The behavior of the parents has a profound effect on the mental health of the child. Learn the right way of parenting


In authoritative parenting, you work to maintain a positive relationship with your child.
If you are careless towards children, then your parenting can have a negative effect on the children.

How Parents Behavior Affect Child Mental Health: It is the responsibility of parents to teach children such important things as how to live in the world or how they should behave with people. However, during parenting, it is also important to understand that they have their own nature, which needs to be kept in mind. This is where many parents make mistakes and blame themselves for not being able to bring up better. It is important to know that no one learns to walk without falling. Stressing our children too much can affect their mindset exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve. That’s why parents should try that the child gets a goal to make his place in this world and this goal should not be imposed by you, but he should choose it himself. In this way, they will be able to move forward with your motivation in the right direction.

These are the 4 ways of parenting

Authoritative parenting parentcircle In authoritative parenting, you work hard to maintain a positive relationship with your child and want your relationship with them to improve. For this, before making any kind of rule on your child, you openly tell the reason for it. If the child breaks the rules, then you also give a lesson to the children. But while doing this you keep in mind the feelings of the children. You believe in teaching positive discipline to children. Reward them for their good behavior and punish them for bad behavior. It is said that children of authoritative parents grow up to be responsible adults who are able to express their feelings freely.

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Neglectful parenting- If you are careless towards children, then your upbringing has a harmful effect on the children. Such parents do not pay attention to the child at all, due to which there is a problem in how the child has to interact with the world outside the house. Such parents do not talk properly with the children even at home and they do not care about the problems of the children. The child does not even get any kind of mental support from them.

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Permissive parenting You make rules for your kids but never enforce them. You don’t teach the child a lesson even after making a mistake. Such parents think that the child will be able to learn better only when you do not interfere much in his life. Permissive parents are often very relaxed and get involved in things only when there is a big problem. Not only this, even if they try to punish the children, they forgive them when they are hurt or cry. It has been found that children of permissive parents lag behind in academics and they do not feel comfortable working with rules and authority.

Strict parenting This is also called authoritative parenting. In this, children do not even have the freedom to think. In the case of rules, whatever you say is a Brahma sentence. You don’t take the child’s feelings into consideration before taking any decision and you want the child to follow all the rules and regulations without question. Such parents do not even show interest in talking to the children and knowing their mind and do not try to know what is the opinion of the child. These children either follow a lot of rules and regulations or sit in rebellion against all kinds of rules and regulations. Many problems related to self-esteem start arising in such children. There is also a lack of confidence in them and sometimes they become very angry and combative.

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