There will be no lack of oxygen in the body, when you will consume these 6 foods regularly


Iron deficiency can reduce the supply of oxygen in the body.
Kiwi fruit improves the supply of oxygen to the blood cells.

Oxygen Rich Foods: It is impossible to survive without oxygen. A person can die due to lack of oxygen. It is very important to maintain adequate oxygen level in the body. It is a very essential element for the body, as it is important for building cells as well as maintaining their functions smoothly. Some people lack oxygen in the body due to many reasons. Fluctuating oxygen level is not good for health. Due to this you start having trouble in breathing.

During the corona epidemic, people who were attacked by the coronavirus on their lungs, many people had to be admitted to the hospital due to the low oxygen level of their body. Many people had to lose their lives due to lack of oxygen supply at the right time. Not to worry, some foods contain ingredients that help in balancing the oxygen level in the body. We are telling you about some such foods, which are rich in oxygen and by consuming them, there will never be a lack of oxygen in the body.

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Oxygen Rich Foods

, According to a news published in, by eating broccoli, the amount of oxygen level in the body remains adequately. This vegetable is very healthy for health and is full of many nutritional values. It contains antioxidants, vitamins etc. Broccoli can provide long-term support to oxygen metabolism in the body. Consume broccoli daily, as the amount of oxygen present in it helps the body system to function at a higher level.

If you regularly consume red and blue berries, the oxygen supply in your body remains good. Both blue and red berries are rich in antioxidants. Along with this, the consumption of blue berry also increases memory and learning ability. For a continuous supply of oxygen in the body, you should consume more red and blue berries.

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Organic gelatin is rich in calcium and iron, but these compounds help our body run smoothly. Organic Gelatin helps in improving the oxygen supply in the blood. If your body needs oxygen supply, then organic gelatin can be consumed. It is also rich in fiber content.

Kiwi also has a lot more vitamin C than other fruits. This fruit contains many phytonutrients, which help you stay healthy. Kiwi fruits are effective in neutralizing free radicals that damage cells. It also helps in improving the supply of oxygen to the blood cells, so if you feel a lack of oxygen in the body, then definitely include kiwi in the diet.

Iron, one of the major minerals needed to maintain oxygen in the body. Iron deficiency can reduce the supply of oxygen in the body. In such a situation, you should regularly include seafood, meat in your diet. They are rich in iron. Both these foods can help increase the amount of hemoglobin, which in turn improves oxygen flow.

Legumes contain a compound called Leghamoglobin, which is an oxygen carrier. This compound is found in abundance in the nodules of leguminous plants. Studies show that oxygen is high in leghemoglobin. Consuming legumes can keep the oxygen supply in the body better.

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