These 3 changes are visible in new patients of Corona, experts said, 1 symptom is giving pain

New Delhi. Once again there is a surge in corona patients in the country. In the last 24 hours, 5223 new corona infections have come to the fore in the country. According to experts, the speed of corona may increase once again. The special thing is that some new symptoms are being seen in new patients of corona than before. Not only this, changes are also being seen regarding recovery from Corona. Health experts say that the corona virus is not taking the name of ending and it is likely that it may not end, while it is changing its symptoms, form and methods over time.

Dr. Satish Kumar, Professor Orthopedics at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi, says that some increase is being seen in the cases of corona. Corona virus has been such a disease that after getting infected, almost all the organs of the body have been affected. Even in the post Kovid effect, it has been seen that corona has also damaged bones. They say that corona patients are still coming out, but some symptoms have changed in them.

Dr. Satish says that after closely monitoring the new patients of Corona, 3 major changes are being seen. The first change in these is related to the incubation period of the corona, that is, the period of its infection. The second change is about the complete recovery of the patient infected with the corona virus. The same third change which is being seen not in everyone but in some patients is pain in the throat and the pain of this pain is painful. However, in patients with asymptomatic symptoms, since there are no symptoms, then any change is less visible or not visible at all.

first symptom in corona patients
Dr. Satish says that the first change in the new patients coming now is being seen regarding its incubation period. Incubation period i.e. after how many days after coming in contact with corona infected or virus, another person is getting infected by it. In the earlier cases that came in three waves, it was seen that if a person came in contact with the virus, then symptoms of corona were seen within 5-7 days, but now its duration seems to have increased somewhat. It has been seen in some patients that after 8-10 days of exposure to the virus, corona is being confirmed in them. In such a situation, it can be estimated that the virus is working harder to infect people and perhaps that is why the incubation period of the corona is increasing.

second symptom in corona patients
Dr. Satish says that during the arrival of corona virus, it was said that it gets cured in 14 days. Sometimes this period was also 14-21 days in serious patients. Till this period people were recovering from this disease. Although now that the infection of corona is very mild or asymptomatic, but weakness or pain etc. is being seen in the patients for about 1 month. Therefore, it is estimated that after the corona is infected, the problems of the patients are decreasing but symptoms like fatigue, pain are lasting for about a month. So it is taking some time to get completely healthy and feel fit.

third symptom in corona patients
Pro. Satish Kumar says that complaints of sore throat are also being received in new patients of Corona. By the way, since the beginning of Corona, sore throat has been its main symptom. Changes in voice, pain in the throat or heaviness have been problems for patients, but now patients who are coming forward say that they feel like someone is pressing or suffocating with throat pain. . Patients say that they often feel the problem of closing the throat along with pain in the throat and have difficulty in speaking. It’s painful.

Take care like this, protect
Dr. Satish says that in new cases of corona, infection of sub-variants of the Omicron family is being found right now. Not only this, similar symptoms are also not being found in all the patients coming daily. Some are asymptomatic, some have mild symptoms, while some patients have mildly severe symptoms. Despite the increase in corona patients, the number of deaths is very less. Behind this, immunity and vaccination born from corona infection have an important role. However people need to be careful. Wear a mask in public places. Follow social distancing. Despite having the ability to fight corona, the body can get infected by it, so follow the rules of prevention.

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