These questions of gynecologist are important for your health, answer openly


Some questions related to personal life done by gynecologist are important for your health.
If not given the right answer, the direction of treatment can go astray, which can affect your health.

Women health care tips: Generally, it is very important to get regular checkups done to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But some people often hesitate to share their health problems with doctors. Especially women feel very hesitant in talking to the gynecologist. But do you know that some questions of Gynecologist are necessary for your health. In such a situation, instead of being shy, it becomes necessary for you to answer these questions openly.

Explain that a gynecologist is called a gynecologist. Many times during the checkup, most of the women are shy after hearing the questions of the gynecologist and are not able to give a clear answer to their questions. Due to which it becomes difficult to treat them properly. So let’s know about some important questions of the gynecologist, which you should be ready to answer. So that you can be treated properly.

timing of periods
Women often shy away from talking about periods. By the way, the normal cycle of periods is of 28 days. But many times the date of periods goes back and forth. In such a situation, do not forget to share the complete information with the doctor about the gap in the date of periods or not having regular periods. Otherwise, many side effects can be seen on your health.

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Tell about pain and bleeding
By the way, it is common to have pain in private parts while making physical relation. But if this happens every time, then definitely contact the doctor and answer all his questions correctly. In such a situation, the doctor may advise you to get a test for vaginal infection and endometriosis.

change in vaginal discharge
The health of private parts can also be gauged from vaginal discharge. In such a situation, the change in the color and small of your vaginal discharge creates the possibility of bacterial infection. Therefore, do not forget to share the changes in vaginal discharge with the doctor without hesitation.

birth control method
Many times the gynecologist also asks questions related to the birth control method. In such a situation, you can not only take the right suggestions by talking to the doctor about your birth control methods. Rather, if you are not happy with the birth control method, then you can get information about other options from the doctor. Apart from this, you can also find out the steps to do self-checking of breast from the doctor without hesitation.

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sexual activity
Many times during the checkup of private parts, the question of the gynecologist may also be whether you are sexually active. In such a situation, many people get shy after hearing these questions and start shying away from giving clear answers. But doctors ask these questions to get further necessary tests done. In such a situation, if the right answer is not given, the direction of treatment can go astray, due to which your health can also be affected.

about physical relation
Sometimes it is possible for some people to have more than one partner due to the circumstances in their life. In such a situation, gynecologists ask for STD test how many sexual partners you have. Let us tell you that it is not necessary to get this test done if you are a partner. In such a situation, you should definitely answer this question asked by the gynecologist without any shame.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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