Travellery: The world’s raisins were first seen because of this reason, you will be surprised to know the interesting history


Turkey, the United States produces 80 percent of the world’s raisins.
When small grapes are dried, they are called raisins and when dried big grapes, they are called raisins.
Eating more raisins produces gas in the stomach and can increase blood pressure.

Swad Ka Safarnama: Raisins are one such dry fruit, which is valued all over the world. It is considered very beneficial for the body. Consumption of raisins provides immunity to fight diseases in the body. It is also considered very beneficial for the heart. Raisins are not a separate born dryfruit. It was born out of a strange incident and the world respected it completely.

Raisins and raisins are made from grapes only.

Raisins are actually dried grapes. The special thing is that after drying its properties further increase. Let’s tell one more thing that if small grapes are dried, they become raisins and turn into dry fruits and if big grapes are dried then they are called raisins, which have more medicinal properties. The importance of raisins is known from the fact that it is mentioned in the Bible. It is also said that in ancient times the Greeks and Romans decorated places of worship with raisins, and raisins were awarded as prizes at sporting events. In ancient times, in Roman times, the value of raisins had increased so much that a slave could be bought with two jars of it. In terms of health, raisins are ahead even in terms of different taste. Since ancient times, unlike candy, it has been used in dishes ranging from bread to sauces and stuffing. Evidence of their construction is found in the writings of ancient Egyptians and Persians.

The heat set in, the grapes dried up and new nuts were found

According to official information, raisins were ‘invented’ thousands of years ago. According to Vishkosh Britannica, raisins were eaten in Far and Egypt before 2000 BC. It was ‘discovered’ by chance. The Egyptians discovered that when grapes are dropped from the vine and left to dry, they become sweeter and their flavor changes because the sugar crystallizes and shrinks during the drying process. . Happened. It is mentioned in history books that till 1490 BC, raisins were dried from grapes in the sun. But several hundred years passed before it was determined which grape variety would make the best raisins. Today’s main raisin producers include Turkey and the United States, which together account for about 80 percent of the world’s raisin production. Other important raisin producing countries include Turkey, Iran, Greece, Chile and South Africa.

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The American raisin industry is primarily located in California and the first raisin crop is said to have been grown there (in the year 1873) by nature, not farmers. In fact, there was a severe heat wave before the grapes were harvested, and before the farmers could pick the grapes, most of the grapes dried on the vine and turned into raisins.

Raisins soaked in water are wonderful for the body

The history of grapes in India is thousands of years old. In the Ayurvedic text ‘Charaksamhita’ written in the seventh-eighth century BC, there is a detailed description of the characteristics of grapes. Raisins are not described directly in this book, but there is a detailed description of making many types of infusion (healthful liquor/liquor) from grapes. Now talk about the properties of raisins, it is very useful for the body. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has given information about the nutritional properties of raisins and has told that 50 grams of raisins contain calories 129, protein 1.42 grams, fat 0.11 grams, carbohydrates 34.11 grams, sugar 28.03 grams, dietary fiber 1.9 grams, besides minerals and Vitamin C 1 mg, calcium 27 mg, iron 0.77 mg, magnesium 15 mg, potassium 320 mg, phosphorus 42 mg, sodium 11 mg and other components are found in vitamins.

Apart from increasing immunity, raisins also give a lot of energy to the body. Image-Canva

By consuming raisins, these elements increase the body’s immunity to fight against diseases and keep the activities of the heart normal. According to Vaidyaraj Dinanath Upadhyay, former dean of Mumbai University, if some raisins soaked in water at night are consumed in the morning, then it is a panacea for the body. It will make the digestive system foolproof, will also provide instant energy, as well as control weight.

helps to brighten the skin

According to Vaidyaraj, raisins can help in boosting immunity. It contains vitamin C and other nutrients that can keep the immune system healthy and help the body fight diseases. Raisins also have antibacterial properties that keep harmful bacteria away from your body. Raisins are beneficial for the heart because the amount of sodium in it prevents the contraction of blood vessels. It also improves cholesterol. Eating raisins can help in reducing blood sugar levels. Raisins are high in fiber and have a low glycemic index, making them a great option to control sugar.


Apart from being beneficial for the skin, raisins are also beneficial for the bones. Image-Canva

Raisins can give a special glow to the skin. It also works against acne and pimples. Raisins contain essential antioxidants that contribute to eye health. Raisins are famous for removing iron deficiency. It helps in getting good sleep. This is because raisins contain iron and other minerals which help in blood circulation and make red blood cells. The calcium present in it is beneficial for bones. There is no side effect in eating raisins in general. But if eaten in excess, it can cause gas in the stomach. Its excessive intake sometimes also increases blood pressure.

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