Taste Ka Safarnama: Senior Citizen Family Creates Cloud Kitchen, Enjoy Fast Food Made Here, Also Watch VIDEO


A senior citizen couple has started a cloud kitchen in Delhi.
The cloud kitchen run by an elderly couple has over 200 food varieties.

Swad Ka Safarnama: After retiring from government job, he had nothing to work for. The wife was also empty in the house. There is a son who wants to do his own work. In such a situation, what would these senior citizens husband and wife do? The source of income was also limited, but no one could do heavy work. A natural quality between the two was that they were fond of cooking and feeding delicious food. Thought I should try my hand at this. As a startup in his growing age, he built a ‘cloud kitchen’ in his home and started serving food to people on order. Just hope that this favorite work goes well, so that their mind is also happy and financial support is also available. Today we are going to introduce you to one such family.

Cloud kitchen made with modern equipment

First of all, know what is a cloud kitchen and how it works, in which this elderly family got interested. Actually it is a new concept which is new in India but getting established very fast. It is a kitchen which takes orders coming through online/offline/telephone ordering system only. This is a base kitchen with no dine-in facility. There is no facility to sit and eat food. It takes the food order and delivers it to you.

This cloud kitchen of elders is run by Sudhir Sharma and his wife Manju Sharma in Chittaranjan Park. He has built a hygienic cloud kitchen on the ground floor, where there is no work of PNG or LPG. All the cooking equipments run on electricity. The understanding and hobby of cooking and feeding was already there, so I tried fast food / continental food. When he started researching online for this, he tied up with three fast food companies Pav Man, Hero Sandwich and What A Sandwich.

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Makes over 200 fast food/continental food

These three companies have more than 200 veg and non-veg fast food and continental foods items, which are prepared by these elderly couple. These include wraps, burgers, sandwiches, cutlets, tikkas, nuggets, french fries, salads and much more. Both the husband and wife are very busy, because the issue is from online ordering to food preparation. As soon as alerts of orders from well-known food supply companies come on their laptops, their busyness increases. The way of cooking is hi-tech. Apart from freeze, freezer, fry and grill machines are started making menu orders from Raw Food Materials of quality companies. Both work hard together, from peeling, cutting, frying to decorating them is the responsibility. A boy is kept for packing. Order boys come, pick up the orders and take them away.

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Growing age, but the work of the mind, so there is no fatigue

Both are very busy. In the morning, the kitchen is decorated, the raw material is brought and other works are done. He is busy from 12 noon to 10 pm. In order to add more flavor to the food, they also discuss with each other, because it is also related to the economic side of their life. Age and fatigue sometimes try to stop their hands, but they do not give up and keep working. Sudhir Sharma, 69, says that all his items range between Rs 29 and Rs 450. They also give discount on certain items. The only good thing is that all the work is going on from home.

The range of all the items found here is between Rs 29 to Rs 450.

He says that there was no source of income, so it was a compulsion to work, but the good thing is that this work is related to our mind, so we do not feel tired in working. He says that sometimes people’s personal orders also come, they also get a lot of pleasure in preparing them. The concept is new and unique, but growing rapidly. We senior citizens also have full hope that our work is also successful. The special thing is that when the order boys come to take orders, they are surprised to see their work, then they praise them on the way.

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