Thali, bowl and glass also have an effect on health, know which utensils to eat best

Effect Of Different Metal Utensils On HealthModular kitchen is in trend in this era of fashion, people are also using different types of utensils for cooking. On one hand, the use of non-stick pan has increased, while for food and drink, people prefer to eat in fiber, glass, steel or bone china crockeries. However, there are still many families, who prefer to cook and serve food in utensils like copper, brass or bronze. MedlinePlus According to a news published in, the utensils used in earlier times were very beneficial for health. For example, if you cook food in iron utensils, then there will be no shortage of iron in your body and the level of hemoglobin in the body will also be fine. Let us know which utensils are more beneficial for our health and in which utensils we should be careful while cooking.

Which utensils to use for health

use of copper
Copper has anti-bacterial properties, which helps in boosting our immunity. If water is drunk in a copper glass or jug, then digestion is better and it also helps in quick healing of wounds. Not only this, copper utensils are also very useful in increasing hemoglobin and detoxifying the body. But, sour things should not be made in copper. MedlinePlus According to a report published in this article, you can also use copper in cooking, but if it is used excessively, there may be a problem of diarrhea, nausea or dizziness. It would be better if you use it in cooking only after coating another metal on it.

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steel use of
Steel is considered to be the most suitable metal for cooking as well as for eating. It does not react with food even on high heat. Due to non-reactive properties, you can eat and drink anything in it, while you can cook anything in it with confidence. It is also beneficial for health.

use of brass
You can cook food in brass utensils, but it is better that you use it in cooking only after steel coating on it. Actually, this metal can react with salt and acidic foods when heated, so cooking in it should be avoided. But you can feel free to use its glass and plate. Immunity remains good by its use and liver remains fine.

iron use
If you use iron skillet, tawa and ladle etc. in cooking, then it improves hemoglobin in the body and helps in the development of red blood cells. However, never make sour things like rasam, sambar, kadhi etc. in it. Otherwise, it can react with iron and the taste of food can also get spoiled. Not only this, it can also darken the color of vegetables.

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use of silver
There are many benefits of eating in silver utensils too. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial elements are found in it, which helps in cooling the body, removes pitta dosha, strengthens metabolism and immune system, improves mood, removes the problem of phlegm and gas. Therefore you can use it in the form of glass, spoon, plate etc.

aluminum use of
Aluminum is very strong and can heat up rapidly. That’s why many people like to cook in it. However, when heated, aluminum reacts with acidic food items such as tomatoes and vinegar and can cause food poisoning in the reaction.

use of glass
Glass bottles do not contain any chemicals and do not have any smell or taste. Therefore it is considered safe. You can put any kind of food in it and eat it. Provided it is not broken.

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