The songs of Malikain in Bhojpuri – Lagal Chhath songs echoed in the village street – Kach hi bamboo ke Bahangiya, Bahangi Lachkat Jaye

Get your feet! The worship of the Sun God, Parab Chhath, before the first time the Manawal caste was living in empty Bihar, but now it has become a common practice across the country. Everyone knew that the people of Bihar, in search of work and business in the country and the world, took their devotional culture together. The city-towns of Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and other corners of your country must be found, Bihari people will definitely get it. Let’s say that Bihari, Marwari and Punjabi country should meet in every part of the world. Thank you very much for your blessings. Ahi, you Bihari people should not be left behind in celebrating Chhath Parab. Bihari people’s e parab etna sardha come with a clear message that the people of other fraternity go to Ekra, now their parab aisan mane-manave lagal baa.

Today, on the blessings of Pandey Baba, the sixth thing will continue to happen. Pandey will keep telling Baba Kisim Kisim about Chhath. Where did you come from Etna Geyan, Hamra aaj le na buzhail Malikar. Let them be told that in the Pothi-Puran, the beginning of Chhath is considered to be God’s parab. Since when would I have started Manaval before Ekra, I should not tell you exactly about Ekra, but I have been living since the beginning of worship of Suruj.

Chhath started from 28 October
Pandey Baba told that this year Chhath started from 28th October. The people of Chhath Parab, worshiping Lord Suruj, are called Mahaparab. Chhath Puja is celebrated every year on the first date of Anjoriya Pakh of Kathik month. The people of Ekra have lost their lives in the faith. It took four days. This year started from 28th October and lasted till 31st October. In Chhath Puja, for the sake of children’s health, okra success, and for the sake of Lahar Umir, 36 hours of Nirjala worship Rakhela. E Barat Besi Aurate Kareli Sun, Baqir Mardo’s life did not remain low. The e-holiday started with the bathing and eating of Katik’s Anjoria’s Chauth. In the second day, on the day of Panchami, Kharna Holi. On the third day, Argh Diyala of Bera Dubat Surooj and on the fourth day, I Parab Ora Ho Jaala with Argh Dihla of Bhore Ugat Suruj. After the okra, people used to eat bitter gourd. Eh Parab mein kawano parsadi aisan na hola, young man should not grow in his own fields and gardens. Kera, Murai, Aadi, Hardi, Unkh aa Ghar ke pakal thekua jaisan parsadi chhati mai’s ups and downs. Dura-soup of bamboo was found in the villages.

Heavy focus on cleanliness in Chhath
The biggest quality of Eh Parab is that it is very hard to focus on cleanliness. People get busy in preparing wheat ke dhol, sukhawal and piswa ke pisaan kare. On the day of bathing, the women did the cleaning of the house after bathing. On the day of taking bath, cooked in the form of lentil dal, gourd curry and arva chaur, cooked on a wooden flame of mango. Senha noon parela in eh food. The people of the house took food after the food of the people. The next day was Kharna Hola. Ason Kharna is after 29th October. In Kharna’s prasad, the women made kheer made of jaggery. At first the rasiyav is being made, then now the milk should be poured. The people who took their blessings came empty in the night and distributed the net in the neighbourhoods. After taking okra for 36 hours, there was no grain of grain in the mouth of Barti.

Diyala Argh of the rising sun
On the third day of Chhath Puja, at the time of the drowning of Bera Suruj, the people of the drowning sun at the ghat with river, pond and water. Leaving Chhath, the worship of the sinking sun is not found anywhere. On 31st October this year, on the last day of Chhath, the beginning of the festival of Jahiya Kirin erupted, the people of God’s blessings, Argh di aa ohi day, culminated in the Chhath Parab of the year. In the evening and dawn, people gathered in the Argha of Dunu Bela, standing in the water, they turned their face towards the Sun God. Ehi water became known as Argh of Dharai.

chhath worship of sun god
Aadi dev hauwan suruj maharaj. On the occasion of them, Chhath is celebrated. It was said that the world started with the grace of God. Do not discriminate against Sun God Kehu. You have always been hot on the world. It is believed that Lord Suruje, the preacher of Karam Jog, was first at the heart of God. Be on the move twenty-four hours a day. Chanarma came from the mirpa of her, which kept twinkling. Anjore is coming and becoming hot in the world. In the worship of Lord Suruj, the youth was offered, uho parkirti’s dihal jinis hola. From Ehi to Chhath, it is also called Parikirti Puja. There are many gods and goddesses in the world, Baakir Suruj Dev Near Kavano Jagta Dev Naikhan. Chhat Jekar Darsan Hokhe Bha Jekar Kirpa Bha anger come to the fore clearly, the god of the deity is said to be alive.

Even in the Vedas and Puranas, there is mention of worship of the sun
Pandey Baba told me that in the Veda-Ramayana, I met the Lord of worship of Lord Suruj. The people who worshiped Suruj became the first Ego Jamaat under Logan. People know the name of ‘Solar’ of that Jamaat. The people of that Jamaat were considered as the Adi Dev of Suruj. Mathura, Multan, Kasmir, Konark and Ujayini were famous for worshiping the sun. Chhath is the biggest festival for the worship of Abe Suruj. Even in the Puranka period, the blessings of worshiping Suruj were met. The maternal grandfather of Atiri (Atri) Muni also stayed for the worship of Suruj. For the worship of King Ashwapati Suruj, the girls of his name were born. E uhe sabitri rahli, je il rahili rahili rahi hai jaamlok to take back her husband Satyavan. It is written in Aginpuran that the birth of Brahmaji should be well from the navel of Vishnu. The son of Brahma ji lived as Marichi. Maharishi Kashyap was born from Marichi. Suruj was born as a child to Maharishi Kashyap.

Hanuman ji’s studies were well with Suruj. Nachiketa, the son of Suruj, continued to study from time to time. From the womb of Kunti, Mahavir Vaikratan (Karan) was born with Kavach Kundal from the brilliance of Sun God. During the exile, Judhishthira’s ego utensils were being found from the worship place of Suruj, the food was cooked in Javana. It should be in the quality of the vessel that it should not be unheard of. The Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna was being received from the worship Kaila of Lord Suruj. Ahi tere kaini go katha pande baba sunawat rahuvin.
Raur, Malikaine
(Omprakash Ashk is a freelance journalist. The views expressed in the article are his personal.)

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