Travel of taste: People used to reject cauliflower considering cauliflower as a huge flower, read the specialty of foreign vegetable


The entry of cauliflower in India is only 200 years old.
Cauliflower is not of Indian origin, but its foreign root is considered more than one.
The fiber present in it keeps the digestive system fine, reduces obesity.

Cauliflower History and Benefits: Cauliflower has a special importance in the diet of Indian people. Masala cabbage, potato-cabbage-pea vegetable is not only amazing in taste, the confluence of cabbage and meat also attracts non-veg eaters a lot. Cauliflower is a very nutritious vegetable, which is rich in antioxidants. The special elements found in it eliminate the blockage of the blood vessels of the body and keep blood circulation smooth in them. Surprisingly, the entry of cabbage into India is just like ‘aaj-kal’, but it has made a special identity in the Indian diet.

People had rejected by assuming huge flowers

Nowadays, cauliflower is available throughout the year, otherwise till a few years ago it was visible only in the winter season. Now apart from white, other colors like orange, purple, green and brown cabbage are also seen in the country and abroad. The special thing is that these cabbages are getting more vitamins and minerals than the traditional white colored cauliflower. According to the information related to botany, when cabbage came to this world, people rejected it considering it as a strange and heavy flower, but when their animals were satisfied with it with great interest, people also tasted it and came from the forests. Removed it and started cultivating it. Today people are fascinated by the taste rather than its qualities. Spicy vegetable of dry cabbage, cabbage manchurian, cabbage in soup, cabbage in non-veg, cabbage pickle is adding to its taste.

Cauliflower is getting more vitamins and minerals than traditional white colored cauliflower.

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Cauliflower has more than one root of origin

Cauliflower is not of Indian origin, but its foreign root is considered more than one. Author of the book ‘VEGETABLES’ and Senior Scientist of Indian Agricultural Research Institute Dr. Bishwajit Choudhary According to reports, wild cabbage first grew on rocks near the coast of England, then it appeared on its own in north-west France. Its wild flowers were first used for cultivation in the Mediterranean region of Cyprus. Some websites related to botany also believe that its origin is the Mediterranean region of Cyprus and Italy and this area is very wide. On the other hand the Indian American botanist Sushma Naithani According to , Cabbage has a Mediterranean center of origin, which includes Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey etc. She also believes that China and Southeast Asia are the origin centers of cabbage.

Cauliflower is not of Indian origin, but its foreign root is considered more than one.

It entered India only 200 years ago

The further journey of cauliflower from its native place was slow. It is believed that the authentic description of cabbage, which originated in the 1st century AD, is found in Arabic books written in the 12-13 centuries. In about 1500 AD, it was eaten and grown throughout Europe. There is information that it did not reach America until the 1900s. The entry of cauliflower in India is only 200 years old. In fact, in the year 1822, during the era of slavery, the botanist of Kew Gardens in London Dr. Jameson came to India. He got the responsibility of taking care of the huge gardens of Saharanpur in UP. He had brought many seeds etc. with him. When he felt the weather of India like England in winter, he cultivated cabbage and he was successful. After that there was no looking back in India and became one of the favorite vegetables of the whole country.

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The entry of cauliflower in India is only 200 years old.

Protect from diseases, protect from viruses

This exotic vegetable is great in taste as well as in properties. According to Dr. Bishwajit Chaudhary, 100 grams of cabbage contains moisture about 90 grams, calories 30, fat 0.4 grams, sodium 53 milligrams, carbohydrates 4 grams, fiber 1.2 grams, protein 2.8 grams, vitamin C 58 milligrams, magnesium 16 milligrams, potassium 138 Contains milligrams and other ingredients. There is very little fat in it, so it keeps cholesterol under control. Protein is also less in it, the amount of calories is also not high, so it is beneficial for the body. The special nutrients found in it are full of antioxidants, which protect the body from diseases and protect the body from viruses. Its consumption keeps the blood vessels smooth, due to which the flow of blood in the body remains normal. It is also beneficial for the heart.

Eating too much can cause harm

Dietician and Homechef Simmi Babbar According to reports, the amount of vitamin C in cauliflower is fine, so in winter it produces collagen (a special group of proteins), which is extremely beneficial for bones and joints. Its consumption does not increase obesity because it is low in calories. What’s more, the fiber found in it keeps the digestive system fine and can reduce obesity. It also keeps the nervous system strong and also removes the toxic elements present inside the body. Even if you do not eat roti, bread, rice with it, it will fill your stomach and make you satisfied. However, excessive consumption of cauliflower makes the stomach bloated. Do not use more spices while making cabbage, otherwise there may be burning in the stomach and chest. While making it, add ginger-garlic in sufficient quantity, by doing this gas will not be formed in the stomach.

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