This is a hospital without cash counter, children with heart disease get treatment, food is all free

New Delhi. There is such a hospital in the country which is proving to be a boon for the children born with serious heart diseases since birth. This hospital not only provides free medicines, treatment, tests and surgeries for sick children, but also makes arrangements for accommodation and food for parents and relatives who bring sick children for treatment. The special thing is that there is not a single cash counter in this hospital. You don’t have to pay for anything here. All arrangements here are free. This hospital is Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Chikitsalaya built in Baghola, Palwal, Haryana.

Statistics show that every year two lakh 40 thousand newborns are born with heart diseases in our country. Since due to the presence of children, its information is received late, in such a situation it becomes serious in no time. Therefore, in most cases, treatment and surgery by specialists is required. On the other hand, due to lack of awareness, economically weak condition and less access to doctors in rural areas, most of the children do not get timely treatment. The cost of treating heart diseases in private hospitals hinders treatment. In such a situation, this hospital is going to give a lot of relief.

Sanjeevani Hospital managing director of Dr. C Srinivas news 18 hindi Tells in a conversation that two more similar hospitals in India are also working for children suffering from congenital heart diseases. One of these is in Raipur and the other in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. This hospital has all modern and best quality machines and equipments related to heart diseases. Even the facilities which are there in this hospital, many such facilities are not there in the multi super specialty hospitals. Here patients can come from any corner of India, treatment is given to all. Both invasive and non-invasive (cath intervention) surgeries are performed here.

Capacity to admit up to 150 patients daily
Dr. C Srinivas says that since it is a completely free hospital and now people have started knowing about it, then there is a crowd of patients daily. Although the hospital has the capacity to admit 125 to 150 patients daily, such arrangements have been made that if more patients come, their number is given on the next day and they are given tokens. On the other hand, if a patient comes in an emergency situation, he is admitted immediately.

You can also register online
Dr. Srinivas says that apart from the patients coming offline, there is also a facility to register online. Patients can fix appointments even before coming here. Due to this many times they do not have to wait for the next day when it is crowded. After admitting the child on the same day, the process of his treatment starts.

Free living and food for kids and parents
In Sanjeevani Hospital, all children’s examinations, doctor consultation, treatment, surgery, care are done free of cost. During this, the accompanying parents are also given accommodation and food facilities without spending a single penny. Apart from India, there is a similar arrangement for child heart patients from areas like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Kurdistan in Iraq.

Special training is given to the mothers of the sick children.
Here the specialist doctors of the heart not only do the treatment, but the visiting mothers are also given special training in a program called Matruchhaya so that they can take proper care of the child after heart surgery and in case of any problem. Immediately contact the hospital again. Since most of the mothers bring their children to the hospital for treatment but are not aware about the disease and its treatment. Therefore, they are given complete information about it.

Welcome to all Pediatric Patients
Dr. Srinivas says that all patients suffering from heart diseases since birth are welcome in this hospital. The aim of this hospital is to cure as many children as possible from this disease. Along with this, experts are also working on finding out the causes of this disease and reducing its spread. So that people can be told even before the birth of children, what things they should keep in mind so that children are born with a healthy heart.


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