‘Tunisha said crying…Mamma Mere se Shijan ne…’, know what the actress’s mother wrote in the FIR

Mumbai. According to the FIR lodged with the police by the mother of actress Tunisha Sharma, who was found dead on the sets of a television serial in Maharashtra’s Palghar district, her daughter started working in the Alibaba serial in June 2022 and she is about to die on the sets. Used to tell them everything. Tunisha’s mother said, ‘About 2 months ago, her daughter had told her that 28-year-old Sheezan Khan works in the character of Ali in the serial and they both love each other.’

According to the FIR, ‘In Sheejan’s house, her mother, sister and brother… whosoever is in the house, everyone loves her (Tunisha) a lot, then I told her that if you are happy with her, then be happy. Sheejan also came to my house 3 to 4 times and told me that he loves my daughter and they have a very good friendship.

‘Sheejan has left me and is in love with another girl’
Tunisha’s mother wrote in the FIR, ‘About 15 days ago my daughter was crying, she was very sad and said while crying that Mama Sheejan has broken up with me. He doesn’t want to be with me anymore. After this I called Sheejan’s mother. Told them that Sheejan has broken up. My daughter is crying and because of this I am also getting angry on Sheejan. After this my daughter went to Sheejan’s house and came back after a while and said that Sheejan has left me and he is in love with another girl.

‘Sheezan said, he doesn’t love Tunisha anymore’
The mother of the actress further said, ‘Tunisha had a panic attack because of the breakup. He was then taken to a hospital in Kandivali. Where Dr. Rahul Kumani of Lotus Hospital told that your girl’s health is not good. His mental and physical condition is not good and he has been given medicine. After that we brought Tunisha home, even at that time Tunisha was being told that Sheejan has left me. My daughter always started getting angry and used to tell me that mamma you bring Sheejan back in my life, so I went to the set on 23rd December to make Sheejan understand. Tried to convince Sheejan, but Sheejan said in front of Tunisha that now he does not love Tunisha and cannot come into her life again.

‘My daughter committed suicide in despair because of Sheejan’s breakup’
According to the FIR, ‘The next day at 4 pm, Prashant, the manager of the set, got a call that Tunisha had locked herself in the room and she was taken out by breaking the door of the room and she was admitted to a hospital. After that I took an auto and went to the hospital in Juchandra Naigaon. I saw that there was a mark on my daughter’s neck. He did not realize that the doctor had declared him dead. That’s why I allege that my daughter and Sheejan were in love with each other and 15 days ago Sheejan had a breakup. Because of this my daughter committed suicide in despair. This is my allegation against Sheejan in writing.

Police arrested Shijan Khan on 25 December
According to the police, 21-year-old actress Tunisha allegedly committed suicide in the washroom on the sets of a serial in Palghar’s Vasai area on Saturday. Based on a complaint received from Tunisha’s mother, the Valiv police registered a case against Tunisha’s co-actor Sheejan Khan under section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code and arrested him on Sunday.

‘Sheezan Khan should be punished’
Talking to reporters, Tunisha’s mother claimed on Monday that Khan had cheated her daughter. He alleged, ‘Khan had a relationship with Tunisha and had promised to marry her. Apart from Tunisha, he also had relationships with other women. He used Tunisha for three to four months. He said, ‘Sheejan should be punished. He should not be spared. I have lost my daughter.

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Tunisha had worked in the TV shows ‘Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap’, ‘Fitoor’ and films like ‘Baar Baar Dekho’. At the time of her death, Tunisha was shooting for the serial ‘Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul’. According to the police, she had gone to the washroom on the set and did not return for a long time. When the door was broken open, the body of the actress was found hanging.

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