The changing mood of the weather can increase the problems of asthma patients, take these precautions according to the doctor


Using a steamer or vaporizer is not the right way to take steam.
In this changing season, do not use water in the cooler at all.

Health tips for asthma patients: The mood of the weather is changing every moment. Due to the feeling of heat at some point of the day, where people are spending time in AC and cooler only. So at the same time it is becoming difficult for some people to stay in the fan at night. Actually, the weather is now slowly turning towards winter. In this changing season, on one hand, problems like cold-cold, viral fever and dengue, malaria are becoming common. So at the same time, this mood of the weather has started troubling the patients of asthma. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for asthma patients to be careful with this changing mood of the season.

Actually, the rainy season is on the way to farewell and the sound of winter season has started to be heard. In such a situation, where the presence of pollen grains and dust and soil in the environment can bother asthma patients. So due to the upcoming Diwali festival, things like cleanliness of houses, denting-painting, smoke and pollution can also increase their trouble. In such a situation, what kind of precautions need to be taken by asthma patients to stay healthy, they are telling. Dr. Suryakant, Head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow. National Vice Chairman IMA- AMS. So let us know, according to Dr Suryakant, what precautions should be taken in this season of changing asthma patients.

This reason can become a cause of trouble
Due to the changing weather, things that can become a problem for asthma patients. They include things like humidity, change in weather temperature, pollen grains present in the air, dust and soil, smoke, pollution. At the same time, things like cleanliness, dyeing, webs, havan, incense sticks, fireworks in the houses due to festivals can also increase the problem of asthma patients. According to Dr Suryakant, things that asthma patients should keep away from not only during the changing seasons and Diwali but also during normal days include things like active and passive smoking, deodorants, perfumes, cosmetic products, mosquito repellents. Along with this, they should also keep their distance from more sofas, curtains, soft toys, carpets and pets.

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Take these precautions
According to the doctor, do not use water in the cooler in this changing season at all, keep the AC temperature normal, do not consume too much cold water or cold drinks and ice cream, avoid going to the area where there is more pollution, smoke. Stay away from the place, always use a mask, do not smoke or be around people who smoke, not only cigarette-bidi but also keep distance from things like hookah, cigar, chillum, perfume Do not even use deodorant and mosquito repellent and stay away from the flower garden.

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Relief from these things
For asthma patients to get relief from breathing problems, they must do pranayama every morning for some time. For this Bhastrika Pranayama and Anulom-Vilom Pranayama are best. These pranayama will help in cleaning the dust and soil particles deposited in your respiratory tract. Along with this, make a habit of taking steam daily. Pranayama and steam will be helpful to a great extent in relieving the patient of breathlessness. Along with this, keep an inhaler with you on the advice of your doctor.

the right way to take steam
Using a steamer or vaporizer is not the right way to take steam. By doing this, most of the steam goes to the face while steam is needed by the windpipe. You can use Karva Chauth to take steam in the right way. For this, you bring a rubber hose to be installed in the tap from the market and fill the curve halfway with hot water. Then put a rubber tube in the tube of Karve and take steam from the mouth. With this, the steam will go well into your windpipe in full quantity. If you want to use vaporizer for steam. So use this type of vaporizer, which also has a nozzle. Due to which the steam will not touch the face, but will reach the respiratory tract directly through the nose.

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