The taste of exotic fruit salad and fruit cream is amazing, try ‘Fruit Shake’ in Kamla Nagar

In view of the social and economic changes and the new system of living, now there are constant and rapid changes in the food as well. what to eat People have become very cautious about this. Now this effort is made that whatever is eaten, it should be hygienic, get digested quickly and also be beneficial for health. Due to this, the trend of fruit salad or fruit cream is increasing continuously. But these items will be seen in Delhi-NCR either on street vendors, or in big restaurants. Today we are taking you to such an outlet, whose fruit salad is spectacular and alive because there is full care of cleanliness, as well as good quality indigenous and foreign fruits are also used. The same issue is also related with fruit cream. These items are not heavy on the pocket.

youth started startup

This outlet isn’t huge, but is great. Packages of high quality mangoes, apples, blueberries, cherries, black grapes etc. and glasses of cooling fruit cream are seen in a large refrigerator, then pineapple, banana, watermelon, exotic cantaloupe, avocado, sharada are seen in the outside rack. etc. will be seen neatly attached. These fruits are used for fruit salad and fruit cream. The name of this outlet is ‘Fruit Chef’ and it has been started by a young man as a startup. The address of this shop is D-1/31 Kamla Nagar.

Fruitshake Startup Outlet has been started 6 months back.

It is in front of Geeta Bhawan. This young man says that this is a new tradition. If you want, you can enjoy fresh fruit salad at this outlet, if you want, you can also take fruit cream to give instant energy to the body. If you want, you can order and get them delivered at home. There is much more here.

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Fruit cream of three varieties

You order fruit salad. Fresh fruits will be neatly peeled, cut and decorated right in front of you. Two trend boys have been kept to cut the fruit. All the seasonal fruits will be cut in a plate filled. If you want, you can take a salad of fruits of your choice or you can eat a salad of only one fruit. If you feel like eating a salad of continental fruits, then the salad of all foreign fruits is present for this. After preparing this salad, special spices, lemon etc. will be sprinkled on it.

Eat there if you want. If you want to pack and take it, then there is a satisfactory arrangement for that too. If you want to eat fruit cream, then it is also available in three shades, with Indian fruits, with dry fruits and third fusion, which will have fruits of your choice. Fresh cream is poured abundantly on top of all this. Eat it, you will feel very fresh. The price of all these ranges from Rs 90 to Rs 200.

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Outlet started 6 months ago

Smoothies and shakes of various flavors are also available at the outlet. If you want, you can enjoy them too. Yuva Sambhav Jain has started this outlet six months back. His family has a business of exotic fruits in Delhi and Mumbai. He worked in Mandi for many years and then opened his own outlet. He says that most people cannot afford these exotic expensive fruits, so he thought that people should taste them through salad.

fruit salad

The price of fruit salad, shake available here ranges from Rs 90 to Rs 200. Customers coming to the outlet also put their notes.

This outlet is becoming a favorite destination of the youth living in and around Delhi University. They come in a group, enjoy salad and fruit cream etc. and write a comment and stick it on the wall there. They are happy that they are getting to eat such fresh and wonderful fruits at reasonable rates. Here work starts at 9 in the morning and food and drink goes on till 11 in the night. There is no holiday. Nearest Metro Station: University

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