The Broken News Review: Despite being a broken web series, it is logical somewhere

The credibility of the news television channel has been in doubt for the past few years. The biggest reason for this is that political parties buy media channels through capitalists and use them for their propaganda. The rivalry has increased to such an extent that news channels can go to any extent to humiliate each other. In this era, if a channel wants to do good and true journalism, then its audience will decrease, their advertisers will also cut off from them and the channel owner will be engaged in some way to coordinate between the editorial team and the revenue team. In 2018, BBC One channel had shown a web series of 6 episodes named Press. How the truth is presented in a twisted fight between two newspapers was the basic premise of that series. The series was remade in India and named ‘The Broken News’. It was recently streamed on Zee5. Despite a few mistakes, this web series keeps the audience hooked. If there is time and want to see a glimpse of the politics of running a news channel, then watch it.

There is nothing new left in the story of the battle of news channels. The audience has also become so intelligent now that they know that all the news is planted in a way. A narrative is created. Every news is shown only to please someone. Among all the sold channels, there is only one channel which considers the news as news, and keeps on showing the courage, advocacy and courage to show the truth behind the news. There are two such channels in The Broken News – Awaaz Bharti which tries to show news honestly and Josh 24/7 whose aim is to set the narrative, run hashtags, run propaganda instead of news and society and country through news. There is a stir and sensation to spread. Sonali Bendre is the editor of Awaaz Bharti, and her partner is Shreya Pilgaonkar. Jaideep Ahlawat is the editor of Josh. Obviously Josh is number 1 and Awaaz Bharti is on the verge of closure. The working methods of both the channels are different. The quality of people working in both the channels is also different. Both the channels keep working for their prime time news. In spite of having a new story in every episode, this season the story has stopped at a very interesting mode. Hopefully a second season will be made. However, the second season of BBC’s ‘Press’ has not been made.

Jaideep Ahlawat, despite his appearance and stature, mixes easily in any role. Most of his roles give the impression of being a Haryanvi Jat but this time he is in the character of Dipankar Sanyal, a Bengali news anchor. His forwardness, his voice, his news presentation style and most importantly, the bravery, Josh, editor of 24/7, when he employs interesting tactics for TRP in the editing team meeting, he is a dreadful, brutal and only specified and Concentrated editors are visible. Jaideep is a spontaneous actor. Whether it’s Gangs of Wasseypur, Commando, Paatal Lok or Awkiz Dastan, Jaideep’s rough and pitted face suddenly puts him in the category of Om Puri. It is very easy to guess the depth of his character as well as his acting in the web series when he replies to the channel owner Akash Khurana or when he insults him in his own style in front of the home minister of the state. . Sonali Bendre has become the editor of Awaaz channel. Sonali was not expected to act like this, keeping one step at a time on the rope tangled between journalistic ideals and commercial compulsions. As a heroine, most of her roles have been dance songs or romance. His seriousness in the role of editor is pleasant. There are not many words for Shriya Pilgaonkar while she is the lead artist of this series and is standing in front of Jaideep. There is some thing due to which she is not able to give her best. It is possible that she wants heroine roles and producers-directors give her serious roles. Another thing that often overshadows Shriya’s acting is her extremely talented and successful parents. In this web series, she has become a reporter who has lost the job of prime time anchor and wants to get it again but she has such beautiful ideals about true journalism that she does not want to let her ambitions come in the way of her work. . In one episode, when she wants to seduce a budding journalist from a drunken state, she feels very uncomfortable. There are also some other actors like Kiran Kumar, Akash Khurana and Indranil Sengupta in small roles.

Mike Bartlett, the author/writer of the original ‘Press’ for The Broken News, was not well received by the audience as well as critics because the UK media environment has changed a lot while India’s media environment is still clicked by tabloid journalism. The bat is swinging in the middle of journalism. Sambit Mishra, who has written a very poor show like Cartel for ZEE5, has Indianised Mike Bartlett’s series and written it very well. The characters are dependable, believable. As it happens in our life, there is no hatred towards any one character so much that it becomes enmity with him. Seeing her losing her journalism at one point, Shriya leaves her channel and Sonali Bendre and joins Jaideep and his channel. As soon as she realizes the mistake, she returns to Sonali. She is unhappy with Jaideep in this whole process but does not hate. Does not enmity Personally both are influenced by each other’s professional life but there is no romance between the two. Due to different thinking, the way of working is different. In most web series, this conflict turns into enmity. The author should be thankful that he has shown the truth. The scenes of Jaideep’s broken family and money-bought love have also been created with such negativity that Jaideep’s hatred for his wife spreads on the screen, but Jaideep appears in a different form as soon as his daughter comes in front of him. Huh.

Director Vinay Vaikul had earlier directed Raveena Tandon’s web series Aranyak. Vinay is now emerging as a wonderful director. His first two web series Mission Over Mars and The Test Case were also very different stories but very formulaic elements were inserted into his script. Vinay is making good use of Aranyak and The Broken News. His hold on the medium will soon give him the best recognition. The most powerful use of logic is in The Broken News. Argument has a special place in media-based web series, and irrationality in the name of drama, but this web series avoids doing so. Judging by most of the scenes, it seems that is not surprising. This is also the biggest reason for watching this web series. There is a possibility that a second season will come, but the second season of Mike Bartlett’s ‘Press’ did not come, so it will be carried forward through a new story. For ZEE5, this series may not stand the storm of the audience but it will definitely be counted among the best productions of ZEE5.

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