These 4 yogasanas are best for diabetic patients, expert told the method and benefits of doing them

Yoga For Diabetes: Nowadays everyone who sees is suffering from the disease of diabetes. The reason is adopting a bad lifestyle, carelessness in food, being hungry for hours, especially in the morning. Being physically active, obesity etc. If diabetes is not managed, then it gives rise to many diseases along with damaging many other body parts.

Dinesh Kashikar, Senior Yoga Instructor at Art of Living’s Sri Sri School of Yoga It is said that diabetes is a multifactorial disorder, which inevitably arises due to lack of proper exercise and improper eating habits etc. All these aspects point towards lifestyle. Therefore, maintaining a good lifestyle in addition to medical treatment is paramount. In this context, incorporating ‘yoga practice’ – pranayama, yoga and meditation into the daily routine can be a step in the right direction. If you want to stay away from diabetes or want to keep the sugar level under control, then do practice these four yogasanas every day as prescribed by senior yoga instructor Dinesh Kashikar.

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diabetes control yoga asanas

Kapalbhati Pranayama
Kapalbhati is a breathing technique that increases the radiance of the head. To practice this, sit comfortably with the spine straight. Place your hands on your knees and keep your palms open towards the sky.
Now take a deep breath in.
As you exhale, pull your navel back towards the spine. You can place your right hand on the stomach to feel the contraction of the abdominal muscles.
Take 20 such breaths to complete one cycle.
After one cycle, relax with your eyes closed and observe the sensations in your body.
Do two more cycles of Kapalbhati.

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama: The practice of Kapalbhati activates the pancreas or pancreas. The stress which is a major reason for the progression of diabetes is reduced by the practice of Kapalbhati. This technique helps to activate the nervous system and rejuvenate the brain cells. This pranayama also improves blood circulation and uplifts the mind. It enhances digestion by removing stool from the body.

dormant matsyendrasana
Sleeping Matsyendrasana means bending the lower part of the body while lying down.
Lie down on your back and spread your arms horizontally in line with the shoulders.
– Extend your left leg in front of you and bend your right knee, touching it to your chest.
Breathe in and while exhaling, slowly place your right knee on the floor above your midline and on the left side of your body.
Turn your head to the right and look at your right palm.
– Wait for a few minutes.
Slowly turn your head back towards the center and straighten your torso and legs.
Repeat this asana on the left side.

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Benefits of doing Sleep Matsyendrasana: This method massages the internal organs and improves digestion. This asana also puts pressure on the abdominal organs and hence is a very helpful yoga posture for people suffering from diabetes.

– Lie down on your stomach. Keep the feet in line with the hips and the hands beside the body.
Bend the knees, move the hands backwards and hold the ankles.
Breathe in and lift your chest off the ground and pull your legs up and back.
While relaxing in this posture, continue to take long, deep breaths. Don’t stretch too much.
After exhaling after 15-20 seconds, slowly bring your legs and chest to the ground. Release the ankles and rest.

Benefits of Dhanurasana: This asana strengthens the pancreas and is highly recommended for people suffering from diabetes. This yoga asana strengthens the abdominal muscles and also relieves stress and fatigue.

Ardha Matsyendrasana
Ardha Matsyendrasana means half-folding of the spine while sitting.
Sit down with your legs spread out in front of you. Join the legs together and keep the spine straight.
Bend the left leg and place the heel of the left foot near the right hip (alternately you can keep the left leg straight).
– Take the right foot over the left knee.
Keep the left hand on the right knee and the right hand behind you.
In this sequence, turn the waist, shoulders and neck to the right and look over the right shoulder.
While exhaling, release the right hand (the hand behind you) first, then the waist, then the chest, finally the neck and sit comfortably but straight.
– Repeat on the other side.

Benefits of Ardha Matsyendrasana: The abdominal organs are massaged with this asana. The supply of oxygen to the lungs increases and the spine becomes flexible. This asana also helps to calm the mind and improves blood flow to the spine.

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