This could be the reason behind not increasing the height of your child, Gangaram Hospital did research

New Delhi. Not increasing the height of children or not growing at a proper pace has also become a matter of most concern for the parents of today. Although due to a pre-existing belief about body height, most of the parents still do not consult a health specialist and understand that height increases naturally, it is not a disease but recently Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi In a research conducted by the Institute of Medical Genetics and Genomics, many surprising things have come to the fore.

Recently published in the edition of ‘Indian Pediatrics’, it has been told in this research paper that the reason for abnormal short height in children can also be genetic disease. According to the study, the fluctuation of height is normally due to the genes inherited from the family, but the reason for abnormally short height can be a change in the genes of the child, which has a big impact on the physical development of the child.

Dr. Ratna Dua Puri, Chairperson, Institute of Medical Genetics and Genomics, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital says that in this research, we have tried to find out the genetic cause of children in whom abnormally short height was one of the reasons, among other reasons. Tried. This study was done on 455 children who came to the hospital from 1 January 2017 to 31 October 2018 (22 months) whose height was less than the 3rd centile (i.e. only less than 3 children out of 100 were smaller than this child). Their age ranged from 10 months to 16 years.

Dr. Ratna Dua Puri further said, ‘The main reason for the height or shortness of height in any person is genetic, although there are many such Monogenic Disorder (Genetic disease inherited from the family due to a defect in a gene) due to which the body There is a disturbance in the growth, in our study it was found that their cause can be detected by properly done clinical examination (symptoms and physical examination). The cause of abnormal short height in 65% of the children in the study was found out by clinical examination. In the rest, additional genetic tests were done according to their clinical profile.

These diseases can be behind the decrease in height
The fluctuation of height is usually due to the genes inherited from the family, but the reason for abnormally short height can be a change in the genes of the child, which has a big impact on the height. Our study included 455 children of abnormally short height who ranged from 10 months to 16 years. Of these, 226 patients were investigated for reasons by detailed genetic testing and phenotyping, while 229 patients were screened by preliminary history, physical examination and tests. Of these, 63% (142) were found to have proportionate short stature (abnormally short upper and lower body parts). Of which 65% (93) were found to have known genetic diseases such as Turner syndrome, William syndrome and RASopathies.

The remaining 84 out of 226 children (37%) were found to have disproportionate short stature (an abnormally short upper and lower body). Of these, lysosomal storage genetic disorder was found in 45% (38). Skeletal dysplasias were found in 44% (37) of the children. The cause was not found in 8% (9) of the children.

If the child’s height is less then it is necessary to consult a doctor
Dr. Ratna Dua Puri said, if the child within the family is abnormally short in height and the body is developing slowly, then it is very important to seek medical expert’s opinion. Nowadays many new tests have come in the genetic field and their price has also fallen. With the right genetic advice and testing, the cause can be found and treatment can be started.

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