Taste Ka Safarnama: In the Second World War, sweet potatoes were given to soldiers in food, there are many interesting things related to it


Sweet potato is helpful in increasing immunity in the body.
Diabetic patients can also eat sweet potatoes without any worries.
Sweet potato is also used as a fruit food.

Swad Ka Safarnama: Sweet potato is a very virtuous tuber (Bulb Crop). In fact, tuber vegetables have a direct connection with the ground, so special types of minerals are also found in them. Sweet potatoes are considered extremely effective for the body. It fills the body with energy as soon as it is eaten. Its consumption also increases immunity in the body. It is cultivated a lot in India and it is eaten with great fervor. In foreign countries, many types of food are also prepared from sweet potato.

Helped to pacify the hunger of soldiers in World War

In India, sweet potato is peeled and made into a vegetable like arbi or potato, but most often it is boiled and eaten after adding spices. It is highly appreciated abroad. It is eaten in the usual way, as well as it is used in making delicious pies, marshmallows, smoothies etc. Sweet potato is also used in making starch and alcohol. Sometimes sweet potato and yam are considered to be the same. But there is no close relation between the two. They seem similar in size and color, but sweet potatoes are moist and sweet, while yams are dry and pale. The place of origin of both of them is also different. Sweet potato is a great food for fruit-eaters. It is said that during World War II, when there was a shortage of food in the war zone, when sweet potato also quenched the hunger of soldiers in the form of food.

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Was it first grown in America?

Since the sweet potato is a tuber-root, it is considered to be one of the oldest foods known to mankind. Botanists say that the sweet potato originated in the tropical region of America thousands of years ago and from there it spread throughout the world. Indian botanist Sushma Naithani has considered the origin of sweet potato to be Mexico and Mizo American Center, which includes South Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica.

Prehistoric remains of sweet potatoes have been found from 1000 BC.

According to the carbon dating of experts, prehistoric remains of sweet potato have been found in 1000 BC. By the way, some scientists consider its history to be even more ancient. The Encyclopedia Britannica also says that the sweet potato is native to tropical America. It is an important crop in the southern United States, tropical America and the Caribbean, as well as the warm islands of the Pacific, Japan and parts of Russia. From here it expanded to China, Japan, Malaysia and India.

Foreign research calls it of Indian origin

On the other hand, a research claims that the native region of sweet potato is India and the surrounding area. The special thing is that the research is not from India. According to the Department of Biology of Indiana University Bloomington, US, new research shows that sweet potatoes originated in Asia thousands of years ago. It is reported that Professor David Dilcher, the head of the department, and his colleagues in India have identified fossils of thousands of years old leaves from eastern India. In these, information about sweet potatoes and other plants came to the fore.

The Indian colleagues of the professor in this research were Gaurav Srivastava and Rakesh C Mehrotra. These fossils were found in the state of Meghalaya. The university published the research in the year 2018. For information, let us tell you that in the Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’ written before the seventh-eighth century BC, information has been given about three types of tubers that are edible. Their names have been given as Munjatak, Vidarikand and Amlikakand and their effect seems to be similar to that of sweet potato.

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Not harmful for people with diabetes

This prehistoric tuber is also extremely beneficial for the body. It provides instant energy to the body. The special thing is that it also increases the immunity in the body. According to Yoga Guru and Ayurvedacharya Shri Balkrishna. Sweet potato is sweet, slightly cold and hot, reduces vata and pitta, increases potency, relieves constipation. It is beneficial for the stomach, laxative, gives relief in leprosy. According to yoga gurus, it will be surprising to hear that sweet potato despite being sweet is beneficial for diabetic patients.

sweet potato

Sweet potato also balances the level of blood sugar in the body.

According to Dr. Bishwajit Chaudhary, author of the book ‘VEGETABLES’ and senior scientist of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, 100 grams of edible sweet potato contains moisture 68 grams, calories 120, carbohydrates 28 grams, protein 1.2 grams, fiber 0.8 grams, phosphorus 50 milligrams, sodium Apart from 9 mg, minerals 1.0 g, calcium 20 mg, potassium 393 mg, vitamin A and C are found in sufficient quantity. These nutrients make sweet potatoes alive and wonderful for the human body.

Prevents obesity, if you eat more then the problem can increase

According to Anita Lamba, a well-known dietician and nutrition consultant, sweet potato may be strange in appearance, but better in taste and properties. It keeps the digestive system healthy and keeps gas away. It has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as converts minerals and vitamins into its antioxidants, which help in reducing inflammation in the body. This immune system reduces the risk of diseases and also keeps the body healthy. The abundance of beta-carotene, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex in it reduces the pain of arthritis. It also balances the level of blood sugar in the body. If boiled sweet potato is eaten in sufficient quantity, then it will eliminate the desire for hunger. Its advantage will be that the weight will be controlled.
It also contains beta-carotene, which our body converts into vitamin A. This vitamin is important for eyesight. This vitamin A keeps the respiratory system normal. Excessive consumption of sweet potato is harmful. Those who have heart problems, avoid its consumption. Oxalate is also found in it, if consumed in excess, kidney and gall bladder stones can occur. There is no harm in eating in limited quantity.

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