These diseases make the eyes weak at an early age, even if your child is not a victim, pay attention!

Eye Problems in Children: Almost everyone has had eye problems at some point in their age. If these problems of the eyes are according to age, then it is fine, but sometimes problems have to be faced at a very young age. In the recent past, cases of eye problems in children have increased rapidly. If we look around us, we will see many such children whose age is very young but they have a lot of difficulty in seeing without glasses.

There can be many reasons behind many other problems including reduced eyesight. Some problems in the eyes of children are genetic and some are the result of our carelessness. The digital world has done a lot of damage to the eyes of children. The increasing use of mobile phones and laptops has made the eyes weak and this problem is increasing with time.

According to Shankar Eye Hospital, children generally have to face five types of problems. It is very important to know the early symptoms of these diseases so that future dangers can be avoided.

Symptoms of eye problems in children

  • A variety of common symptoms appear in children with eye problems.
  • poor focus problem
  • being more sensitive to light and bright light
  • difficulty reading
  • reddening of eyes
  • Not seeing a black board or distant object in the classroom
  • rubbing eyes frequently
  • sitting near the television

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Common eye problems in children

1- Problems of myopia and hyperopia
In this, children have difficulty in seeing things near and far. When a child has trouble seeing distant things, it is called myopia. If the child has difficulty in seeing the nearby object, then it is called hyperopia i.e. farsightedness. In this, children often have a problem of headache. While studying or watching TV, more emphasis has to be given.

2- drooping of the eyelids
If your child’s eyelids are visible, then understand that he is facing some kind of eye related problem. This is usually due to the weakening of the muscles that lift the eyelids. In such a situation, light does not reach the retina inside the eye properly and it becomes difficult to see anything.

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3- Complaint of amblyopia
Amblyopia is also known as Lazy Eye Syndrome. In this, your brain often fails to recognize any input properly. Due to this gradually the problem of weakening of the eyes starts. Its main symptom is when someone tries to see an object with one eye closed or keeps the object far or near. In case of such problems, please contact the expert.

4- Swelling of eyes
The persistence of swelling in the eyes is a major hallmark of eye related problems. This happens when a gland present inside the eyelid gets clogged. In the initial days, there is no special problem due to its closure, but later when the swelling increases, then the pain also starts increasing. There is also irritation in the eyes and it is difficult to focus on anything.

5- The problem of epiphora
Normally tears do not harm the eye in any way, but when something goes into our eyes, tears protect us. But too much of anything is bad. Similarly, excessive tearing is also injurious to health. Epiphora is a disease in which there is continuous water coming out of the child’s eye. This problem occurs due to some kind of blockage in the tear cells or due to an infection in the eyes.

In the problem of epiphora, there is swelling in the eyelids. The eyes start turning red and there is also a problem of burning sensation. Due to the continuous shedding of tears, one cannot focus on anything and distant things start appearing blurry.

Cortical Visual Impairment
This eye disease is related to the brain of the child. In this, the eyes are fine, but when the child sees something, the brain is not able to interpret it properly and it prevents normal vision.

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