The Perfect Mother Review: ‘The Perfect Mother’ Isn’t That Perfect Web Series

In 2014, Nina Darnton wrote a novel ‘The Perfect Mother’ which was very much liked. There was a reason for this, and that was that many parts of the life of Amanda Knox, a girl from Washington, were brought into this book. In 2007, Amanda was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the murder of her classmate and roommate Meredith. The funny thing was that Amanda herself had informed the police about Meredith’s murder. During interrogation of Amanda, the police noticed that the statements were manipulated several times. Amanda had said that she was with her boyfriend at the time of the murder and that Amanda’s boss may have murdered Meredith. When the scope and intensity of the investigation was increased, the whole story came out and Amanda and her boyfriend were sentenced to imprisonment. This murder took place in Italy and Amanda was a US citizen. Amanda’s lawyers in the US appealed against this decision, the evidence was re-examined, and as such Amanda was released in 2011. Some other cases related to the case were re-filed against her but in 2016 Amanda was fully acquitted. This whole case was very interesting. Amanda resumed her life after returning to America, writing a book whose royalties were paid for by Italian lawyers. Amanda still lives in the discussion.

Inspired by Amanda’s story, Nina Dernton wrote The Perfect Mother, in which Anya Berg (Eden Ducorant), daughter of Helen Berg (Julie Gayet) and Matthias Berg (Andres Pischmann), leaves Berlin and moves to Paris for further studies. Huh. One day Anya receives a call from the French police in connection with the murder of a boy named Damien. Helen feels that her daughter is innocent and so she immediately moves to Paris where she learns that Anya has been arrested by the police. With the help of her old lover and lawyer Vincent (Tomar Sisley), Helen tries her best to rescue Anya and she succeeds in that too. Helen and Vincent, intent on helping the police find the real murderer, suffer several setbacks when they learn that Anya was not attending any college. He had given his room to another girl to live in. She was working with an NGO helping the victims of violence and lived there. They also start to understand that Anya has lied step by step and it is possible that the murderer is her. On one occasion, Helen finds Anya’s friend Kamal, whom Anya calls her boyfriend, but knowing that Kamal is married, Anya declares him guilty in the case. Kamal commits suicide by jumping into the river, Anya’s humiliation is acquitted.

This series of only 4 episodes has been written very carefully. Thomas Boole and Carol Noble have adapted Nina’s novel into a screenplay. Whenever Anya changes her statements, the story gets complicated. It is not possible for the audience to guess anything. Whenever any new evidence or new information comes to Vincent or Helen, they want to save Anya by giving it to the police, but with this comes a clue which proves that Anya is not as naive as she is becoming. In this web series, the mystery of the murder seems to be the basis of the story, but the reality is that how blind a mother trusts her daughter that she is not ready to accept him as a murderer in any way and Akash Patal has to prove her innocence. does one. Some things that do not allow this perfect story to become perfect sting the audience. Why was the story of the unfinished love between Helen and Vincent kept? Everything seems to be going well so why do Helen and Vincent make up with each other while Helen is married. Why was the character of Helen’s mother cast in the series? Was it just to show that her mother was strange and had kept the news of her father’s death hidden from Helen for 10 days? Is this the only reason Helen keeps trying to be a perfect mother? Anya’s brother is in the series but his absence did not make any difference.

One thing that was good was the motive behind the murder, that is, what was the reason behind the murder. Anya was the girlfriend of a boy in Berlin who used to torture, beat her a lot. To avoid that, she went to Paris to study. In Paris, he had seen many such tales where men abused a woman even after being in a relationship with her. Anya rents out her room to an African girl abused by her husband so that she can live in hiding, and Anya quits her studies, drops out of college to work in a shelter that helps abused people in relationships . All the actors are perfect in acting. Julie Gayet is a veteran French actress and she has been seen in many great characters by the audience of French cinema and television. How well has he played this role. Till the end, she is not ready to accept the fact that her daughter has committed blood. At the same time, Tomar has seen Sisley in a web series named Balthazar and last year’s famous film ‘Don’t Look Up’. His acting is strong. Eden Ducorant has always kept the expression of an innocent, innocent, innocent girl on her face in the character of Anya. In any scene, she does not appear to have committed murder even by mistake. Knowing his reason for the murder, the audience will start sympathizing with him. If director Frederick Garson had cut out some unnecessary scenes and tracks, the series could have been perfect. Still worth watching as it can be seen in about 3 and a half hours in one sitting.

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