Tennis player Qinwen Zheng suffered from period pain so much that she lost the match, deal with the cramp on urgent days


How to Reduce Periods Cramps: The pain of periods is so much for some young women and women that they are unable to do any work properly. Sometimes school-college going girls leave classes, functions and even exams due to pain. China’s 19-year-old tennis player Qinwen Zheng was troubled during the game due to similar period cramps. In fact, while playing in the French Open, Qinwen Zheng started experiencing severe period pain, due to which her game was badly affected and she lost the match. In such a situation, many questions arise in the mind whether fast running during periods can intensify cramps. If you have to complete some important work, then how can you manage the pain in menstruation. This problem related to periods explained in detail Dr. Manjiri Mehta, Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Hiranandani Hospital- Fortis Network Hospital (Vashi, Mumbai) has.

Why do periods cramp

Cramps that occur during menstruation are not related to age. It happens less to young girls as well as to adult women. Especially, period cramps, severe abdominal pain, cramps are more on the first and second day. There are many reasons for the occurrence of cramps. The blood that comes out during periods is actually the lining present inside the womb, which comes out every month. This process and periods stop during pregnancy. Due to this two process of separating the lining from the womb and throwing out the lining, bleeding of periods occurs. Both of these processes are the separation of the lining from the uterus and then it is thrown out, during both these processes the womb contracts, which causes pain, cramps in periods.

What to do to avoid period cramps

The pain of periods is more on the first day and those who have it, they know very well about it. If we talk about the case of Qinwen Zheng, then he himself has also said that he feels more pain on the first day of periods. In such a situation, they will often struggle with the problem of having more pain in periods. Then some important precautionary measures should have been adopted before playing any important work like match, so that they would not have so much problem while playing and they would have won the match.

In such a situation, if you have to go to do any important work, which cannot be abandoned under any circumstances, then two measures can be adopted for that. First, the short term solution, in which you can get relief from the pain immediately and the second is the long term method. In a short term solution, talk to the doctor and take any pain reliever medicine, so that the pain gets relief for some time. Sometimes there is no harm in taking painkillers. But, before taking the medicine, some natural remedies should be adopted, even then, if you do not get relief, then take the medicine. You can compress with a hot water bag to get instant relief from pain. Keep yourself hydrated. This is very important during periods. Often some girls do not like to go to the toilet in school during periods and because of this they drink less water, which is not a good habit. The more you keep yourself hydrated, the more cramps and pain can be reduced. If you do any exercise regularly, play sports, even then the problem of cramps can come under control to a great extent.

Can periods extend dates?

You can extend the period dates, but it is not safe to do so again and again. This thing should be done only once in life or in case of emergency. Be it someone’s wedding, a world-class game like French Open, during which dates come, then you can think of taking it forward or else you can get relief by taking regular painkillers. No doctor advises to do this, because it is not safe. Hormonal medicine is given for this, due to which the period date gets extended. However, this method is not at all suitable for body cycles. Taking hormonal drugs for a long time, disturbing the body rhythm can affect fertility. Periods can be irregular, liver can be damaged.

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