more than 45,000 cases of cancer were diagnosed here. According to the most recent figures, this is … Read more

Liquid biopsy test will tell whether cancer treatment will have an effect on the patient – Study

The life-threatening disease cancer is difficult to detect in the early stages, so when the disease progresses, then its treatment becomes more difficult. To deal with all these complexities, studies are being done continuously all over the world. In this list, researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA, have published their … Read more

Not detecting smell can be a symptom of brain diseases – study

It is natural for your nose and mouth to shrink when you get an odor or smell, but if you do not feel the smell, then be alert. It means that there is some health related problem. To investigate these things, the scientists of the University of Tokyo have created a Odor Delivery Device Has … Read more

World No Tobacco Day 2022: 25 times the risk of cancer from tobacco, damages these organs, identify the trigger

World No Tobacco Day: Every year 31st May is known as World No Tobacco Day (No Tobacco Day). of the World Health Organization (WHO) according, Every year more than 8 million people die from tobacco all over the world. Tobacco not only harms the people who consume it, but also harms the people who come … Read more

Unmarried people are more at risk of heart failure, know what the study says

Marriage is not only a social system i.e. not only a social system, but it also affects health. Scientific Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Research It has been found that people who are unmarried or who do not have a life partner, those people are at higher risk of death due to … Read more