These 5 young celebrities including Raju Srivastava lost their lives due to heart attack, the doctor said – youth are also at risk


A few months ago, famous singer KK died of cardiac arrest.
Last year, 40-year-old Siddharth Shukla also went to death in the same way.

Celebrities Died Of Heart Attack: Cases of heart attack and cardiac arrest are increasing rapidly among the youth. Every year thousands of underage people are going to death because of this. Famous comedian Raju Srivastava died in Delhi AIIMS on Wednesday. He had a heart attack 41 days ago, after which he was fighting a battle with the death. Raju was 58 years old and he was also famous for his excellent fitness. In the last few years, many young artists of the country have died due to heart attack and cardiac arrest. Get to know about these celebrities.

TV actor Dipesh Bhan
41-year-old TV actor Dipesh Bhan, who earned a name from the serial ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’, died on 23 July due to stroke while playing cricket. He used to make a lot of headlines on social media due to his tremendous fitness, but suddenly left the world. Everyone was shocked by his death.

famous singer kk
Bollywood’s famous singer KK was doing a music concert in Kolkata on 31 May this year, during which he suffered a cardiac arrest. Singer, 53, was immediately rushed to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. KK’s fitness was also considered good, but suddenly died.

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Superstar Puneet Rajkumar
South’s superstar Puneet Rajkumar died of a heart attack in October last year. His age was only 46 years. Surprisingly, he had a heart attack while doing gym and he was very famous for his fitness. Exactly the same happened with comedian Raju Srivastava.

actor siddharth shukla
Siddharth Shukla, who made a mark in the industry with reality show Bigg Boss and TV serial, died in September last year due to heart attack. Siddharth, 40, was very serious about his fitness, but he lost his life at an early age.

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These actors also died of heart attack
Bollywood actor Mithilesh Chaturvedi was 67 years old and he died on 3 August due to heart attack. Apart from him, 36-year-old Brahm Swaroop Mishra, who became famous with the Mirzapur web series, died due to sudden chest pain. Till now many Bollywood stars have said goodbye to the world due to heart disease. This deadly trend is on the rise.

What do cardiologists say?
of New Delhi Dr. Vanita Arora, Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital According to this, in today’s era even young people are falling prey to it. High stress, hypertension, diabetes, high lipids, family history, obesity, wrong eating habits and lifestyle with very little physical activity are becoming major reasons for heart disease. Apart from this, many other factors including smoking, pollution are also responsible for heart disease. Many times, in order to build a body, young people start taking supplements and go to the gym without consulting a doctor. Doing so also increases the risk of heart attack.

How to prevent from heart attack?
Dr. Vanita says that to avoid heart attack, cardiac arrest or other heart diseases, there is a need to keep your lifestyle healthy. You have to control your blood pressure, sugar level and weight. You have to be careful about eating and drinking. You have to exercise daily and stay away from smoking. You should eat home cooked food with less oil, healthy people should also get regular checkup and those who are suffering from heart problems should take medicines on time. In case of any problem, one should immediately contact the cardiologist.

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